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TIDAL HiFi / Premium Music Streaming - 90 Days for $4 (New Users)


I was browsing through Instagram and a Tidal offer decided to pop into my feed.

Seems like a decent offer.

I did check and it seems that all Tidal offers on OzBargain have expired, unless I have missed something.


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Get unlimited access to 60+ million tracks, 250,000+ HD videos and live events, completely ad-free. TIDAL members also get the chance to experience exclusive music and videos that can’t be streamed anywhere else.

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  • +7

    They're basically like , imagine if Spotify went back 4 years , that's what the UI feels like…

    Can't say I felt a noticeable difference on my generic consumer products.

    Got good selection of music tho!

    • Can confirm, using Tidal atm from the last deal. A little different to use compared to Spotify but not too bad though.

  • +1

    Great for using serato dj

  • +6

    Below was posted by @cello on a previous Tidal Deal ( for existing users with an inactive sub, it worked for me on that deal, so may work on this one as well

    "To have the Tidal promotional offer working for existing users, I find that it won't work if I just go from my existing account and subscribe, or if I go from the offer link and try to take the offer with my old account, it will ask me to register a new account instead. However if I click the offer as new user first, then open a new browser tab and login with my existing account, go back to the offer tab , I'm logged in and can continue with paying for the offer.This works on PC with my Chrome browser, I am not sure about other environment."

    • Thanks, Works with Firefox.

      • +2

        Here is what happens for Firefox and Chrome:
        1. Open the offer in a new tab
        2. Click claim offer
        3. Select premium/Hifi or family, which goes to sign up page
        4. Open a new tab and log in to tidal with an old account in that tab
        5. Go back to the the first (offer) tab
        6. Still on sign up page

        What did you do differently to that?

        • +1

          Nothing just confirming that it works on firefox. Whats the confusion?

        • +1

          don't seem to work. going back to the first tab its still the sign up page. not logged in or can continue.

          • @Creamsoda: Try on Edge or use the private mode/incognito mode in Chrome or Firefox. Alternatively clean cache and cookies.

          • @Creamsoda: Doesn't work here either.
            Tested in Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Chrome incognito mode.
            If I change the URL to allow logins and reload then I do get an option to login where I can select a previous email address but if I do select it to login then I get a this offer is not available to you message.

            If someone has had it work and can post step by step breakdown? I don't see how the first tab at the login screen would reload just because something happened in the second tab. Unless the computer is short on memory or tab switches causes reloads, which would be terrible for overall web browsing as every time changing tabs would mean loosing saved information. So maybe there are different steps to what I put above or maybe there is something going on with web browsers on some people's computers.

    • Worked a treat. Just did it on my Samsung browser

      • Can you write out step by step what you did?

        • +1

          Click on the deal link and open it up, then go into your Tidal app and open up manage subscription into a new tab, clear your cookies from that tab then go back into the deal link and enter your current account username. It should then open up the payment options.

          It added the extra 3 months on top of my current subscription end date.

    • I had to do a url change to get it to work (tried it in Chrome):
      1. Open the offer in a new incognito tab
      2. Click claim offer.
      3. Don't select any plans yet
      4. Open a new tab in this incognito window and log in to tidal with an old account in that tab.
      5. Go back to the the first (offer) tab.
      6. Select plan (Hi-Fi) and get to the sign up page. It will ask you to sign in here. Don't do anything.
      7. In the url bar look for restrict_login=true and replace true with false and hit Enter.
      8. Enjoy.

  • Steal for anyone new to HD streaming

  • +6

    Steal for anyone - maybe. Steal for Tidal - well, that's the business model if my own experience was anything to go by. They were very very happy to sign me up on a discounted trial, change me over to full fee after the trial, somehow fail to process my cancellation, fail to contact me in any way about how I was paying them every month.. and then when I discovered they were still charging me and when their own records showed I hadn't been using the service, refuse to refund.

    Yes, yes - buyer beware and all that, and yes, I appreciate that is the point of these bargain 'trials' and you should do screenshots of on-line transactions such as cancellation etc with them, and carefully check your bank statements every month.

    But if you are one of those folks like me that doesn't always manage to keep track of monthly payments and expects that someone charging you for a service would keep in touch regarding the fact they are charging you for it, well, you really should take care. I will never have anything to do with them again.

    I certainly strongly recommend that you screen shot everything relating to your cancellation just in case.

    • +4

      Tidal has PayPal as a payment option. To be doubly sure your subscription is cancelled you just have to cancel the automatic billing agreement you have with Tidal through the PayPal website. There's no way they can collect payment from you once that agreement is cancelled. I've done a few trials with Tidal and have never had an issue cancelling — you can even cancel straight after signing up without it affecting your trial period.

      Alternatively, you can use a virtual credit card or one time use credit card if your bank offers that option. Very handy for trials.

      (I didn't neg you.)

      • +3

        I refuse to use PayPal for anything now. I had a vendor charge me 4 years after I cancelled a subscription from them with clear evidence saying I had cancelled, I had to jump through loops to get my money back. Even though they haven't taken a cent from me for 4 years with evidence. I asked how this was even possible they could take money from me without authorisation and they provided no answer, I had to go to the bank to get it back and they done it within a week. PayPal is trash.

        • Maybe it's just your bad luck or you haven't communicated with the right person. I've done thousands of transactions (US, Canada, Singapore and Australia) both as buyer and seller. I haven't got a single problem as a buyer, a couple disputes as seller but was sorted out fairly. I've also been reimbursed shipping charge every single time there was a shipping charge. So it's the opposite vfor me, I've always used PayPal if it's available, I'd rather trust PayPal with my cc details than merchants.

          • @rookie317: It's not even about communication. A vendor whom I had not had contact with for more than 4 years was able to charge me. That should NOT be able to happen. That and wasting my time with support staff done it for me. There was no security at all and made me rethink where my info was being kept.

    • I completely agree with this. Recently through their convoluted sign up for trial via Facebook option I accidentally signed up with old email address that did tidal trial like.. 3 years ago (I blame this on sign up via Facebook option!). 5 seconds later I shot them an email to please cancel, didn't use it for 2 weeks, then got an email we are sorry you must pay no other way out. I complained there was no warning or anything that I'm not eligible for trial anymore, but nope, policy is policy and we don't bend.

  • Thanks OP 👍

  • Thanks OP

  • Just curious if I use my S10 and Audio technica M50, would the audio quality be any difference with Tidal vs Spotify on high quality?
    In short would my listening device be the limitation?

    • +1

      Highly doubt it, unless you had some really expensive open back headphones driven by a nice amp

      • MQA (master) 96K++/24bit tracks on Tidal are ideally decoded by a dedicated DAC processor that's been specifically designed for such (MQA)use. There are a few brands that do this, some are inline USB, others are plug-in hardware modules for high-end Digital Audio Players, and there are a few other variants. I think the Samsung V20 (or maybe V30 series) has MQA processing built in.
        You might need to hack some code to enable samsungs to fully process bandwidth through all the right chips otherwise it will default to something less than true capability, and dithers down.
        personally, i'm more than happy listening to Master Tracks through reasonable fidelity equipment that doesn't have MQA capability.

    • +1

      You need a DAC that can unfold the second part, as the Tidal app unfolds the first. This is only true for macOS/Windows.

      However, for android, I have to use USB Audio Player Pro to get an MQA experience on android phones.

      Works perfectly as they have paid the for the MQA licence.

  • +2

    Curious why anyone would bother competing Apple and Spotify, or why anyone would get tidal?

    • if youd like to stream JayZ albums. i believe this is the only service where you can

      • +1

        Nah, he released all his stuff on Spotify about a year ago.

        • i just realised hes on apple music too
          lol there is no point for TIDAL now unelss you want to hear lossless audio

    • +4

      for Hifi (lossless audio quality)

  • +7

    The TIDAL Masters sound fantastic

  • Thanks OP. Great timing, the last deal was ending for me tomorrow.

    @Maxdax suggestion didn't work for me sadly. Lucky I run my own domain, so no shortage of email addresses LOL.

  • +3

    I’ve got some decent open back cans that I listen to through a dedicated DAC and an amp. Can clearly tell the difference between Tidal masters and Spotify. It’s not night and day but the Masters sound silky without a hint of grain or compression.

    At the higher end of the headphone range these subtle things get amplified.

    • +2

      I've finally got some decent speakers and a nice DAC, I've given up on Spotify and Google's youtube music mess as a result and gone back to CDs. Might just give Tidal a go.

    • Is everything available at that quality?

      • No, a selection is available as a TIDAL Master

  • +1

    Didn't people have trouble cancelling it after signing up? They keep charging people.

  • Thought I’d give it a try after reading about HiFi and I’m a hiphop head so curious to see how the catalogue compared to spotify.

    First thing I noticed was that the IOS app lacks an EQ, which to me seems like a big omission for an audio streaming service. Yes, I could use a 3rd party app, but why should I considering the premium I’m paying? As I result, HiFi didn’t live up to the hype.

    Doubt I’ll continue after the trial.

    • I looked up one slightly obscure hip hop artist a while ago on Tidal As a test and they didn’t show up, so didn’t bother with it.

      • You’ve piqued my curiosity - which artist?!

        • Can’t recall exactly but probably Tha God Fahim

  • +1

    Besides flac and MQA, Tidal also has Dolby Atmos files and I must say, the sound is so sweet and I am mightily impressed by it.

    • MQA is barely better than CD quality from what I have read; it is definitely inferior to lossless (eg Flac compressed) 24bit 96KHz studio masters, which is the quality you get on blurays. Bluray quality audio is very good.

      • Gotta disagree here. I've tested both extensively. MQA sounds louder and fuller than FLAC. There are fake FLACs too.

        • +1

          Literally nonsense: you're saying that a lossy format is higher qualithy than FLAC, a lossloss format.

          The problem with hearing is that people have no idea how it works. Stuff sounds better if you think it sounds better, eg you read that it sounds better, not because it sounds better.

      • MQA is barely better than CD quality

        Human ear cannot distinguish higher quality than 16bit 44.1khz, that's why CDs are recorded at the quality.

  • Tidal have a selection of albums and tracks mixed in Dolby Atmos. I’ve been playing them via my AppleTv. Pretty impressive for some of the newer mixes, though they are encoded at a low volume so I had to increase the volume a lot. Hope they release more mixes in Atmos.

    As an aside I pay $65 AUD for my yearly Hifi Tidal account through a family plan spot I joined over on redflagdeals group buy forum.

  • Can you sign up, cancel immediately afterwards and still access trial for the 3 months still?

  • can you tell the difference if you don't use special hardware, but using normal stuff like earphone you get from buying a new phone etc?

    • -1

      Which earphone? Samsung galaxy's earphone (AKG) is pretty good and you should be able to notice the difference.

  • I wonder if they're building up their user list to necro again in a couple year time when it expires.

  • Can I join anyone's family hifi plan (will pay my share of course)? Is this restricted to GPS location upon joining (like spotify)?

    • +1

      Not restricted That I am aware of as I am part of a Canadian family account and pay $65 AUD yearly and have had no issues. Look over on redflagdeal forums to see if there any openings.

      • Thanks

  • Signed up. Got it working. thanks

  • Good quality but music selection is pretty poor, IMO. Also terrible interface.

  • Any problems just call Jay Z . He is a major stock holder

  • +1

    afaik tidal is the only one with king crimson streaming. Also, they are supposed to better pay artists.

  • May give this a go, the MQA streaming is appealing, assume that is included with the trial?
    Looking at getting an Ifi Zen DAC which should be MQA compatible for my PC setup.

    Edit: An account with email already exists.
    I continued with the sign up using the facebook login, hopefully that qualifies for existing email and free offer.

    Under account I get:
    - Your subscription will automatically renew 21.09.20. You will be charged AUD 23.99 from your Credit Card
    - Upgrading your subscription from Premium to HiFi will reduce the remaining days in your trial or billing cycle by 50%

    Stuffed if I know, should be good for 3 months I think.

  • The interface is a bit oldschool, Google Play music has been pretty good with the radio features etc but sounds like it will be discontinued soon for YT music.

  • Tip for those ending their subscriptions. Download all the music you like as you still may have access to it after the subscription ends, my subscription ended yesterday and I can still play my downloads.

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