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[eBay Plus] Apple Watch S5 $399, AirPods Pro $249, Galaxy Tab A 10.1 $199, Galaxy A70 $299, Slow Cooker $29, Thermometer $49


Upcoming ebay plus sales have been announced -


June 20 4pm:

Note: the list of products above come from DailyMail.co.uk, not from eBay. It is possible that eBay may update the list of items (as well as prices) sometime in the future.

Mod: June 17 Apple AirPods (2nd Gen) with Charging Case $99, June 18 Nintendo Switch Neon with Animal Crossing $449, June 25 Sodastream, June 23, 28, 29, 30

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  • Only 40 car dash cameras sold.

    Where are the rest of 110 units?

    • +1

      Just got one, back in stock!

      • Bought one, thanks!

    • Sold!

      • Back in stock!

        • You are right! Just bought one with the code. Bonus 32gb memory card made the deal sweeter!
          Now only $5 code is available.

  • +1

    Does anyone has experienced using Monther's Wax Attack Lithium?

  • +5

    dashcam back in stock

    • +1

      I was just about to saw the same thing.

      Click on link above, not the sale page…… Now the sale link is live as well

  • +2

    bought a dashcam, its back in stock

  • Car wash, beer and dash cam, lol

  • Got the car wash, polisher and waiting to get the galaxy tab

    • +1

      All you need is the WORX 20V high pressure washer to go with it… this Sunday apparently!

  • It says today's deal is sold out. So no A70 today?

    • +1

      They never dropped the A70

  • Anyone still waiting on their apple watch? My estimate delivery was 25/6 without a tracking number to Melb.

    • No tracking number? Thats weird, I had an auspost tracking and was still a delay but arrived yesterday.

      • hmm I was one of the last 10 to give one at 5pm. I got an order confirmation from ebay but no subsequent follow up since, might have to contact them

    • can I just say, from everyone who missed out on the apple watch, with all due respect, we hate you XD

      • heard a few ozbargainers weren't happy they got the US version, maybe post in classified to see if they're happy to sell! :)

  • +1

    eBay! Dont you ditch my A70. Bring it back puhlees!

    • I don't so ebay cancel it because of complaints regarding unseal box.

  • +1

    Got Galaxy tab

  • +1

    Woohoo, got the tablet.

  • +2

    scored the tablet after missing out on the first drop

  • +2

    woohoo! got the tablet, wasnt able to get it during the samsung EPP + 50coupon sale

    • is that the education program thingo? and did i miss it

  • +1

    got a Tab, Yay

  • +1

    Got one. Had it on my cart since 10am.

  • -1

    No go on tab.

    • Do you also curse Also when you don't get the Special Buys?

  • Got my first eBay plus deal :-)

  • An absolute carnage, the Tabs gone in 61 seconds … not as bad as the first round (51s). Still that's nothing compared to Apple related products.

  • was too slow adding the code. All sold out by 12:01
    Really wanted that tablet

  • Got one even though I had to re-sign into my account!

  • Got a tablet as well after missing out at 10am

  • -1

    Makes up for the shitshow that was the Yeezy release this morning. Still salty

  • Is this the next deal?

    Sun, June 28 Lego Stars Wars - $49

  • Failed to get the tablet. Any tablet deal suggestions now?

    • +4

      Lenovo M10 Plus at JB for $296 still. As the only thing that matters on this forum is the RAM, it must be twice as good as it's got 4GB /s

  • +2

    Anyone Noticed the Ring floodlight camera came with Free Ring Chime Pro - Wi-Fi Extender and Indoor Chime, worth of $50. Niceee !!!!

    • wow nice. I havent receved mine yet (in WA).

    • I got one with mine. nice surprise.

  • What happened with the Samsung A70 deal?
    It was meant for today and the banner was never posted?

  • a70 went fasssst

    • +1

      I have refreshing 8am perth time. That banner never showed? Whats the deal with Ebay. Pulling it out?

    • Did it ever show up?

      • I dont think so looking at history.

        • I sat there refreshing and nothing.
          Is there a contact to ask if they will be posting it

  • +1

    Weekend deals.

    NexGard Spectra Chewables For Dog Deals
    Launching at 4pm AEST, 27/6
    WORX 20V Hydroshot Portable Pressure Washer
    Launching at 4pm AEST, 28/6
    Bluedio Hi Wireless Earphones
    Launching at 10am AEST, 28/6
    • Would you have the link to the Bluedio Hi Wireless Earphones?

      • Bought this when it was for $9.90 last tine on ebay. Sound is ok. Don't expact too much.

  • For those who purchased the Car Dash Cam, i was researching and noticed there are 2 versions available (HN website). One is HD and the other is FHD. The listing for this items was FHD while the picture shows the HD version. I have emailed the seller asking which version it is. I am hoping the picture is wrong and it is the FHD version.

    Edit - I noticed HN listing for the HD version says 720P, while other websites like Catch list it as 1080P. Essentially HD is 720P so perhaps the camera should put FHD instead of HD printed on it. The higher model is actually Super HD with 1296P.

    Hope this information helps someone.

    • It's exactly the same as Harveynorman version.

      Both (GTIN/EAN:9350062154014) barcodes are the same.

      • I was initially thrown off because the Harvey Norman listing states 720P in the description while other stores put it as 1080P. The other listing of HN is actually for the Super HD which they put as 1080P which is incorrect and caused the confusion. I also found that the code for the Ebay listing would have probably also worked for the Super HD version which the supplier also had in stock. Oh well…

        • You can return it if it's not 1080p as described on product page.

          Product description:
          4" 1080P Car Dash Camera Front and Rear FHD DVR Recorder 32GB SD Card Dual Cam

  • I got one at 10 am just as a backup tab which i can give it if someone needs its really badly… (1st PM)..

  • Anyone still waiting for the Apple watch who scored it at 6pm drop? Mine still shows paid but not posted. I have contacted the seller today but no response yet.

    • I missed out, but my partner got one in 6pm drop and still not marked as posted. Contacted the seller on Wednesday and they said it would be posted the next day. Still nothing..

      • I also contacted them yesterday and they said they have had a large amount of orders and would send them ASAP.
        My guess is that they didn't have any left in stock and had to order more in.

        • Yes I got the same response now. Pretty poor management I guess

    • Interesting, they were quite prompt with mine (2pm drop). Loving the watch so far but remember as it’s the US model if you’re not happy maybe just cancel it before they ship it- even though there’s really no downside

    • Yep, scored at 6pm drop still not posted as of now. Sent them a message on ebay yesterday and no reply yet. Combined with the US model shenanigans I fear their feedback is going be … suboptimal.

  • My Samsung tablet has been dispatched with tracking number.

  • Next week will fell like Christmas for the ones that managed to get several deals

  • Anybody try the code "PAICFL90" on the samsung A70s?

    • WORKS

    • had to click apply apply apply

  • +2

    guys, samsung galaxy A70 is back as of 2PM> surprise, buy it asap. same code PAICFL90

  • Part of me wants to grab the A70, but I also just bought the oppo a52 a week ago…

  • If you already bought one last time you can't buy it again.

  • +1

    Samsung Galaxy A70 deal is back in live.
    You can buy Samsung Galaxy A70 black at https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Samsung-Galaxy-A70-6-7-32MP-4500... code:PAICFL90

    Please use your phone to buy. It didn't work from PC for me.

  • Got the A70!

    Edit: And now I have buyer's remorse, my oneplus 5t is still going strong

    • I am happy to buy it off you if you would like to get it off your hands

  • Thanks, just browsing then deal is on.

  • A70 is back , SAME CODE: PAICFL90
    Still plenty left in stock

  • Got the A70. Been refreshing on the hour every hour for it since 10. The first time I've missed refreshing on the hour and it shows up. Lucky I had it in the cart and the code worked. Got mine. Makes my so far unused ebay plus subscription from March worth it.

  • Got one of the A70s! Thanks for the heads up!

  • You already applied this code to an order.

    Never used successfully before. Anyone else with this problem?

    • Other people have had this issue before, try logging out then back in?

      • No luck.

        • get onto eBay chat/phone support while it's still available they will honour it if it's an issue on their side

          • +1

            @RogueWolf: Thanks, chatting with them as I write.

        • Check the top of your My eBay screen to see if the code has been redeemed

          • @Poppin: Nope

          • @Poppin: I checked My Ebay I have a $250 voucher redeemed. But I haven't bought anything in 60 days in my purchase history!

            • @ihbh: Are you looking at your purchase history with "Show hidden items" selected? Very strange, only eBay will be able to sort it out for you. Don't suppose anyone else used your account?

              • @Poppin: Nothing in show hidden items as well. No one used my account else there would be a purchase history. Am chatting with eBay.

        • there seems some wired problems with the website,, when I was ordering… I ordered with code..i know for sure and it automatically placed 2 order of the a70..one with code one without code, I was like what the heck…. luckily messaged seller he processed the refund… I guess all of us are spamming at the same time on "buy it now" & 'confirm and buy' at the same time may have caused some issues with the website.

    • change payment method then apply the code after that, works 100%

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