[Price Error] Robot Coupe Robot Cook Commercial Food Processor 3.7L $54.89 (Was $4399.89) + Shipping @ Nisbets

Mod Note: Has been confirmed by Nisbest to be a Price Error.

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Combining a versatile concentration of technology and innovation, the Robot Coupe Robot Cook is the perfect solution for minimising the preparation time of your recipes.

Grinding, emulsifying, blending and kneading are all made easy thanks to the many functions the Robot Cook carries out to perfection. With all the benefits of market leading Robot Coupe design and build, the Robot Cook can heat ingredients as you add them - perfect for making foie gras, buerre blanc, risotto, custards and purees, amongst many others. Featuring silent operation and powerful, precise cooking and processing, the Robot Coupe Robot Cook is a true professional chefs' assistant.

Product features

Capacity 3.7 Ltr
Dimensions 522(H) x 226(W) x 338(D)mm
Power Type 1.8kW, 7.8A
Speed 100 to 4500rpm
Supplier Model Number 43001R
Temperature Range 0 °C to 140 °C
Voltage 230V
Warranty 2 Years
Weight 13.5kg
The large capacity bowl produces sufficient quantities for professional needs
Equipped with a high precision blade in the bottom of the bowl
Its modular heat capacity up to 140°C is accurate to the nearest degree
The Robot Cook® bowl is equipped with a removable scraper arm, thus avoiding any manual manipulation and ensuring homogeneous mixing
An anti-vapour lid wiper ensures perfect visibility during processing
An opening in the centre of the lid allows you to add extra ingredients into the bowl without having to stop the preparation of the recipe
A novel system of blade retention allows you to safely empty the bowl of its contents
All parts in contact with food are easily removed and are dishwasher safe
The lid is watertight and is fitted with a safety device
Nine programmable recipes
Stainless steel bowl
Free Robot Coupe training available for all Robot Coupe products - please contact Robot Coupe after receiving your product

Mod: Likely price error, order with caution.

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  • +1

    Says "Save up to $400 - Our biggest EOFY sale" on their front page LOL.

    Gave it a shot anyway

    • +13

      maybe these units have covid-19?

      Go back to sleep. You are too worked up and taking comments personally and saying ridiculous things like this - reasonable people already know this is likely a price error; no need to keep going on and on

  • +13

    Thanks Op, Was just thinking last night that I needed one of these things.

    One question, what does it do?

    • Making sauces.

      I want this to help make bermachel. I love fresh bermachel.

  • Just got one as well. They've taken the money so will see if I get it or not

  • They don’t stock it themselves, it says “dispatch by supplier”.

  • +3

    Bought 2.

    Chose bank deposit option to save chasing a refund when they don’t honour the order. If for some miracle they do honour it, I will bank transfer when they confirm postage price.

    No clue what this gadget even does but as per oz bargain motto, buy now and ask questions later lol

  • +5

    If they do get honoured, we need a Ozbargain Masterchef show

    • +7

      Does it cook 2 min noodles

      • A cheaper microwave does that.

      • Probably at 1:59 seconds , it is a Badass at this price .

    • +1

      Can I use my Eneloops wiht it?

  • Thanks OP. Ordered just in case though I have a 2000+$ Thermomix and not using it!LOL! I could schedule a payment after delivery through paypal in case they dont refund. This is the reason i check Ozbargain first thing in the morning.

    • +1

      If you get this I'll pay shipping and $50 For your thermo lol

  • -2

    Good find, Ordered 100.

    • +2

      I'm guessing you have a LOT of toilet paper stocked at home too.

      • +1

        :), JK purchased 1, Just following the OZB trend

  • Good price.

  • -2

    Who is their right mind would pay $4500 for this? I can buy a car for less

    • With a 2 year warranty?

    • +17

      Who is their right mind would pay $4500 for this? I can buy a car for less

      Maybe restaurants that want a commercial grade food processor that aren't looking for a $4,500 second hand car?

    • +2

      Robot Coupe is the best! Used to use it when I was a chef, unbreakable and very good machines.

  • +2

    If this piece of nonsense was $20 I still wouldn’t buy it.

  • +3

    Ordered one. Not sure why. Not even sure what it does.

    • +1

      Me too. I just followed the crowd. Now waiting for the email on pricing error and refunds. 5,4,3…

  • I would be surprised if they have that many in stock.

  • I found this in the terms and conditions… I guess we’re all getting a refund. Lol

    3.3 Occasionally an error may cause the price published or advertised for Goods to be incorrect, in which case Nisbets will be under no obligation to honour the incorrect price.

    • +5

      Has been posted in the comments section like 3 times already bro.

      • +24

        Waited 7 years to post a comment and didn’t work out so well 😆

        • 👍🏻🙄

  • +9

    This will never be honoured, a supplier like nisbets who is essential to the hospitality and catering sector and a fantastic company to deal with both here and in the UK are under no obligation to honour this obvious error.

    Why do people then go on to order not one, but two? This is sheer greed and an attempt at profiteering on the misfortune of others. These are likely the same people who attempted price gouging hand sanitizers and now have a garage full of bogroll.

    At a guess I would say 90% off the recent traffic to their site have never even heard of them, one may claim it’s guerilla marketing which may be fair.

    I’d love a robot-coupe for work, for home this beast is overkill.

    • Sometimes people give gifts without the need to hoard!

    • -1

      Because companies screw us over

      Wonder the charge to their PayPal account for all the transactions

    • Welcome to ozbargain. Hoarders, scalpers and opportunists galore.

      I don't post the deals I find here ( mainly physical games ) because the vultures are circling and the items will end up being flipped on Ebay. You're right though, the people who ordered the product with such an obvious and significant pricing error are just causing headaches and wasted time for the company.

      If it is a guerilla marketing campaign props to Nisbets for jebaiting these idiots.

      • You're coming here to flaunt your retail arbitrage muscles?
        Physical products are lame. Cycle times for retail arbitrage of digital goods way better.

    • -2

      These are likely the same people who attempted price gouging hand sanitizers and now have a garage full of bogroll.

      Thats a bit rich. The hand sanitizer profiteering was from the retailer end. The big roll hoarding was largely for personal use as people thought there was going to be a hard lockdown lasting months.

    • +1

      This is sheer greed and an attempt at profiteering on the misfortune of others.

      First time on ozbargain? It's becoming a pretty sad place.

  • -1

    Ordered 2.. Almost certain it won't be honoured.. Fingers crossed though.

  • +1

    I wonder what the real price is, still a bargain if it’s $548.90.

    • Yes definitely, these machines can generally be found a little over $3000.

  • +1

    Thanks Op
    Will be an amazing deal if it goes through!

    • Yeah that will be amazing.

  • +1

    We will call you after you have submitted your order to confirm delivery costs and timelines.

    So… $2000 delivery could be possible?

    • No, I predict a COVID inspired delivery cost of $4340 to cover all expenses.

  • +5

    I sure will come back for comments when the deal is not honoured

    • Look in the forums for it.

  • +3

    Bought it for god know what reason. Hopefully the missus will be happy. Let's see whether they honour the "very possible" price error. Also, "will call to confirm the shipping"? That's the first time I've seen that.

    Anyway, if it all goes well, I hope this will make the missus happy for a few months :D

    • Product = Blender with heating function.

    • +2

      Lol doesn't matter. You ain't getting it

  • +2

    grabs popcorn…

  • +1

    Anyone watch the demo video? Boy do they use a lot of butter. I've been going mostly whole food plant based for last couple years and the amount of butter used is astonishing to me.

    • Also saw that, but as it’s a restaurant grade food item they expect that much. Butter is used in restaurants extremely heavily, I believe anthony Bourdain went on Oprah and mentioned it in the past.

    • Nothing wrong with butter. It is the polyunsatured vegetable oils that are the problem, causing inflammation in the body.

  • It does say "save 99%" ! Go for it, I reckon….

  • Freight charges to be applied?

    • +2

      Yeah that’s weird. Takes money upfront but say freight charges still to be applied.

  • Wow, must be the deal of the century!

  • Ordered 1 as well, thanks OP.

  • Thanks OP.

  • Wonder whether we will be offered a real price, or just a generic cancellation email… from the amount of purchases, surely they will get a good deal?

  • -1

    Thanks OP. 3 x ordered. Well that Christmas presents sorted :P

    • +9

      Might need a backup plan on those presents 🙈

      • customer support here, username checks out

  • Fingers crossed.

  • Wonder why it costs ~$4399…

    • +3

      It's a commercial product, designed to be in heavy use each day every day.

  • +4

    Someone delete this post already..?? lol

  • Same as everybody else….. Bought one, then thought "what the hell did I just buy?" so bought another one for my mum for chrissy. Cos cheap.

  • Obviously a pricing error, this is just like all the other ones in the past. Don't hold your breath…

  • +6

    These guys are going to get a rude awakening tomorrow morning.

    I'm tempted to join in, but they don't need another refund to process.

    Good luck, you might receive a $10 store voucher that you'll never use :D (Unless you wanted some gourmet ice for $1650!)

  • +7

    +12000 clicks. RIP customer support staff at Nisbets. It’s going to be a busy week cancelling orders.

    • +2

      Monday 9am…WTF! Ahh Houston we have a problem.

    • +2

      Unless they use the "select all" button, but I doubt a Nisbet would know how to do that

  • +2

    Waiting for the posts letting everyone know what the freight is. I haven't ordered as that put me off. I always like to know what I'm up for first as it can be a dealbreaker.

    • +1

      …..13.5kg. bound to be cheap

    • Lol at 4k savings I doubt it would break the deal if you knew what and how good these are…

      • Fair point although I meant in general it can be a deal breaker not necessarily just with this plus I still would rather know first. "Generally" I back out of an online store if there is no upfront way of finding shipping costs. But I get what you mean.

  • +5

    Ordered due to FOMO

  • -2

    The whole wihtholding delivery cost and saying they will call to confirm delivery cost and time is a bit dodgy.

    The price is probably correct but the shipping will be ridiculous.

    • They can't charge unreasonable shipping. Anything over $100 would be considered gouging.

  • +2

    Whoever made this blunder at Nisbets might cop the brunt of the century by their manager.

    • They may have made a prorotype at this price and will be sent to everyone 😂 for kids playing

  • +1

    Thank you.
    Even if delivery is $150 (which I doubt)
    Still worth it.

    But not hiding my breath, doubt it will be honoured.

  • +6

    I use to work for the Australian distributor of Robot Coupe. These are extremely high quality machines that you will see in all the top kitchens around the world. At this price it would be great for the home albeit extreme overkill. No chance this will be honoured though.

  • Here's a tip. Buy 3 to get free freight (over $100 ex GST) instead of 2 and $30 or more for freight.

  • -1

    This looks like a red thermomix….

  • got one. thanks op!

  • +1

    No tolerance from me… they can decide whether it is 1 star or 5 stars,

  • thanks…. are we going to receive it???

  • Thanks op bought 3

  • +5

    The price listed is the rental price per month

  • +13

    Frankly, those taking part is this "deal" are a bunch of selfish, inconsiderate idiots. Thus business has probably been brought to its knees by the Covid-19 crisis and the subsequent collapse in the hospitality industry. They don t need the extra hassle and expense of dealing with clowns attempting to take advantage of an obvious error.

    • +12

      Agree, we shouldn't kill business by buying wrongly priced yet never gonna be used at home product.

    • -3

      Frankly coming onto a bargain website and calling users idiots for trying to score a bargain reflects poorly onto you. For all we know this business will be getting viral advertising and might benefit from increased sales.

      • +13

        ….you know thats crap

        • Most have never heard of this business prior to this deal, any now they have potentially thousands of email addresses they will most likely send advertising to until you opt out.

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