$10 for about $2 Hot Chips.

Are potatoes a rare commodity in 2020?
And or do fish and chip stores think they are like truffles?
When ever I buy chips seems like a small would cost a minimum of $5 for a handful and $10 would give you enough for 2 chip buttys.

This is what $10 gets you now.


  • 2 peices of fish and $2 worth of chips.. ahh the good old days

  • Last time my wife got fish and chips it was about the same amount of chips, a potato cake, a dim sim and a piece of flake for $12.

    -edit, on second thoughts it was probably 2/3 the amount of chips

    • My local fish n chip shop charges the same for fish cocktails and chips, about 6 (or they say 6 but sometimes put more) of the cocktails but just as much chips as OP, in fact I have to share the chips to get it finished.

      • Shire area?

        • Actually, no, Andrew's Fish n Chips in Blacktown. But I'm glad to see this being practised by other shops.

      • I had to look up fish cocktails, where I grew up those were called fish bites. The closest thing I had heard of was a prawn cocktail, I was expecting to see skinny bits of fish that should be served in a glass.

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    I'll give you $15 for any leftovers.

  • For $10 of chips only I'd expect to get full and still have leftovers. It really depends on the place but most have been stingy and try to be more 'fancy/gourmet'. Try to go to places where school kids would likely go like some train stations and small strips of shops. They keep prices low so kids can afford the food.

    • The second half of that paragraph sounds like something Herbert the Pervert from Family Guy would say: "I'm looking to buy a place where school kids would likely go. You know, like a train station where they have small chip shops. I'll keep my prices low so the kids can afford the food."

      Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svRf7IGvelU

    • 'fancy/gourmet'

      From my experience, this just means "tiny meals, big prices". I avoid these places like the plague.

    • Oh yeah. Ever since the advent of beer battered chips, I'd say. Premium on chips is unAustralian.

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    well buy yourself a bag of chips, some oil, a fryer and make your own

  • I'd pay about $5 for that.

    But if you think that is bad. Weigh how much you got, then buy 3 x large Maccas chips and weigh them.

    • I swear you get the same amount of chips from a medium than large at Maccas now.

      • My mate pushes them down, goes back to the counter and asks for 'the full amount he paid for'. Works every time, cos they knowingly half pack them.

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    ripped off.
    Place we go, $10 is about triple that (SA)

  • That's going to be what you get when you Uber Eats from Melbourne, to @mp3police, in Tassie.

  • In a rich part of town?

    My local gives me that many I cant finish it

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    Also… Those chips look terrible

  • Potatoes are like $2 a kilo. So you've basically got $1 of potato and the other $9 is labor. Maybe ask for the person making it to give you a hug or you can lick their fingers. Or walk around to the back and see the boss' Merc and know where all your money is going to.

    • And rent and tax and super and workcover and electricity and gas and the next kitchen renewal and the boss' Merc.

      • … and the refurbishment of the boss’ double storey in Double Bay, and school fees for his three kids at Cranbrook.

        • and the refurbishment of the boss’ double storey in Double Bay, and school fees for his three kids at Cranbrook.

          Nah, the government pays for both of those now.

      • And 5 year old oil

      • yeah but if you made them better value, and sold more chips, you would average those fixed costs over a much greater volume of sales.

        there should be a good franchise for fish, chips and potato cakes. no frozen shit. fresh battered fish and cakes with decent chips. it cant be that hard. i worked for a family ran one as a kid in the 80s. they had like 7 stores on Phillip Island and SE Gipsland.

      • tax

        hahaha good one. That company Merc costs so much to run that the business makes no profit. Weirdly the owner walks out each night with pockets full of cash though.

  • My local gave me more than that for $5 last time I went. You’re being ripped off

  • where from - the name of the venue please

  • If people keep buying it at that prcie, then they'll keep it that price. If no-one buys it, then they'll start dropping the price.

    Businesses exist to make money and to maximise that, they'll set the price at the highest amount the market will tolerate.

    You don't have to buy it.

    • That's the most crucial human need. You can't just say dont eat food so the prices will drop. This is not a computer.

  • Yeah, you got ripped off mate

  • I order 2 x $5 lots, one with Chicken Salt and one without, so they don't catch on.

    5 years and still going strong.

  • Honestly dinning out in all forms is a colossal rip off if you look at the cost of the items to what you are paying….

    If you think that is a rip off for Chips i've seen Basic Salads for like $25+ which essentially a few lettuce, Cucumbers and Tomatos tossed together

    essentially you are paying 4 da services and the experience

    But i agree for $10 you got ripped off - just dont go back i guess - maybe name and shame the place so non of us go back?

    • Paying for the no service experience of Australia.

      • I wish we had table service like Europe and US/Canada

        • In US people work for tips.

          UK due to low min wage (£7ph) people work for tips.

          Some place in Europe they cater to tourists but you still get rip offs like areas of Paris

          In Australia we have a high minimum wage (although there is chronic under payments issue) people seem to believe they are entitled to more (hence the bad service).

          I don't think it would improve if we paid them more. This is from me who worked in front counter of a take away after school from 14 - 16yo after school 6 days a week. Then I had to work in a call centre collecting debts at uni. Two things I learnt, study hard to not work in retail and be good with your finances.


            @netjock: Don't even need the tipping system for good table service.
            Australians are self entitled, table service in Japan, for example is damn good from my experience. I think because they have a lot more pride in their jobs and standards are set higher.
            I don't support the tipping system due to people's built-in prejudices and the fact that your customer might just not feel like it/is having a bad day.

            • @DisabledUser228397:

              table service in Japan

              Cultural difference. It is collective vs individualistic cultures.

              In most countries where family values are strong even without tipping system they are happy to make you happy for repeat custom. It is like Spain / Italy regional areas even if you are a tourist they are polite.

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          US table service annoys me no end. A manic fake-friendly interruption every minute to top up my drink and ask how things are… nah. I'm fine with the "look at the waiter when you want something" version we have.

        • I hated service in the US. Just leave me alone…

  • Chicken shop across the road from work gives me more chips than that for $4.

  • definite rip off. At least you know never to go back there again.

    • Yep.

      I’ve never understood why restaurants etc are more generous with things like chips or boiled rice.

      Rice and potatoes are cheap and filling. Providing a decent portion adds little cost but skimping and potentially leaving the customer hungry seems like it’s bound to aggravate people who then aren’t likely to return.

  • My local $5 is like 4x what you have there

  • That is not $5 worth of chips (let alone the quality).
    Order $5 chips then once they have put it into the oil tell them you changed your mind and would like $10 worth.

  • Do you live in an expensive area? I live in an outer suburb area In Melbourne and I would get double that for $4 at my local. If they think they can get away with it then they will. I think you found a reason not to go back there ever again. If enough people don’t go
    There either they will reduce the price or go out of business. At my, Local it’s 2 flake, min chips which is double the size of that For about $18.

    • Gramps says for a shilling he could fill his belly with chips and potato cakes, not to mention the tomato sauce. What’s the world coming to?

    • I live in Tasmania where pretty much the majoirty of potaoes are grown. Simplot Australia is only 20km away who make all the chips for all major fast food joints and frozen chips are made.

    • was about to post that :P I swear when I was a kid $3.80 minimum chips was enough to feed a family of 5.

    • cool but limits his profile expansion

      Time to start "Minimum chips worldwide"

  • When I was a kid I would order half minimum chips because the minimum chips was too much. You need to find a better fish and chip shop.

  • Remember where you were and tell your kids.

    Today is the day when the phase "Cheap as Chips", is no longer relevant to modern life. 😄

  • Im sorry OP but that represenation is totally incorrect of a typical chips serving.

    Its YOU that is going to the wrong places im afraid.

    Vote with your feet and buy elsewhere or complain to the store operator.

  • Sounds like someone bought chips from Salamanca or some other high rent suburb.

  • Anecdotal evidence at it's best

  • Must be your area. They look stale as well. Around me you get heaps of chips, fresh too. Worst is when they keep using stale oil. Then i vote with my wallet (sometimes a google review) and never go back.

  • Name of shop please?

  • Place I get my fish and chips gives me half that amount again in chips and a nice piece of crumbed flake for $10. They even throw in chicken salt and vinegar for free.