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G.Skill Flare X 16GB (2X 8GB) DDR4 3200MHz DIMM RAM $99 + Delivery @ Shopping Express


The G.Skill Flare X 16GB (2x8GB) 3200MHz DDR4 Desktop Memory Kit is designed for the latest AMD Ryzen processor, enhancing high speed memory with perfected compatibility . This memory kit is also power efficient with a low voltage of 1.2V to maximise performance and minimise heat.

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    RAM is CL16, for those wondering

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      It's Hynix CJR or Samsung C-die according to this. However I have determined it is Samsung C-die from this thread. Samsung C-die negatively scales above around 1.35V, and can usually do 3200C15, 3600C17 and 3800C18. If anyone wants help with overclocking it I have a Samsung C-die kit and I'd be more than happy to help.

      Edit: My timings for 3733MHz at 1.353V. 3733MHz with 1866 FCLK seems to be doable on most CPUs, 1900 FCLK is a stretch. Don't expect these to work on every kit, my tRFC is low for C-die and expect 600T to work. Should also mention on G.Skill kits in particular it tends to misreport in Thaiphoon Burner as Samsung B-die.

      • My tWRWRSD and tWRWRDD are unstable in this OC, 6 is stable while 5 is not.

        • Yet another edit… C-die is very temperature sensitive. I rejigged my case airflow and now those timings are stable again. Just ambient 21c to 24c and poof instability and errors galore.

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    This was $109 plus shipping a few weeks ago then $119 2 weeks ago when I bought (albeit free ship) so this is a really good price.

  • Wow, this is so cheap. What is going on with ram prices at the moment?

    • Oversupply of RAM. But shortages and price increases of everything else

      Basically: everything else is expensive except memory.

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      The Ram market is always interesting. It is essentially a commodity, brand has no value and every supplier is considered equivalent.

      When new standards are introduced production capacity is low and prices high.
      After a couple of years each supplier has invested the billions to build capacity, and prices approach the cost of manufacturing.
      When standards die off, prices rise again and suppliers shut down.
      Basically DDR4 will keep getting cheaper until DDR5 becomes common, probably 2 years from now

      • But if the standard lasts for long enough, prices can increase back up if the manufacturers move production capacity to other products. But we've already gone past that point and capacity has increased again so prices are coming down, yay.

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          Noticed this when trying to purchase DDR3, gosh is that stuff expensive now!

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    I'm so glad I moved to using ex-lease servers for my PC needs. ECC RAM is so much cheaper, I just paid $30 shipped for 2x 16GB sticks. Its registered ECC so buying it used from ex lease server gear is perfectly safe.

    I run a dual Xeon x5690 with 96GB of ram for gaming (only using half the RAM slots lol). Its still the GPU (gtx1060) that is limiting it for the gaming I do.

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      Sounds like a good setup. Where do you get the ex-lease servers from?

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        she'd chew through the power I bet. there's a few every so often on GraysOnline

        • Surprisingly not. These are workstations (Lenovo c20x) but even full blown servers are very efficient these days.

          Sure at full song its pulling 130W×2 just in the CPUs, but it is desingned/certified for it 24/7.

          And under normal loads it is quiet and no different to a PC really. The 6×16GB sticks of RAM probably doesnt help but I did get the low voltage version lol.

          • @stumo: How many watts do you see drawn at idle?

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        They are actually "workstations" not servers, but they use server conponents. They are PC form factors and are just as quiet as a PC (unlike servers). Mine are Lenovo c20x. Very quiet and reliable, and hellar cheap off ebay.

        Look on eBay for workstations. They usually come off lease around 3 years old. So you wont be getting cutting edge gear, but you will be paying cents on the dollar for what it actually cost 3 years ago.

    • Where to get cheap ECC RAM? eBay?

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        Yep. Its reasonably safe to do so because most of it is "server pulls". It has registers built in for checking the values stored in the module, so any faults will be logged by the chipset and will be shown during boot. So basically you know you are getting good RAM even if it is secondhand. I wouldnt buy PC ram secondhand because it doesnt have that feature.

      • Just be careful to not make the mistake of mixing unbuffered DIMMs with registered DIMMs.

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    They don't ship to NT and Tasmania…shame

    Edit: when you buy through eBay. On their website is ok!

  • Looking to grab this and maybe a B450 mobo as well… anyone got recommendations for a mATX mobo? (plan to grab a 3600 when they go on sale)

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      I just bought the MSi Mortar Max for 179 - don't think any sites have it on sale but have seen it recommended several times on OB.

      • Thanks, was looking at that one or the asrock steel legend?

        • Can't go wrong with the B450 tomahawk, well reviewed and recommended. Note, it doesn't have ARGB headers if you're planning on getting fancy ARGB lighting.

          • @R.R.P: I would grab the tomahawk but its ATX, looking to make a mATX just so it's a bit smaller.

            • @Plebmuffin: The b450 mortar is arguably slightly better than the tomahawk, as it is basically the same board except has two nvme slots. It's also mATX

              • +1

                @Budju: Sounds like I'm sticking to the Mortar max than :) thanks!

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              @Plebmuffin: steel legend has crappy vrms temps , go for mortar

  • I have ripjaws with the same speed and timings in my other slots, can I safely mix with this?

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      These are meant to be Samsung B die. Some of the ripjaws are, some aren't. But it should work fine if the same timings are supported by all sticks

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        i thought these are hynix afr …. only the cl14 flareX is b-die

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        The 3200 14-14-14 kit is B-die, but this is 16-18-18 which can be CJR, DJR, even C-die.

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          Samsung C-die yes.

  • Doesn't mention the colour so I'd assume it would be those (gunmetal grey) pictured in the listing????

  • These are the same as the G.Skill Ripjaws V 16GB (2x8GB) 3200MHz CL16 DDR4 Desktop RAM Memory Kit aren't they(also at shopping express)?

  • must be oversupply of 8gb stick. 16/32gb sticks are fairly pricey. That said my 2*16gb flare x was close to $500 in early 2019 and now is at $220.

    But must say for $100 @ 16gb is very tempting.

    Still looking for good 64/128gb kit for my 2700x.

    • Likewise, I think I paid $550 or thereabouts for my 32GB (2x16GB) in late 2018. Worst thing is, I knew the price was coming down but I needed to build a new system then so I bit the bullet. A few months later they were half price. That said, best investment ever. Once you go 32GB you can't go back.

      I've looked at 64GB kits, some are similar price to what my 32GB cost which is tempting but I'm finding I still have headroom with 32GB so going beyond would be fruitless for me at this point.

      • What sort of difference are you seeing with a 32GB kit?

        • I don't do virtual PC's like some but I have multiple browsers open on multiple desktops in windows 10 and dozens of tabs with heaps of extensions. Chrome is grossly inefficient with memory usage so I used to max 16gb very easily. I've only managed this once with 32gb and that was when I was video rendering multiple sources on top of the above. And freeing up memory was easy without sacrifice.

          So the short answer, system just doesn't slow down anymore from paging files. One could argue I just need to be more efficient, but I'd rather 32gb.

        • I do photoshop and video editing. My bottleneck is CPU as my current GPU isn't supported for GPU compute load in the software I use. RAM wise the headroom is nice but I use ramdsik + ramcache to process my edits much quicker. 64GB will let me dedicate easily 30GB to that use.

          Current setup is 8GB dedicated to my editing drives for caching + 2GB TO OS drive, than another 4GB as a ramdisk to store inital stuff.

  • Any major benefit from Gaskill rip jaws 3000mhz to these? b450 aorus pro…

    • English?

      Don't upgrade from 3000 to 3200, but buy 3200 if you don't have anything at all. You could easily overclock the 3000 to 3600 and see some performance gains.

  • Should these run at 3200 via XMP? Setup is R53600 and MSI Mortar Max.

    To replace some Corsair LPX which dont want to go past 2133;(

    • They should. What is the rated speed of the LPX and what have you tried? I know sometimes you need to slowly bring the speed up to get them to run at 3200 speed.

      • The ram is the 3200 C16, same as here:

        Tried a few things, incl "try it" and a manual adjust but cant recall exact parameters. I should have written these down for future ref!

        Just trying to get to the advertised speed of 3200! TBH I dont really get the current rating numbers, if a 3.6 CPU ran at 2.4 well thats a problem and would be RMA'd straight away but if 3200 ram runs at 2133 whats different? Assuming of course you have compatible parts which support the ram's timings.

        BTW whats XMP profile 2? I could only see 1 option??

        • +1

          I also have the 32GB kit of 3200 LPX with a Tomahawk Max rather than Mortar Max. Couldn't get the 3200 speed to run either at first. In the main page at the top of the MSI Bios, there's a button that has profile 1 and profile 2. If you go into the memory settings it'll probably show that option 2 is 2933mhz or something similar. That's what I ended up setting mine to at first, to train the system with the memory. Once it ran at 2933 I was able to go back into the bios, choose the 3200 speed option in the XMP and it's run at 3200 ever since.

    • Have the same set up. My LPX are running at 3200 MHz at xmp profile 2.

    • Maybe your 3600 doesn't like 1600 FCLK, if that is true though you have lost the silicon lottery badly.

  • -2

    Probably all the returned stock from angry Ozbargainers a month ago lol
    If they'd offered me a $57 discount like this I probably would have kept the kit..

    • Why were they angry?

  • As I said in the last post the 1.2V is at non-XMP 2133MHz. Don't expect to dial it up to 1.35V and do 3800CL15.

  • Good price… so tempting…

  • Unless I'm mistaken Gskill main site shows the same product as 1.35v not 1.2v

    Does the 1.2v refer to undervolt minimum threshold?

    • 1.2V is referring to the stock 2133MHz, not XMP.

  • +2

    Thanks OP. Just ordered the below .. Need to find a good value PSU now. What do you guys think about this setup? Any good PSU recommendations?

    MSI B450M MORTAR MAX $179.00
    G.Skill Flare X 16GB (2x8GB) 3200MHz DDR4 Desktop Memory Kit $99.00
    AMD Ryzen 3 3300x 4.3GHz 4 Cores 8 Threads AM4 CPU $215.00
    MSI GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER VENTUS XS OC 6GB GDDR6 Graphics Card $399.00
    MSI MAG Forge 100R RGB LED Tempered Glass Mid Tower PC Case $89.00

    • +2

      I've just purchased the Silverstone ST65F-GS power supply from Scorptec. $139 for 80+ Gold 650W and fully modular, seems like a great deal.

      • +1

        thanks Rajeh.

        oops. sold out

        • +1

          Yeah Scorptec only have it in a few stores. Just bought it last night for pickup, hopefully it doesn't take too long to order it in. Mwave also have it for that price. Staticice might include more retailers.

    • $215 is too close to 3600 territory at around $270 for my liking. It might also be worth looking at the saphire pulse 5600XT at $484 instead of the 1660super unless you specifically need the nvenc encoder.

      • Thanks AEKaBeer

    • +2

      I bought a 750w evga supernova g2 on ebay for 109 + 15 shipping from VIC (i got mine for 99 + 15). It's 100% legit as I hooked it all up today. Absolute beauty — extremely high performing unit…for this price it's a steal as they retail for 200 easy. 17 got sold and "almost gone" so be quick…

      • Thanks . I already bought Silverstone ST65F-GS from mwave ebay store.

        • Mourn with me about how we could've gotten that.

          Edit: It's a long boi though. I am weeping lol, trying to get a cancellation. This seems very good for now $135, with 9 left.

          • +1

            @Void: Looks like a private seller tho, so warranty is questionable?
            I'm in the market for a decent 650W+ PSU for my build too, would you recommend to buy this EVGA one?

            • +1

              @tfangel: Warranty should be by EVGA, and they don't accept change of mind returns. I would recommend the EVGA one, there are 9 left and if you take the last one I will find you and I will kill you.

              • @Void: lol.. I should have waited without rushing to buy Silverstone ..

            • +1

              @tfangel: Manufacture warranty doesn’t cover unauthorised resellers.

              • @whooah1979: That's what I thought. So you reckon it won't be covered?

                • @tfangel: whooah1979 is right then. I'm going to risk it, as it is a better brand so possibly more reliable. Don't copy me though, I might get screwed.

                  • @Void: The EVGA have a 10 year warranty. We decided to order from SQ/Futu because they’ve been around for a long time and their high volume. We received our order within 24 hours.

          • +1

            @Void: I am mourning now.. should have waited

            • @manja: Welp, I got a cancellation and bought it. Don't feel to bummed, warranty is a bit iffy.

      • Thanks @yoke2018, just snapped one up for $135. Not the best it's been but still a great deal nonetheless.

    • is that GPU still available at that price?

  • Can I use the 3200 gskill flair optimally, with a new build ..asrock b450m pro4-f and ryzen 3300x. The qvls are confusing for me (ASROCK has no listings for ryzen matisse) but gskill seems to say designed for ryzen 3. Any thoughts would be appreciated

    • +1

      FlareX is designed for Ryzen yes. This will work nicely, not gonna blow your socks off for overclocking though only being capable of 3800CL18 rather than some other ICs that can do 3800CL16.

  • $99 is cheap. We just got a kit two days ago for $124.

  • How can ram be compatible with AMD or Intel, RAM is RAM , they dont make it differently for different chip sets do they?

    • For some reason they do, not sure why but on AMD it matters. Maybe someone can contribute here.

      • Pretty sure its just marketing. DDR4 is DDR4.

        • No, it isn't. Someone couldn't operate their RAM at 3200 because it wasn't on QVL.

          • @Void: QVL lists are just marketing.

            • @noise36: Okayyyy that does it I'm not gonna bother trying to convince you.

    • The RAMs are Run-in tested and guaranteed to work with Ryzen.

    • Other people are right. But to give a little more info.
      AMD Ryzen has a fairly different CPU core layout compared to many other CPUs which makes it a little 'funny' or 'particular' with regards to running different memory kits at their full speed.
      So this "Ryzen compatible" marketing is just saying they are a kit who you can be confident will run at the full speeds advertised because they have tested it specifically on those CPUs.

  • So cheap…and, despite not overclocking, so many affordable super fast cpus available currently to spend the saved money on. Flare doesnt seem compatible with 3rd gen ryzen from amd website

    • +1

      It's designed for it apparently, it should work just fine. Overclocking is lackluster, it is Samsung C-die. It definitely can though, I got my Samsung C-die from 2666CL19 1.2V to 3733CL18 1.353V.

    • +1

      Got the same ram and it's working with my r5 3600

  • Is this good for a 3600 + 2060 Super build?

    Not looking to overclock or anything…

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