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Kenwood kCook Multi Smart CCL450SI $540 Delivered @ Kenwood


Currently priced at $598.99 (rpp 1600). Use code - thanks10 for 10% off. Bringing it down to $540. Free delivery

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  • I am guessing this means they are about to launch the new touchscreen-based CookEasy+ here.

  • Bought one of these a month ago via Amazon. Very happy with it, only knock is the level of understanding needed if you don’t use the Kenwood app that comes with it, but once you use a few settings it makes sense. If a new model with touchscreen and more profiled settings is coming it might be worth holding off, however this price is $200 less than I paid so good value.
    I was after the Tefal Cuisine Companion, however that has been discontinued and I could not find one. A new model for that is coming “later in the year” according to Tefal.
    I wasn’t paying over $2 k for a Thermomix so the Kenwoods a good option.

  • If anyone is wondering about the new model coming out. It's only in France right now (from what I could tell). There's some video reviews already and here's a launch page: https://www.kenwoodworld.com/fr-fr/tous-les-produits/cooking...
    It also looks like it'll start at $1600 like this one did.

    • Yeah it looks mostly the same but with touch screen like Thermomix? Hard to say when the website is French but seems to have a couple of other options the current model doesn’t like the Bluetooth scales seems incorporated into the unit on the new one and some other attachments that don’t look like the steamer this one comes with. Anyway for $595 with the current model vs $1600 for the new one, I can’t fault the current one at this value! Been great so far

      • Agreed, at $540 it's a great buy but at $1600 just fork out the extra and get the Thermomix.