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[eBay Plus] Nintendo Switch Pre-Order $409.66 Shipped @ The Gamesmen eBay


Looks like a new eBay Plus promo with code PVOLTAGE. Nintendo Switch is available in neon and grey and from the description, will be shipped June 17-19. All other items at 15% off should be listed here. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

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    hope to see PS5 preorder deals soon!!!

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        lol..agree..but what actually is inside it matters more..isn't..
        shame they still haven't disclosed the pricing..everything is indicating a price north of A$700/800..which kinda sucks..
        happy to wait for MS to disclose their XBOX details..

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          I hope it's not $800 that's a lot.

          • @Bissy: It'll definitely be around the $800 mark but hopefully not more than that. We're unlikely to see the awesome launch prices of the PS4 / Xbox One. It's good that the console race between MS and Sony isn't so close this generation as MS will likely try to undercut Sony to gain marketshare. If it wasn't for MS, I think we'll see a much more expensive PS5.

            IIRC the original PS1 and Sega Saturn were like $800-900 on launch and that was well over two decades ago (1994) so $800 today, adjusting for inflation isn't as much.

            Don't get me wrong, I also think $800 is a lot of money. Just wanted to put things in perspective.

            • @driew: I can see why both Sony and Microsoft don't want to mention price because they both want to undercut each other. I can see the PS5 DE being much cheaper than the blu-ray one, which makes me think it will compete with the Xbox lockhart console IMO. I hope the price is around $600 or $650, but I doubt that will happen considering the specs of both consoles.

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          I'll definitely bite if its in the 500-650 range.

          Won't go near it if it's at 750+

          I got the xbox one x at launch thanks to an Amex deal that made it almost close to the xbox one price. Hoping something similar can be done when either ps5 or xbox release.

      • I'm sure there will be a slim version before long and surely it won't be so ugly. Lol. Wait for that!

        • I've never gotten the slim of any console; that's just looks! I'd rather get the Pro but that would be a much longer wait

  • Seems this is the cheapest till now.

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    out of the 200 switch deals last month, this is the only one that actually below the RRP price.

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      I counted 7 deals last month.

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      Actually, $469 is the RRP so most were, in fact, below RRP

      • RRP? Hm…

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          Recommended retail price? During the height of COVID19 even full retail price of $469 Nintendo Switches went like hotcakes

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            @FireRunner: Who knew that a portable tech device would end up selling like crazy 3 years after its release? Not even iPhones can hold that feat.

            • @haru: To be fair all consoles went up during the covid time. Consoles are different to normal tech item since they aren't superseded every year or two. You might get a single major revision during the consoles 8 or so year lifetime

  • wow a good deal on eBay!

  • For someone who isn't too desperate for one immediately, does anyone recommend buying this now or waiting for a better deal? I've been waiting 5 months for a switch so a few more months is no big deal for me but I would like to get one soon

    • I think go for it. Check out the previous ebay covid prices to justify it. :h

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      Possibly better deals during Black Friday (in 5 months time). Last year was $350 with MK8. OF course there's no guarantee we'll see that again.
      This is a good price so I'd jump on it now if I were you

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        also remember the time value of purchase.
        if you wait 5 months, thats 5 months of playing so you need to decide if thats worth a possible $100 for you.

        • This.

          Especially if you have a price protection credit card (if you have one) just buy now. But I'd buy now anyway. I don't think they'll be sub 370 any time soon.

        • Very important point, too easily forgotten when people trot out the “just wait, it’s only x months”.

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        My tired brain thought "Mortal Kombat 8?!"

        • Haha, no. Mario Kart 8

        • Me too!!! :(

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        I jumped. The extra 5 months of play was a very good point, and also that there's no guarantee what deals we'll see during Black Friday. If my partner ends up liking the switch maybe I'll buy another one during the sales. Thanks guys :)

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    Thanks been eyeing one of these for kid’s bday.

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    a good deal. way better than the airpods lottery deal.

  • Is it test for the promotion on June 18th? Nintendo Switch Neon with Animal Crossing $449. Seems like game worth $41 and $408 for switch. Amazon and Catch are selling Animal Crossing at $68? only $20 off for the promotion?

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    Still $110 for a joy con set

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    Bought 1. Spent a ton of time trying to convince my gf not to buy. I let her play my Xbox and she doesn't even know how to move the joy stick to look around! but nooooooo she wants it and she will have it. facepalm

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      I saw that TA! What are you implying? XD

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        I think TA was asking you the very same question! /Facepalm

      • LOL! Enjoy the Switch :)

    • -5

      She doesnt.. know how to move your joystick.. but now she wants two?

      If you're up for that then buy the blue/red one. Don't let her have a black joystick…

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      My mrs has never shown even the slightest interest in games. Since I got Animal Crossing she's played more than me which is fcking AWESOME!

  • Except for the free game from the Ebay Plus daily deal, this deal is actually better, right? And you are guaranteed to get it?

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      I bought this because I doubt I can get my hands on the eBay deal.

      • $449 - $69 = $380 with a very slim chance of getting it Vs $409.66 literally guaranteed. If you don't want the game this is actually a better deal.

  • Can I do 28 Degrees Price protection on eBay deals like this?

    • Yes

      • Cheers

  • +3

    Any chance of an Amazon price match…

  • +1

    Bought the switch. Thanks TA.
    Any recommendation for games - which ones and where to buy them?

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      Zelda: Breath of the Wild
      Super Mario Odyssey
      Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
      Super Smash Bros Ultimate
      Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
      Luigi's Mansion 3
      Animal Crossing

      First 4 are what most consider to be must haves but depends on your taste.

      Use this site to track best price:

      Usually I will buy from either JB Hifi, Amazon, Catch, or Big W.

      Go physical over digital for resell value unless there is a ridiculous digital discount.

      Have fun!

      • thank-you for the reply.
        For digital games, do I need to buy a memory card?
        How big is usually one game?

        • +1

          The Switch comes with 32gb memory built in and some of it already reserved. If you plan on not buying digital games or just a few then you may be alright.

          The games I listed are about 8-15gb. I recently got NBA 2K20 on a cheap deal and it was 40gb!

          I got a 128gb SDcard and they say that's enough for the average user. If you like to play a lot of digital games then maybe get 400gb. There have been some good deals recently, just search for them.

        • Some of the games are huge. I got a 200 GB thinking it would suffice (I generally prefer physical copies) but so many deals on digital versions (Nintendo AU eshop and US eshop) that my microSD card is starting to get full.

          • +1

            @bajirao: Yeah some games are huge in size! I got a 400 GB microsd card.

            • @driew: On hindsight I think I should have got 400 GB as well.

              • @bajirao: Any minimum specifications for card? 400 GB is expensive…

      • don't forget smash brothers, ringfit, wii boxing

    • Just curious. But can't you just download them???

      • Resell value of Switch games are quite good compared to other console games like PS4.

        • Yeah and the price hardly ever comes down. Quite annoying as I like to hunt for bargains and I don't sell many of my games.

  • Anyone has any game recommendations other than animal crossing?

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      Zelda, overcooked, ring fit adventure

      • +2

        Mario Odyssey, Super Smash, Mario Kart

    • Depends what genres you're into. Zelda Breath of the Wild is the most recommended game but I couldn't get into it.

      • Open to most ideas, I think.

        Great recommendations so far and thank you!

    • Slay the Spire (strategic, turn-based card battle game) very easy to find yourself in a 2 hour sitting without realising how quickly the time has passed.

    • Splatoon 2

  • +2

    Do my eyes deceive me - is this a Switch deal below RRP O_o

  • Just ordered one. Great price.

  • Got one… thanks. Now need to get yearly subscription or some nice games.

    Can someone suggest me some nice case and may be a screen protector as well.

    • +5

      Check the classifieds for family subscriptions you can join for a fraction of the price of an individual subscription.

      This case is recommended as it has grips that make handheld playing significantly more comfortable, has an easy way to remove the joycons while still in-case and is dockable. I have a cheaper case with comfort grips, but you have to take it off every time you want to dock or remove joy-cons and it's a pain.

      I think a glass screen protector is probably best. I bought a couple of cheap ones in case I stuffed up the application (which I did the first time lol).
      Now that it's installed, it's great - no complaints. No particular brand - just something generic.

      • +1

        This! I discovered this case on Amazon and can't recommend it highly enough. Definitely very comfortable to hold whilst being dockable to prevent your backplate of the switch from scratching and also allowing you easy access to remove both joy cons.

        I recommend the Orzly Screen Protector over the cheaper JE Tech ones (similar ratings on Amazon). I bought both and the JE Tech sizing aren't as proportionally aligned as the Orzly. I installed perfectly but the perfectionist in me removed it right away and installed the Orzly.

        Use the hinge method to install. You can't fail if you do it properly.

    • +1

      Update: complete switch bundle seems like good value deal. Individual items cost more than bundle. Orzly seems to have good reviews.


      • Damn that's a good deal. I bought those items individually awhile back.

  • Is this any good than having a PS4? especially for kids 8 years old?

    • +3

      Switch games are more family friendly. Can’t recommend Mario Odyssey enough as a great game for all ages

  • -1

    Dealbreaker: no native BT audio support.

    • +1

      The Xbox One and PS4 don't have native BT audio support either. You have to use their proprietary headsets which seems like a backwards step considering the PS3 allowed you to use third party bluetooth devices.

      I bought a third party BT dongle with power passthrough so I'm not prevented from charging the device if i'm using wireless earbuds.

      • +1

        The Xbox One and PS4 don't have native BT audio support either.

        And how many of those do you see being used in public transit where BT audio matters?

        • +1

          You can use normal wired earphones/headphones for that. The only thing wireless BT earphones have going for them is the convenience of no wires.

      • Would you mind sharing which one you've got for bluetooth audio? Just ordered this one and keen to use my existing headphones

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