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Hand Sanitiser Gel 75% Alcohol 500ml $5 (Shipping from $9.99) @ JohnnyBoy


Hi everyone this is my 5th offer on this group.
We just received a huge amount of 75% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser at only $5 a bottle.
Cheaper when purchasing in lots of 12 and 24.
Thank you to everyone's support so far.
Ozbargain customers have been great in supporting our family business.
Thank You so much.

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Johnny Boy
Johnny Boy

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  • How many ml?

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    Forgot to mention
    Size 500ml Pump Bottle

    • You've cashed in a number of times before, now you're getting greedy. Pandemic is behind us and your goods are average to say the least.

      • Even during the pandemic heights got 1L sanitiser from Reject Shop for $8. You know it's good when it makes you aware you have paper cuts.

  • Too late.. Johnny boy…

    • How so? $5/500ml pump packs sounds cheap to me. Especially if you need to buy a lot and can swing free shipping.

      Bunnings are $7 for the same size, Chemist warehouse $6.

      • Probably should factor in how many you want to buy and then also shipping on top; although pickup in VIC Richmond would make it great deal. If not near Richmond then better off pickup locally at your CW or Bunnings like you have pointed out.

        1 bottle (500ml) is almost $8 in shipping so $18 approx for 1 litre (unless the shipping cost goes up if adding a second bottle to make it 1 litre

        12 bottles (6 litres) to get free shipping may be excessive for personal use. Gel based hand sanitizer when gets closer to expiry date also becomes dried up and clumpy.

        Also it is Made in China

        • 6L is not really excessive. I used to work in a professional setting where we frequently used medical grade alcohol based hand sanitizer made by very reputable brands such as Schluke that came with MSDS. According to the instruction we need to apply sufficient amount to coat both hands completely wet and for them to remain wet after 20s (or 30?) of continuous rubbing to achieve the rated efficiency. For me it is normally abt 4-5 presses.
          I was very fortunate to stock up 15L of IPA from a previous ozbargain deal a couple of years ago and have been mixing my own hand sanitizer. You will be surprised that how fast you churn through them when cost and supply is not an issue.

          • @truetypezk: I understand what you mean, but I mentioned it is excessive for personal use. Evidently if you work in i.e medical/health setting (business use) you would go through more of this stuff, but then again you would already have a supplier and be using a well know brand with TGA approval at the back of the label not imported stuff that hasn't been independently tested to confirm it is fine for medical settings.

            We are now well past shortage supply issues in obtaining hand sanitizer and price will continue going down over time in the following weeks. No point in stocking up/hoarding at this point if it will keep getting cheaper.

            • @Horrorstory: Yeah I am just trying to point out the fact that most people are not using enough hand sanitizer when they need to. I havent been working in such an environment for quite some time but applying enough gel was a habit I got to keep:)

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        So ours are 75% Alcohol not 62% which there's allot going around.
        Also great quality with a nice fresh fragrance.
        We also offer pick up for Victoria Customers.

  • still a good price with free shipping. got 12. thanks


      Thank You for you order and support.
      We really appreciate it.
      You have purchased a really good quality sanitiser.


    Nice to see an actual decent hand sanitiser deal, well done op!

  • Some gel leave an unpleasant residual on the hand. It is too greasy, sticky, and sometimes sandy. Does your? Aqium is the best, they've got it just right.

  • Imagine this back in late-March along with plentiful bog-roll.

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    Made in China for those who prefer to support local manufacturing.

  • Where is this made?

  • Thanks Gav.
    Ironic isn't it.
    Buying hand sanatiser from china …..

  • No deal, Made in China. $6 for 500ml at chemist warehouse for Australian Made. Plus you don't have to buy 5 and a half litres of the stuff…

    • -1 vote

      Hi ours is 75% alcohol gel of high quality with a nice fragrance.
      Thank you for the feedback though.

      • Was alcohol it made from was imported from Australia by any chance!?

      • Yep, China is definitely known for their very high quality standards.

        • Ethanol from all over the world is exactly the same.
          This virus has certainly brought people's racist views to the surface!

          • @spludgey: Don't jump to conclusions. It's not racist at all to question the quality coming from China.

            They have much deserved the focus of consumers and should always question the quality of products being imported.

            It's important considering the difference in local laws and standards.

          • @spludgey: Certain chinese made products over the years have certainly not been made to a high quality of standard and when this product, which is not a known brand, is meant to protect you against viruses and bacteria why take the risk? Products in Australia have to follow certain quality standards which Chinese made products don't. I have heard too many stories of counterfeit products which not only don't do what they say, but cause the user damage. Why take the risk

          • @spludgey: Actually… It's only called ethanol if it's from the Ethanol region of France. Everywhere else it's called 'sparkling solvent'.

        • Literally commenting on the quality of a chemical.

      • Get another line of work man, don't try and peddle chinese garbage while brown-nosing your consumer… you're undercuting Aussie made products.

  • So local "family business" with intention to make profit on current health crisis and paying money to the country where crisis originated from? No thanks, would rather support local producers if I need the product.

  • nah - not supporting non Oz made

    Can you verify the % alcohol via an independent test???

  • +27 votes

    Judging by many of the comments here I would be interested to see how so many people are buying 100% Australian made of everything they buy.

    • Definitely taking more notice now. Cant say I buy 100% Australian made because that would be a lie, but if I have the option for Chinese made vs Australian made for $1 more I know what I'll choose.

    • They are hypocrits. Just look through their voted history. Upvotes on deals for companies based out of china for chinese made products. THey just want to be hip and jump on the neg wagon.

    • It is like buying caged eggs. If you are going through a rough time nobody is going to blame you for that. However if you can afford the more conscious option and support a cause you believe in then why not go for it.

      • +13 votes

        Caged eggs and free range are more or less clear cut with specifications on how each ones are farmed.

        Buying only Australian made, with only Australian materials is an impossible task these days because it's not feasible or necessary.

        We stopped manufacturing certain things a long time ago because we all wanted higher wages and easier jobs, so we outsourced to other countries.

        If anyone is annoyed that foreigners are selling us too many things. Blame your paycheck.

        • The problems with the CCP regime is more than just the problems with globalisation. Globalisation is established on the concept of comparative advantage and aim for mutually beneficial relationships. We are better off as a developed nation focusing on the higher end of the supply chain while developing nations can improve their lives too.

          However CCP is pushing for a "zero sum game" by exploiting their trade partners through forced technological transfers, IP infringement and dubious products. They are leeching on their trade partners rather than being a fair player in the game. No other developing nation is hated so much because most are abiding by the rules and playing fair.

        • You're right. It's difficult if not outright impossible to avoid certain goods, usually the electronics, which are only "made in China". In this climate though, if a country like Japan decides to manufacture and export their electronics again, which also come from a reputable Japanese company, it may gain traction.

          I'd be curious and willing to try an Australian-made consumer electronic that was built to a high-standard. But the branding just doesn't seem to work as well as "Made in Japan" from a Japanese-owned company.

          However, I do not buy any food that is of Chinese (or omitted) origins. Even the Chinese don't want Chinese products for their babies.

          Why? Chinese food is more likely to be toxic and fake.

          If anyone is annoyed that foreigners [China] are [is] selling us too many things. Blame your paycheck.

          Blame also the government for poor planning. Blame also, and especially, consumerism and consumer greed. How many comments do you see of people endorsing a "buy now, think later" sentiment for landfill-marked goods? Blame also, and especially, planned obsolescence and corporate greed.

      • It’s ok. Soon they get their wish. All products will be Australian made then they complain why everything is expensive and why we only have limited things.

    • I think you need to read them again then. It's not just about "supporting Australia made" but the fact it's an important health product from a country with a reputation for dodgy standards.

      I ain't touching China sanitiser anymore than "KN95" face masks …

      • Hm..

        nah - not supporting non Oz made

        So local "family business" with intention to make profit on current health crisis and paying money to the country where crisis originated

        if I have the option for Chinese made vs Australian made for $1 more I know what I'll choose.

    • Yes, if available I buy Australian, and certainly not happy with country which calls Australia as chewing gum stuck to their shoes

      • +16 votes

        How did a whole country call us that?
        The comment made by one editor in one of their many news outlets. Should we have a look at some of the comments made about foreigners (or even Australians) by the likes of Andrew Bolt or Sky News?

        • The difference is, their media is narrated by CCP, ours is not (yet)

          • @DaveD: It's not, it might be funded by the government much like our ABC and SBS, which is why they call it State Media. But there's no evidence that the content is controlled or dictated by them.

            But it doesn't matter, people have made up their minds about what they believe regarding China. No one was complaining when their investments and stocks were being bumped up by them. But the economic downturn has soured the relationship and now China Bad is the new buzz word.

            • @Herbse: My last point, have you ever heard their media criticising CCP ? Yes, some of us has made up our mind based on facts openly available to everyone

              • @DaveD: The comment was made by an editor on a Chinese equivalent of 'Twitter', it wasn't even a published article.
                How did this get exactgerrated to a national level? Misleading by the media here maybe?

    • Haha yup. Too many crazy gun ho critics not practice what they preach. Guess it’s easier to follow others ;)

  • Made in China? No thanks. If you do a google search, you will find out a lot of low quality Covid 19 products made in China by Chinese companies. They are making money from their virus.

  • If you're in Sydney, Locantro Fine Foods in Leichhardt has 3 500ml bottles (75%) for $10 or 1 for $5. Bought 3 this morning. Not open until Monday morning now though.

  • OP is an enterprising entrepreneur, 10 business names associated with his abn. all offering quality product from our no-longer-friendly People's Republic.

  • I would prefer to support a made in australia prodout like laclinica which is in dandeong and should be able to find in chemist warehouse. I would not where possible, buy anything made in china……we need to support local.

  • +3 votes

    is this free range?

    (if not I will have to neg this deal)


  • We just received a huge amount of 75% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser at only $5 a bottle.

    Hmm, received at $5, selling for $5. Not a great business model.

  • definition: bargain noun
    something on sale at a lower price than its true value

    Hmmm nothing about being made in China in the definition??

  • For someone who knows the ins and outs of this field, I would just say that cost of good for this type of item is approx $2 per bottle before it's even shipped out of China. Adding incoming tax and clearance, it would be tough to be making much margin for $5/bottle….

    • +1 vote

      Hi you are spot on I am not making much at all on the bottle nor on the surgical masks etc.
      As many negatives I am receiving for some reason or another on this product I am in a position to pass these close to cost.

      • +6 votes

        Charlie34, I think the dilemma here is that you appear to consciously source a lot of product from China. Yet you talk about being an Australian family business, and even your icon has an Australia flag beanie. Perhaps, in this instance, it made sense to source from China due to supply availability at the time. Or perhaps not. Good luck with your business.

    • @ Duckie2hh I understand you work in the field so genuine question - do you have concerns with how difficult it is to prove this has 75%? Especially with so many no-name brand hand sanitizer currently flooding the market right now?

      • Unfortunately there's no real way to prove it without a testing laboratory. Most consumers will just take the label claim at face value unfortunately. Hopefully the ACCC will conduct their market surveillance. However even they have resource constraints.

        I do have concerns on imported personal care products that are back channelled and may not comply to local regulations.

    • You are 100% right Duckie2hh
      I also work in the field & can say against my advice my client ordered a heap due to a now defunct agent saying he could sell it.
      The falling dollar, import fees for dangerous goods (which are 3 times normal), registration with NICNAS etc, I flagged it would be something we couldn’t move when supplies kept up with demand. We’ve ended up donating pallets to Rotary etc as we simply can’t sell it - and are a medical supply company with government contracts

      • It's bad to say, but I can honestly say that there are pharma companies who are secretly praying for a second wave….

  • Cannot find any info about this particular hand sanitiser.

    I'd suspect this does not meet the Australian standard.

    • +12 votes

      You can't find any information on it, but have enough to claim it doesn't meet Australian standards. Thats really amazing

      • I'm no expert, but would atleast like to see the label that's possibly on the back side of the bottle. If it does meet the Australian requirement, I'll happily remove the neg. There should be flammable liquid sign and caution on the label for example.

    • Would like to know if we have a local product meet this standard?
      Genuine question.