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Everyday The First 10 Samsung Galaxy S II Will Be Sold for Only $2.00


Just got this promotion from Townhall train station. every day (10 Oct to 14 Oct)the first 10 Samsung GALAXY S II smartphones sold at the pop up shop will be sold for only $2 * Limit 1 unit per customer. NSW Permit No. LTPS/11/9372 Terms & conditions apply.
Address:379-381 George Street, Sydney
Open every day from: MONDAY 10 OCTOBER to FRIDAY 14 OCTOBER

Pics from the line -homersyd
Pic 2 -Turd
Pic 3 - Jon Moldor
Pic 4 -ozdj

47 people in line as of 7:43AM Oct 11 -ozdj

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    • sure - if someone is willing give me their spot at 7:59am tomorrow morning, I will do live coverage tonight (with live updates on OZB) LOL!

  • Awesome

  • +3

    Feel sorry for the sucker who is short 20c…

    • lol yeah, imagine if you queue all night and are mugged at 7:59am…

      • +2

        Don't give wolfenator87 any ideas lol

  • +1

    In the mean time someone could probably be posting the greatest bargain on ozbargain without getting any attention coz we're all glued to this here! :D

    • yeah like that deal of COTD error pricing/picture posted above :P

  • Pay a bum $100 to line up for you and get one.

    • Im a bum* pay me one.

      *I cant guarantee that I will stay though

  • -1

    Would any places price match?

    • let us know where u can get one - I will buy 1000s of them :)

    • It's a competition not a shop, read the ToS.

  • There's a 10 long line right now, of people waiting for tomorrow. -_-

    • Are you serious bro? I am going to stop by on the way home and have a look. If your right they deserve a tablet with the phone for that wait.

    • Just wait for them to sleep and jump in front.

    • i wonder who the first person is? probly going to be on tv

      • Condition of buying one is being on TV anyway, or some sort of ad/promotion Samsung will be running.

        • Will they really want promotional video of people who've been waiting overnight? Could be messy.

      • -1

        think it was some guy from here in a red jacket… read the posts…

    • +1

      There are more people, some waiting for Wednesday.
      It's not late to queue up for Friday.

      It will be fun on Friday, next to iQueue.

  • +7

    Find a Samsung/Vodaphone Shirt
    Reproduce the popup shop sign
    Find some friends to go with ya…

    Go There 7:00am tomorrow dressed up in a Samsung/Vodaphone t-shirt - So you'd look official….
    Hang/put up the fake sign on some other door…
    Form a fake queue…

    Get the people from legit queue to join fake queue…

    Rest - I want to read it here..!

  • +1

    This is the definite OzBargain of the century, if only for the comments alone lol.

    • -2

      not quite - the touchpad firesales more likely to take the cake!

      • Maybe, but I never got one… :/

        • +1

          me neither, but that post was EPIC

        • @homersyd looks like it will be a tie then lol.

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    The 10 people lining up now are going to have plenty of time to get to know each other very well lol…

    • +1

      I counted 11 people already in the line. One poor sucker is going home empty handed. With the store being just two shops beside the Apple Store, I think Samsung is trying to show Apple that they too can have queues hehe.

      • +4

        the 11th person is the 1st person for wednesday \o/

        • holly molly….

      • The extra man may be the bro of one of the first 10 persons, just to switch each other to toilet etc. and to make sure they will get one.

  • next to the shop - best place to sell some sausages , then you could buy 2 or 3 for the full price

    • +2

      assuming $2 each, u will need to sell more than 500 sausages to even buy 2 phones. this means the 10 people will need to eat 50 sausages each until 8am tomorrow….LOL

      • Hehehe

        10 people gets the $2 phone.And 500 will be coming to check whether they are one in that 10.

        Now how the maths look like…………..

    • Forget sausages or toilets, bring a car battery and some adapters and sell electrical recharges.

      Waiting 24 hours in the same spot is one thing - waiting for 24 hours without anything to do because your internet phone ran out of juice makes it 10 times as long.

  • Wow 10 already?? So much for swinging by after work… Have they started a queue for the following day yet? lol

    • +5

      was thinking to go at 5:30am…so naive of me….LOL

    • the 11th person started their own line. so might as well join..

  • Other than spending on expensive ad's on TV, this ad sounds very cheap . Someone at Samsung is laughing.

    Anyway 40 guys who gets the phone for $2 shouldnt whinge….

    • +1

      What about girls? Would their be any girls standing in line? Maybe a guy and his girlfriend? Get a tent and can be a party?

      • +1

        there is one girl in the line-about 3rd or 4th.

  • My neg vote was removed !!!

    • +1

      Your other comment got so negged, it removed your neg vote.

  • Still a bargain if you offer to buy someones spot for $200-500

    • Yep, I wouldn't spend any more than $400 on it though, since it is a competition prize and can't be claimed on tax etc.

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    We have a new kind of people living rough in Australia: the techno homeless.

  • Still no pic of the epic 10 man camp out?

    • +1

      it's coming, wait a min, just took the pic… uploading now…
      EDIT: guess wat?! my phone (galaxy S) decided to die when trying to get the pic out… stuck at boot screen… :(

      • Sorry about your phone, but ROFLMAO! Your kidding right?

      • +1

        I've been waiting patiently for you to upload that pic!
        For some reason no one wants to post one. Has it suddenly become illegal or something?

        • +1

          Good news, phone fixed itself. pic uploaded, see my post below… :)

  • +1

    So what are the rules for this queue?

    Surely someone leaving the line for whatever reason (ie food or toilet) counts as exiting and if someone shows up in the meantime their spot is gone.

    I can see things getting ugly.

    • +1

      I doubt the rules are that strict, the "10" will look after each others spots….

    • +8

      Mon 4.30 pm update: 12 people in line, yes 2 for Wednesday.

      The rule is toilet and meal break absences are acceptable - two people (no 9 and 10) had gone off and their space was reserved - no jumping by no's 11 and 12-so etiquette is going well so far. But no sharing the queue duties with another person - someone wanted to get their mother to stay overnight - what a chump!.

      It seems only one ozbargain person is there (?) - guy with red t-shirt. Samsung guy was chatty and getting along well with the queue people.

      Everyone looks like they are getting along really well - mostly young people ie late teens early 20's. one female only; mostly Asian-which may explain the good etiquette :)

      I am pretty sure that the waiting time will get longer as the week goes by, perhaps if you are not in line by wed arvo you will miss out for Friday.

      On personal note: please reconsider before you post any thought/comment - I spend too much time reading silly comments that add nothing but the desire of their author to show they can type-they add nothing to the post. Can we just have useful feedback, Ozbargain is becoming a bitch fest/silly comment forum.

      • +4

        Ozbargain is becoming a bitch fest/silly comment forum.

        Is not

        • +2

          LOL - wit is still acceptable :)

      • +1

        rule is toilet and meal break absences are acceptable

        What about sleeping? Are they allowed indoors at night? And how long are you allowed to go for the breaks?
        You couldn't go a whole day without coming back I assume.
        But it's still good to know they are doing this in a civilised way.

      • +1

        Asian female? Just asking…

      • -3

        "mostly Asian-which may explain the good etiquette :)"

        Good etiquette is not exclusive to any one race (and 'Asian' encompasses a very large and diverse population of people), so you need not explain the behaviour of the group on the basis of it.

        • He is describing a broad or general trend, not a rule, and as as such yeah, I agree.

        • Yes, he is making a broad generalisation on the basis of race. I'm surprised by the degree of support that such lazy thinking receives here, particularly when others who have made equally ignorant remarks (see the deleted posts on the page following), have been dealt with so severely. Fundamentally, they are guilty of the same thought process.

        • Not at all. Why is it "lazy thinking"?

          If a broad generalization is understood as such, why would it be invalid?
          If the reader understands that the comment is wide-scoped and general in nature, the observation of a trend or style, especially a positive one such as "good etiquette" is not racism of any kind. It is simply a description.
          An example might be advice such as "if you travel to Italy you will find people are quite exuberant". As a general rule or trend…they are. "Normal" or "control" social memes would be considered shared or "understood" as reference points in such a conversation.

          It is a general trend and, as such in the terms stated, above I agree with the original statement.

        • -1

          Because the generalisation is so broad that it renders itself quite useless. From an academic perspective, it would be torn to shreds. You ask me how it is invalid, but I ask you: how do you possibly seek to validate a generalisation of >3 billion people? As if Asia were so homogenous that what is true of China, is not only true of all of China, but also true of Indonesia, Vietnam, Mongolia, India, Japan etc too.

          If you were to visit Italy and find the people “exuberant”, then you would be only describing your anecdotal experience; perfectly valid (though very much prone to biases). If you were to take your anecdote and attempt to apply it to the population at large, then I would very much question you on it, particularly if it has a negative implication for other people. I most certainly take objection to the implication that non-Asians would be less likely to display a similar degree of etiquette.

          Taking your anecdotal experiences, and employing that as a means to describe much greater numbers at large is innocently ignorant at the best of times, hateful and racist at the worst (though i don't consider that to be the case here, of course).

          The very fact that he immediately looked to explain the behaviour of the group on the basis of race is indeed very lazy thinking, and i shall qualify that:

          There are an enormous number of reasons why one might observe etiquette within a line of 10 people in that particular context:

          1. Mutual benefit: All of the individuals are aware that their comfort will be greatly improved if they work together as a team: You protect my spot whilst i am away, and i will protect yours. None of them have anything to gain by not co-operating with one another, but a great deal to lose (meal/drink runs & toilet breaks). If you don't co-operate with the group, you're potentially going to die by the sword you wield when nature inevitably calls.

          2. Duration in agreement with expectations: Impatience and breakdown of social grace is often triggered by a wait that exceeds expectations: 'Why is this line so long?' 'Why is it moving so slow?' 'Usually this only takes 10 minutes and i'm already running late!' In the context of this promotion, they are well aware of the duration and nature of the line and thus there existed little to evoke such a sense of urgency.

          3. Small numbers, long wait: Where anonymity exists and/or interactions are fleeting, one can usually observe the rudest behaviour in response to small provocation, e.g. in traffic, on the internet. All of the members of the line were aware that they were spending >15 hours together. It’s not terribly surprising that they kept their manners in check.

          4. They are all simply nice people.

  • New business opportunity.

    Set up a Portaloo next to the queue.

    $50 / use.

    50 people x 5 days = Profit.

    • +11

      You would make enough to buy a Galaxy S II, but only if there were minimal Ozbargainers in the queue. Ozbargainers would have bought the adult nappies from Aldi when they had that special…

      • lmao, I would vote that if people leave for whatever reason they lose their spot.

    • FAIL :) Maccas next door if you didnt notice.

  • Someone, pics please?! Shame this isn't in Brisbane, I'd have been there at 12:00 today. Happy to wait for almost a day for a free $600 phone (practically)

  • was going to head down with a mate tonight to get one for tomorrow
    we arent going to wait 2 days + though. (I already have the SGS2… just wanted a second one for my girlfriend).

    best of luck to those waiting in line

    • hahahaha this forum is gold today

  • +3

    Finally my phone fixed itself…and as promised, the epic pic outside the store…enjoy!

    • +1

      What's everyone looking at?

    • +2

      where's the cute asian female ?

  • +7

    Here is a picture.

    Looks like one guy bought his gf


    • +2

      That guy didn't bring his gf. His gf also wants the 2 dollar phone.

    • +3

      OMG check out the guy with the gun on far left, aiming right at the red flanny guy (first in line) he's going to take him out!!!

  • y do these deals only happen when we have to go to school? high school sucks :P

    • +2

      You won't be saying that when you graduate. That's for sure. I'm sure you can afford to skip 2-3 days of school for this anyway.

      • +1

        Not if your yr 12 buddy. HSC in 7 days xD

        • +2

          No reason you can't study whilst in the line :P

  • lmao!!!

    congrats to the campers!

    lucky there is a maccas next door LMAO!

    • +1

      Maccas should bump prices up LOL.

  • seems to be a lot more than 10 people there…
    definite commitment to sit there for 2+ days

    • :S This morning had 30+ apparently…… (from what i heard)
      and this avo there was 15…..people left for work? O_O

  • +4

    Can we please get a police offer there to issue 'Move On' notices?

    • +7

      and the cop and his mates arrive @ 7:59am to issue the move on notice and stand in the spot waiting for the shop to open.

      • -1

        Better make it earlier just in case they resist and we'll need to get the Dogs out.

        • No need. LOL jst arrest them LOL.

  • +1

    They should set up a live cammera. Would be epic :D

  • Looks like the line grew… Was 13 when I checked at around 6:10pm

  • 15 at 7 :L

  • so um…if one was to get to the store at say 4 on wed morning, would one receive a phone?

    • Yes, 100%

      • Considering 3 people have been waiting for Wednesday morning since 4PM today, not so sure. (Apparently 5 now.)

      • yep! 100% but need to pay full price, i was driving pass around 10pm ish and its over 20 people in the line