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[Kogan First] Kogan SmarterHome 1.7l Smart Glass Kettle $35.99 Delivered @ Kogan


Kogan SmarterHome 1.7l Smart Glass Kettle $35.99 + Free Shipping with Kogan First, seems to be a good deal for a Smart Kettle, just ordered one

Note: Non Kogan First price is still $59.99

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  • some ozb feedback saying the lid release button stucky and won't stop boiling if you connect it to voice assistant

    • +1

      I've had one of these for a while now, and never experienced it never stop boiling.
      Yes the lid is sticky, but you get used to it. Just push the release button gently and it opens fine, well at least my one does any way.

      • +1

        Kogan replaced mine with that issue.

        • and the replacement works perfectly?

    • +1

      I had a similar issue… button would open the lid when refilling. Didn't effect boiling though. Kogan sent me a replacement right away.

    • No such issued - I regularly use it with Google Assistant. Also as others have pointed, you get use to the lid opening.

  • +5

    Are there any other weird and wacky smart devices like this? It's crazy to me that there's a smart kettle.

    • +1

      I was looking for a glass kettle anyway and I found this. There was a smart pet feeder too if it is weired enough.

      • Can I use this as a non-smart regular kettle?

    • +3

      Smart kettle seems more useful than a lot of other smart products and it’s the only smart item I have actually considered.

      • Yeah, I like most of the ones I have seen. Just one of those quality of life things that isn't necessary in the slightest but helps out a lot.

    • +3

      Why you need a smart kettle? Can it refill by itself?

      • +4

        Wife loves it as she can start boiling water using voice command while cooking - without having to wash the hands and make a trip to the kettle. We conditioned the household to fill the kettle every time you take the water out post boiling - that why kettle always have some water in it.

        PS: My wife hates the gadgets I keep buying - but does like this kettle and our robo vacuum!

        • Which vac did you get?

        • How does the robo vac clean?

          I was considering getting a robo vac but bought a Miele instead cause I thought a robo vac can't possibly clean as good as a normal vac.

  • +3

    Smart function works well. It can be done with Kogan's app… or any app that uses Tuya base. I have my all set in 'Ucomen Home' which allows me to then use third party apps to get it working in Homekit with Apple.

    It is also smart, I have my linked with Alexa, when I ask it to turn on and boil, if the kettle is empty it doesn't turn on. Great for in the car (Echo Auto) and when I am a few minutes from home I ask Alexa to turn on the kettle and know that when I get home its ready to make my Tea.

    Would recommend.

    • +1

      Thanks for the information, So hope it will support Smart Life app as well (Tuya) as I am currently using it with my $10 smart plug from Auspost deal.

      • +1

        I can confirm that it doesn work with the SmartLife app as that is what I use it with

      • +1

        Yes. Anything that works in Tuya will work in a range of other applications as well.

  • Does it stack with citibank $20 off promotion? consider l have >$50 in cart)?

    • Yes it does, just used mine. Need to go load as credit in account options first.

      • I already did, it showed up in my cart with the credit but it disappear when go to check out with the visa credit card typed in?? Strange!

        • For me, I had to click apply credit at the checkout first, then the amount changed to be charged on the debit card.

  • I really don't need this…..
    Dang, it's got lights and everything. So hard to resist. But I've had 2 kettles before with a similar lid mechanism that wouldn't open, and it was hell.

    • I'm sorry to hear of your suffering. Can we please set up a goFundMe page for your plight, that we can raise funds, and create awareness of the issue? :)

      • +1

        Thank you, but your support is worth more to me than money :)

        I kid you not, I had to return a Morphy Richards kettle to Myer because the lid stopped opening, only to exchange it for a Breville Crystal Clear that also had a lid opening issue, which I then exchanged for a Kenwood kettle where the lid eventually broke. I see an opportunity for lidless kettles.

        • my last 3 kettles (cant remember brands) had lid hinge issues

        • maybe try Morphy Richards Aspect Kettle

  • The best smart kettle which you can find currently is iKettle 3rd Gen (from my view and reviews you can find online) , however we'll be comparing Hyndai Getz (Kogan) to Audi R8 (ikettle).

    ikettle is around 220$ delivered , however quality talks for itself.

    • The upside of this kogan one is (what looks like) the ability to set the temperature on the kettle without needing to use a smartphone. Does Smarter have a way of managing this? Can I ask google to set a certain temperature?

      • Hey mate,
        Answer to your first question is no , the kettle is operated mainly from Google home API or smarter app.
        Second one is yes , you can ask google home for example to "Turn kettle on to 85'"

        • Awesome. Other question is, did you order direct from Smarter, or via Amazon or something?

          • @readeral: You can't find it literally at the smarter price anywhere else.
            Amazon AU doesn't have and Yanks don't either send to Aus or doesn't worth it because of high postage.

            One more thing , incase of any issue during warranty period , you have to send it back to UK but if ligit issue they'll cover the postage. (I asked them before buying)

  • +2

    Do people tend to have water left in their kettle? I feel like I just always boil what I need, so I'd have to go over and refill it anyway. (Legitimate question.)

    • +1

      My thoughts exactly.

      Plus I'd be paranoid if there wasn't enough water to begin with before I pressed boil.

    • +2

      Good point, people will be filling the kettle now and wasting electricity

      • It's all a massive conspiracy by BIG ELECTRIC! But yes, if it's full all the time you'll be using more electricity.

  • +3

    I had one for 5 months before the base got stuck to the jug. Once I managed to pry them apart it was evident that a wire inside the base had melted and fused the two parts together.

    • Gosh, thats sounds bad. Wonder will kogan issue a refund?

      • +1

        yes, manufacturing fault covered by standard consumer 12 mth warranty. Looks like its a POS though despite having lights and an app, you probably don't need this and it'll just end up in the rubbish. (end talk with self)

        • Lol, its too late for me, safe yourself. I've already signed up to kogan membership trail (feeling yuk) & bought it.

          Thx Sim, good info to keep in mind should things go south.

          Also, i wish there's some way to turn off the blue glow. Not a fan.

      • +1

        Yep full refund including a refund for the extended warranty cover that was purchased at the same time.

        Didn't need to send it back as it was clear from photos that it was defective.

    • +1

      Sure you get a refund but what if the house burnt down?

      • It was 100% the source of my safety switch tripping. I refused a replacement as I have no faith in the product.

  • How smart can a kettle be?

    • Smarter than the average kettle, but not as smart as a 1930s teasmade apparently.

  • Ordered one, clicked the sign up for First button and only paid $35.99 for the kettle but was still charged delivery. Looks like a bug. Account also showing I’m not a First member.. but still got the First price. Odd.

    • I also got charged delivery fee… so not happy. Send a support request to Kogan and waiting for reply.

      • Yep I’ve sent them a support request as well.

    • I signed up for "First" trial seperately and checked it out first. Then bought this as a seperate transaction and only got charged $35.99.

  • Is there anyway to get this without first or is it simply a case for signing up for the first free trial and then cancelling it after placing the order?

    • I tried to do this but apparently I already used my First trial. So I signed up with a new account. Also claimed I'd used my First trial.


      • +1

        I ended up signing up to the first free trial. Got it for 35.99 inc delivery. Thanks to OP, i was going to buy this last week for the full price.

  • damn just paid 40$ with the citibank voucher for it when it was still 60.

  • +1

    Had mine for about a year and works great. Ok Google, turn on the kettle and a few minutes later go in and make a cup of tea. Works perfectly.

  • +1

    Can't wait to boil my iSmartWater in my iSmartKettle and drink out of iSmartMug

    • That was very iSmug.

  • +1

    We buy stuff for convenience so we never have to get up off the sofa and then buy gym equipment to exercise, because otherwise we'd never get up off the sofa. 🤔

    I just need a delivery hatch behind my sofa so uber eats can deliver my maccers without me having to get up,(they ring my smart door bell and I can talk to them through my smart camera) then maybe a chute to a "smart" rubbish bin.

    If my sofa was smart it would transform to a bed when my smart lights turn off and smart curtains close. 🤣

    • Then we'll become somthing like this in near future. lol

      • Damn, I know the cartoon but can't think of the name

        • Krang is the filename

  • Is Kogan also now doing special pricing for subscription based model? I had thought the Kogan first was about free delivery only, damn everyones doing subscription based models now.

  • Ok where's the smart pot? I need a complete set

  • This seems cheap, even K-Marts is around $65 for the kettle which has different heat nodes. I would of bought, but I'm not a Kogan First member.

    • Free 5 day trial

    • I have the K-mart one, after all the branded ones let me down. The K-mart one has good reviews. Bought it for $59. It is well built, looks nice, and the buttons remain "solid". Problem is, after about a year of use (multiple times a day), I can see rust spots develop near the front, where the lid meets the metal. I'm guessing it's from staying wet due to condensation. It's minor, but shows the metal is not the highest stainless-steel quality. It also has no alert to let you know the water boiled.

  • Anyone have any insights into how much electricity the keep warm function uses over 4 hours compared to just reheating the water to the set temperature? It claims "Keeping your water warm can help you minimise your energy consumption by saving you from re-heating the kettle everytime you want a coffee top-up." but I'm not convinced keeping a heating element at 70 degrees for up to 4 hours is better than reheating?

    • You are correct. In theory, keeping it at 100° would would always require more power than taking it there at any point in the future. Any time spent below 100° translates to energy saved - that's basic physics. I expect it would use a couple hundred watts to keep it at 100°. It's not worth it, given that reheating will probably take a minute or 2 at most.

  • What does this do compared to my existing kettle with a smart plug

    • +1

      Many kettles nowadays are digital, such that turning on the power does nothing. In my case, it would turn on the lights behind the buttons :)
      Also, I would be reluctant to run 2200 watts through a smart plug. In theory it should be fine, but it's borderline.

  • +1

    If you have money to waste on a smart kettle why don’t you do some good in the world and donate the money to charity instead

  • Ah, just bought it 2 days ago for $59. Any chance of credit from Kogan?

  • +1

    these rubbish products will all end up with a piece of rust
    wasting materials resources and money , pollute the earth

  • -1

    don't bother buying under $100 electric bottles from kmart target or kogan, it will get rusted in less than a year. buy a good kettle from myer for $99 and it never get rust! and you only have to spend $100 once in ten years, not like $39 every three months, wasting time money, pollute the earth, they all ended land filling.

    • My $30 Kmart kettle is still going strong after 2 years. I've had fancy Russell Hobbs and Breville kettles fail on me much quicker than this Kmart kettle.

  • +1

    I managed to flash Tasmota to mine using Tuya convert, so I can now use it in Home Assistant without being reliant on Tuya's cloud servers.

  • Same issue with lid as everyone else, you get used to the lid though. Touch Buttons on the kettle though on the unit drive me insane. Pairing can be challanging. Can't boil to a chosen temperature. It will always boil to 100C.

  • Anyone in Adelaide got First and wanna grab me 1? I think I've used the trail before! Ohwell

    Honestly, these companies are kidding themselves. eBay, and Amazon potentially only subscriptions worth it.

  • Bought one for $35 and was quite happy with it. Went back to buy a second for my folks only to discover the sale was not only over, they've put the price up $20 to $79! Pretty shitty.

    • oopsie :(

    • 17 days after your comment and I just checked it now out of curiosity, and it's currently $159.99 …

      This would've been a great investment, look how quickly it appreciates!

  • Thanks OP, bought one - It arrived and when I plugged it in it had an E1 on the display - Used the web site to advise Kogan, and the contacted me in 2 days and advised they would send another. No need to return the original.

    Thanks for getting in touch.
    I'm sorry to hear that you are having issues with your kettle. Allow me to assist.
    Based on the information you have provided, It appears that your product may be faulty.
    I would be happy to arrange for a replacement to be sent to your <redacted>, <redacted>, VIC <redacted>, Australia address.
    As for the faulty item, I will not require you to return it, you are welcome to dispose of it at your convenience.
    Could you please confirm if you are happy to proceed with this remedy?
    If your address or contact details have changed since the purchase, please let me know so that I can have these amended on our system.
    Kindest regards,

    All up took an elapsed 7 days to get another one from when the first arrived.

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