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Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 5 14" Ryzen 7 4700U / 16GB DDR4 / 256GB SSD $1,195.20 Delivered @ Lenovo


To get this price you need to SELECT THE 8GB model listed as $1199 and select the upgrades. Selecting the 16gb off the bat is $5 more. And $5 is worth exactly $5, so you may as well.

There is reportedly a compromise on screen quality for these units but otherwise well regarded. Discount code needs to be applied so won't track with CR/SB.

Ships in 10-15 business days

Other configs:
Ryzen 5 4500U / 8GB - $959.20 (Ships within 4-5 weeks)
Ryzen 5 4500U / 16GB - $1,035.20 (Ships within 4-5 weeks)
Ryzen 7 4700U / 8GB - $1,119.20 (Ships in 10-15 business days)

Title Mode:
Processor : AMD Ryzen 7 4700U (8C / 8T, 2.0 / 4.1GHz, 4MB L2 / 8MB L3)
Operating System : Windows 10 Home 64
Operating System Language : Windows 10 Home 64 English
Memory : 16GB Soldered DDR4-3200 (Duel Channel)
Hard Drive : 256GB SSD M.2 2242 PCIe NVMe
Display : 14" FHD (1920x1080) IPS 300nits Anti-glare
Graphics : Integrated AMD Radeon Graphics
Color : Platinum Grey or Graphite Grey
Keyboard : Backlit, English
Camera : 720p
Palmrest : PC/ABS
Surface Treatment : Anodizing
Fingerprint Reader : Touch Style
Battery : Integrated 57Wh
Power Cord : 65W Wall Mount Round Tip
Wireless : 11ax, 2x2 + BT5.0
Language Pack : Publication-English
Warranty : 1 Year Depot
Weight: Starting at 1.39 kg

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  • +3

    how do you get this config

    Ryzen 5 4500U / 8GB - $959.20 (Ships within 4-5 weeks)

    • +3

      Select model listed as $1199. When you get to the cart enter the code.

  • +8

    45% NTSC so it's very bad lol

    • +6

      Pretty sure other countries got a touchscreen as well. We are getting ripped off by Lenovo for this one in the screen department.
      Edit: Actually don't think they sell 14 inch yet however the 15 inch in America has a touchscreen whereas our model doesn't for a higher price. Ripped off.

    • +3

      Pretty common in smaller laptops because they're not really targeted at people doing graphic design.

      That said, I ordered a second screen this week because the colour variation between my laptop and monitor is just horrendous. If I get the blues the same colour the whites look like someone took a whiz on my spreadsheet.

      • +2

        My blues change colour all the time… But nobody's called me yellow lately, which might make you green with envy, or maybe you'll see red. I find rose coloured glasses fix most things, then the world seems peachy.

    • -3

      Very bad?.. Lol

      It's still a FHD Display. It's better than 90% of all the 5+ years old laptops where it was quite expensive to have a FHD screen.
      It has 300 nits which is a good brightness to work on the road.

      Back in the days everyone was counting pixels. Recently the people start caring about colour gamut.

      I personally always had 45% NTSC on my laptops. And I don't see much of a difference to 72% NTSC to be honest. And I do a lot of casual video editing and photoshop on it.

      • +10

        Resolution has little to do with quality. I’d take a good lower-res display over a garbage FHD one any day.

        • +9

          Why are you being downvoted here?
          Colour accuracy has nothing to do with the resolution of the screen. 45% NTSC is noticably 'wrong'.

          • @BluBoy: Yep, 45% is just awful for basic task like web and email, totally nonsensical for video and photoshop.

            • @Mitch889: I had disassembled a HP laptop attempting to replace the display panel, though later found out there was no stock!

              I'd say test it out. If you cannot stand the colour, connect an external mon or replace the display at some point.

    • +1

      Unfortunately pretty standard in this price range. At least it's 300 nits and not 220 nits like that awful but popular Dell Inspiron that was posted last week at roughly the same price.

  • +24

    Just a word of warning to anyone considering buying, as experienced by others with Lenovo purchases, the shipping time is fairly outrageous. I placed an order late May (budgeting that I may need to allow 4-6 weeks) after seeing this deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/541058

    As of today, the processing time has blown out twice, and if it happens again we're talking about August. If you actually need the device in the forseeable future, give this a skip. There's no disclosure on the wait times, but immediately after purchase was able to advise of ~6 weeks turnaround. The fact they can inform you immediately upon purchase but not prior to is a bit of a disgrace.

    • There's no disclosure on the wait times

      I have quoted them from the shipping times shown at the checkout, but fair point.

      • I used the education portal which may not have been exactly the same, or perhaps I simply didn't notice. It was very clear after the transaction though!

        My expectations were such that I was always expecting a delay, but what's a reasonable period? I purchased this to coincide with the start of semester, and won't be seeing it until well afterwards.

  • +2

    I reckon getting the cheaper model for $1104.15 would be more worthwhile due to the 11% cashback you're getting with ShopBack. The same upgrades applied would set you $1274.15, with cashback that gets you to $1134.

  • +3

    As per the original post the 16gb ram upgrade is peanuts, you absolutely should get it for these Apus.

  • +1

    i was looking at this, this morning for work, and i think shopback is better than going coupon.

    • +1

      Laptop shipping time: 10-15 business days.
      Shopback refund: 10-15 months.

  • +2

    I ordered 6th June, current eta 21 july. 'Ships in 10-15 business days'

    • Which mean 26/6 is last of the 15 business days…

      • +3

        Actually ordered 4th June.

        Current ETA 15 September. Ship on 31 Aug.

        • Which config variant did you order?

    • I ordered on 18 June. Was quoted shipment 3 -6 July. They changed ETA to 21 September. Crazy!

  • +1

    Apart from the Ryzen model, is it the same as this one from amazon? That one was under $1000 for Ryzen 5 4500U /16GB but with from Amazon US

    • Similar, but the flex is a hybrid with a touchscreen and pen, so you can use it in tablet or tent modes.

    • For what's it worth. Only has outdated Wifi 5

      • +1

        "Only" wifi 5 doesn't really matter unless you've got gigabit nbn.

      • For what it's worth Wifi 6 is a short lived intermediate standard between Wifi 5 and Wifi 6E. Anyone who invested big money into Wifi 6 router/access point will be very disappointed that they can't just upgrade the chip to a 6E one and will be shelling out big money buying an entirely new device to support the new standard.

        • But then once Wifi 6E lands, people would be silly to get the first gen 6GHz router for 'insert reason' and will kick themselves when they have to buy new Wifi 6Ex/Wifi7/ etc etc…

          It's never the best time to buy any technology. Buy it when you need it and thats that.

    • its back in stock now

      • I don't see it. Link?

    • +1

      If you are looking for same CPU and touchscreen

    • Looks like that is not offered any more on the Lenovo website. Close to what I want though.

  • +3

    I hate how they've reduced ports, no RJ45 or a 3rd USB-A

    Really want them to revamp the Thinkbook15 with Ryzen 4000 ASAP

    • +1

      It will come. Just need to wait. Early adopters always have to take what they are given.

  • lol nice it has a cover for the webcam.

  • +5

    That's very good price for a good specs laptop. Anyone want a 15 inches version and a more powerful CPU (AMD Ryzen 7 4800U (8C / 16T, 1.8 / 4.2GHz, 4MB L2 / 8MB L3)) you can get:

    with the same code.
    it bring down from $1,599.00 to $1,279.20

    • +1

      4800U is a monster. That's insane for the price, wow.

      Edit: ships in more than 8 weeks, RIP

      • +1

        Buying the one in this deal is also going to take 2-3 months to ship. Standard practice for Lenovo. Ignore the 10-15 business days text on the website, if it's not listed as available then you will be waiting multiple months.

    • Would you pull the trigger on this?
      Or fork out an extra 1k for the specs below. Would also be used for gaming but nothing too intense, I think… (eg. Death stranding , gta 5 etc)

      Intel Core i7-10750H 6-Core
      NVIDIA GTX 1660Ti 6GB GDDR6
      15.6" FHD IPS-Grade Edge-to-Edge Matte 120Hz LED
      8GB DDR4 2666MHZ Memory
      Kingston A2000 1TB PCIe M.2 SSD
      No 2nd M.2 SSD Selected
      Samsung 860 QVO 1TB SATA 3 SSD
      Intel 9462 AC Dual Band WIFI/BT
      External USB Slim DVD-RW Optical Drive
      Windows 10 Home 64 Bit
      3 Year Metabox Platinum Care

      • +1

        The reality is that you really need a dedicated gpu to run those games decently. While AMD' vega apu is very good for an igpu, it will be lacking. It is a bit of an apples and oranges comparison.

  • Advice from you experienced deal finders - I need to buy a laptop for next year / kids highschool. Should I pull the trigger on this or wait till end of year ?

    • +3

      Acc to comments, you have to buy now if you are looking to buy Lenevo laptops from lenevo website as you might anyway receive it next year.

    • +3


  • A YouTube reviewer of the 4800u version says that his screen is 15" IPS 100% srgb. How does that relate to the colour gamut deficiency of the version we get?

    He still thinks the screen is not very good.


    • Lenovo IdeaPad sells in Europe use different display, all come with %100 sRGB, sadly not ones sell in Australia.

  • +3

    got my yoga chromebook after 2months wait, faulty hinge, couldn't use any app outside of play store, even couldn't use YouTube downloaded from Play store

    requested a refund through their website within 5days after receiving the unit, was told someone would contact me within 1 business day???

    no one did or emailed me for 1 week already, rang in multiple times and everyone just passed onto another team

    completely hopeless and yes I am still waiting, kept all the screenshots of all online submissions and email as proof, hopefully they honor what they say on their website

    wouldn't buy another unit from Lenovo, after sales are just horrific…

  • +1

    Following up from my previous comment, my order placed 30 May is now expected to arrive 15 September. Not good enough. Why are they even selling the product if its unavailable?

    • +1

      Ouch, can you cancel it?

      • +1

        I spoke to lenovo and they said I can cancel before it ships.

        • How long did it take for Lenovo to tell you your expected shipping date / arriving date? I ordered on 18 June and no updates at all. Might consider cancelling too

      • I'm in two minds now. Really wanted something this FY. Might give it a couple of days incase anything exceptional presents itself as an alternative.

    • order this one and still no expected date shown up, can you pls send your ovp screenshot what its look like.

  • Ordered on 12 June. Received shipping notice yesterday 22 June.
    ETA 6 July.

    • Which model did you order? Strange that your experience seems to be so much better than others

      • +2

        I have the Ryzen 5, 16GB Ram, and 512Gb SSD. Otherwise the same.

    • you are probably gonna get it somewhere in August…

      My order early May (not busy period), was initially told late May, then early June, then finally mid June, you gotta add 30days onto their ETA

      • I have my tracking number. It will arrive Sydney on 25 June.

        • Look:

          Date Event Description Origin Destination Comments
          06-Jul-2020 12:00 GMT Requested Delivery Date CDD xxxxxxx
          24-Jun-2020 22:30 GMT est Estimated Time of Arrival Pudong, Shanghai (PVG) Sydney (SYD) PVG-SYD: QF130/24
          22-Jun-2020 16:22 GMT Client Called for Pickup XXXXXXX
          22-Jun-2020 13:59 GMT Freight Received No Docs

  • https://www.lenovo.com/au/en/laptops/ideapad/ideapad-l-serie...

    Is this an adequate replacement to the above or a 4500U if needing something right now? Noting it is a bit cheaper

  • I just cancelled my order. Expect 8-10 business days for a refund to happen.

    • +5

      There's (almost) nothing to refund.

      Lenovo charged $1 to check validity of CC only.

      Full amount of my order was charged after shipping.

      • +1

        Thanks for making me check, cranky about nothing other than time wasted now lol

  • +1

    This would've been perfect if it had a 1660ti :D

  • order one, wish it didn't has integrated graphic and ship faster

  • Let's get some positive news.

    Here's one laptop enroute to Aus!


    • Lucky you mate, mine eta 27 July. I might cancel the order.

  • Looks like the Sino-US trade war is now having effects on the supply chain.

    I guess just cancel your orders, as new shipment of hitech products (chips) is problematic.

  • Just got updated shipping info overnight:
    Ordered 18 June
    Estimated shipping 10 July
    ETA 24 July

    • Hey I also got a similar time frame to yours too.

      Ordered 19 June
      Estimated shipping 10 July
      ETA 24 July

      I am tossing up whether I should cancel and get this instead https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/547180
      But there are a few things to consider
      1. Apparently the screen is a FHD TN panel @ 220 nits. How does this compare to the IPS panel on the ideapad?
      2. It is 8GB of ram, however it is only utilsing one sodimm slot, so it is upgradeable to 16gb dual channel.
      3. It has 512GB storage instead of 256 on the ideapad.

      Any insight would be appreciated!

      • I guess the lenovo one is 14 inch vs the dell 15 inch. Also it would depend on how important the screen is to you I guess? I would hate that 220 nits personally.

      • I would not buy a TN panel in 2020, Viewing angles and contrast are awful. Yif the Dell really is TN (which it's not clear it actually is) that would be a deal breaker for me. It would be weird for dell to put a TN panel on what's supposed to be their midrange brand, but I wouldn't put it past them

        The Dell also has fairly long shipping times, but not as long.

        • Yeah i think i will stick with the lenovo, based on everyone's experiences with a TN panel i think i am better off with an IPS display. Thanks for your input!

  • +4

    Ordered 29 May, and promised delivery in ~4 weeks. ETA is now pushed back to 14 September :( That's 3.5 months from order date.

    • Which screen size and specs did you order??

      • +2

        4800U, 512GB drive, 16GB RAM, 14"

        • Strange that they removed the 4800U options from 14".

          • @4kbargain: yeah i was thinking that, maybe the delayed orders are those who ordered the 4800U

    • Looks like it may be quicker to cancel this order, and order another.

  • Latest update on tracking:

    25-Jun-2020 06:10 GMT est Estimated Time of Arrival Singapore (SIN) Sydney (SYD) SIN-SYD: SQ241/25 SIN SYD SQ241/25 SIN

    Should arrive Sydney today.

    Ordered 12 Jun, Shipped 22 Jun.

    • +1

      Received delivery today, just now.

      • Is it as good as the reviewers say it is?

        • Haven't unboxed yet. I'll leave it to my kid as this is intended to be his school computer.

          Wait a bit.

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