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[eBay Plus] Wacom Intuos Pro Large Drawing Tablet & Pen PTH-851/K1-CX - $249.98 Delivered @ FFT eBay


Great deal on Wacom Intuos Pro Large Drawing Tablet & Pen PTH-851/K1-CX. Lowest price elsewhere is around $299.

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  • No expert on drawing tablets so not trying to compare, but I recently purchased this one for my son and it's great, also a fraction of the cost:


    • I bought a wacom bamboo from Aldi, the sensitivity was crap. Can you give more feedback on the HUION? Cheers

      • When I say i'm no expert, i mean i'm a complete amateur :P There are a lot of reviews on Amazon that seem to rate it well. 2nd from top even compares it to the Wacom bamboo. I agree with the quality and packaging, but unfortunately can't comment on technicals

        My Wacom Bamboo Manga graphics tablet recently passed away, after a good 5 years of use. I brought an additional 2 tablets while in search of 'the one', but they just weren't what I was looking for. I ended up deciding on the H640P after a DrawingWithJazza video w/ promo code! Safe to say, it was one of the best purchases I've ever made. I was floored when it arrived. The packaging is beautiful (minus a corner or 2 where the box got damaged in delivery), and using the tablet itself was incredible.

  • This is the older version Intuos Pro (PTH851) WITHOUT Pro Pen 2 support. Not a big deal unless you NEED 8K pressure resolution: But there are much cheaper options from Huion which offer this, but I've only heard anecdotally that they're nice to use.

    Can praise the build quality but you really do pay for the Wacom branding.
    I've had this as my secondary since buying a Cintiq but it hasn't skipped a beat in almost 8 years of use: Four of which were as a daily driver being moved around in a backpack.

  • Whilst I was researching for the past few weeks, I found Intuos Pro to be most reliable

  • There's also this one https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Wacom-Intuos-3D-Creative-Pen-Tou...

    Does anybody know if this is an older/superseded model? I found this one on Amazon that seems to be very similar but the top section looks quite different https://www.amazon.com.au/Wacom-Wireless-downloads-CTL-6100W...

    • Correct, I found it too confusing and there was no obvious comparisons. I finally chose the second best.

  • Is this the one used by Sagiri in Eromanga Sensei?