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1/2 Price: Harpic Fresh Power Toilet Cleaner 700mL $2.50 or $2.25 (Sub & Save) + Delivery ($0 with Prime or Sub & Save) @ Amazon


Matching the Coles 1/2 Price Special + an additional 10% off and free delivery via subscribe & save. First time it's been half price for a few months.

How to get free delivery without prime?

(1) Click subscribe & save $2.25
(2) Click "First delivery on 22 Jun change"
(3) Click "Get it with your next Subscribe & Save delivery, with 10% savings and free shipping."
(4) Proceed to checkout. If you don't do this step the shipping fee will apply at checkout.

Note: You can select your subscribe & save date here, eg 24th of June is the next available for me. If you have selected for example the 22nd of June, then this won't get shipped until 22nd of July. ("Including the time to process your shipment, the first available delivery day is June 24.").

Once your item has shipped, you can cancel your subscription.

Marine Fresh variety is also available for $2.50, no sub & save available however.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Good value but the Aldi one is still cheaper I think.

    • +2

      Same price. S&S makes it 10% cheaper and free delivery if prime member

  • S&S no longer available Sorry still available for Tropical Blossom

  • Thanks OP

  • +11

    I get that it's 10% cheaper than shopping at Coles, but but IMHO the environmental cost of individually shipping toilet cleaner around the country vs bulk shipment to supermarkets really outweighs the 25c saving.

  • Home delivery convenience and 3% discount e-gift card vs Coles 5% discount e-gift card (and team member discount) and flybuys points.

    I think unless you get a subscribe/save 10% discount, better to get at Coles.

    How does S&S sell out, but still stock of product as normal. Do they only allocate certain quantities for S&S?

    • For some reason tropical bloom had sub & save but marine fresh doesn't. Tropical bloom went back to $5, not sure why.

      I'll change it to expired, sold out is the wrong word.

    • +1

      Sub & Save $2.25 variety is available again FYI

      • Thanks for updating, bought a few @ $2.25.

  • Available again