Help Me Name My New Company!

Hey Ozbargainers!

So I've completed many home loans in the last few years for many OzBargainers as a Home Lending Manager for a major bank - I've now made the move to open up my own company as a Mortgage Broker in the next couple of weeks.

I need your help with the name!

The names I keep thinking of are either too cheesy/unforgettable/already taken.

I think I'd like along the lines of 'XYZ Finance' -give me your suggestions!

I've set up a poll with a couple of my favourites.

Thanks, Aidan.

Poll Options expired

  • 280
    Treetop Finance
  • 144
    Blue Owl Finance
  • 29
    Percent Finance
  • 74
    Marble Finance

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  • +78

    Mortker Brogage
    Aidan and abettin'

    • +9

      Hahaha LOVE Aidan and abettin!

      • I used to work for a paralegal firm named 'Aid & Abet'

    • Sounds like Senor Cardgage Mortgage, he'll help you get a leg up on the pile.

    • Pure gold!

  • +13


    • Ene as in Any?

      • +15

        Like Eneloops, i tried incorporating a Ozb favorite, but i lack imagination D:

  • +54

    Fine ants finance

    • +5

      I think I'd lose 100% of business due to misspelling!

      • +33

        Wait I've got it:

        Agro's Mortgage Connection

    • +33

      What is this, home loans for ants?!

      • +1

        I just wanted to say you made me spit my coffee out after reading that reference. Actually.

    • +1

      B I T E

  • +80

    Biggus Debtus

    • +52

      Maximus Mortgagus!

      • +19

        Broke-arse Brokers

        • +5

          Tightarse Taxations!

  • +14

    Mr Mortgage

    • +7

      Mortgage Access Group

      • +1

        Nice, nice, keep them coming!

  • +49


    • +12

      ABN already taken.

      • +5

        Then you better buy 'em out boys!

      • +2

        How about Flancrest Enterprises

      • cancelled in 2019?

    • +16

      It needs to be something cutting-edge like cutco… or edgecom… or interslice.

  • +49

    Theres no place like home loans

    P.s. 2% comission required for use of this name.

    • +1

      Ooooh I like it!

      • +1

        Seems to be available as a business name…

  • +5

    Do we get a percentage? One Stop Fiance

    • +2

      You get a free branded pencil in the mail. One Stop is taken! All the good names are already gone.

      • +2

        One Stop is taken!

        How about two stops? Three?

    • +18

      One Stop Fiance

      He might have to change industries for this one

      • Haha just noticed.

    • +1

      Sounds like a good title for a dating show

    • +1

      He's a mortgage broker, not a marriage broker.

      • Is a marriage broker just a divorce lawyer?

        • +2

          No, you're thinking of a marriage breaker.

  • +16

    OZB Finance

    • +1

      Like it, I feel it might niche me too much?

  • +69

    Morty McMortgageface

    • +4

      Imagine spelling that one every phone call though!

    • The T is silent the way most people say it, so wouldn't it be more like "Morgy McMortgageface"?

      • Yes but i was being creative….

        • Ah, I see

  • +1


    • +1

      Specifically in those upper/lower case?

      • +2

        It kinda has to be, its 2020 friend

  • +16

    Vanderlay Latex and Loans

    • +4

      Vandelay Industries!!

  • +53

    Rick and Mortgage

    • +1

      Mortgage and Wise

    • +9

      burps M-morty you gotta burp help me with tax evasion

      • +14

        Quick morty, consolidate my debts and move my assets offshore. Everybodys doing it morty.

  • Fortune Finance

    • Nice, but already taken.

  • +5

    Footy Finance

    • +12

      To help you kick goals.

      • +11

        and even the odd behind

  • +1

    Responsive Finance

    • Taken, that has 9 similar matches.

  • +1

    This is more a logo thing, but how about "Your Next Home Loan" or "Your New Home Loan" with "Your Next/New Home" on one line and "Loan" on the next line, stretched in size to match the line above it.

    • Yea I can picture that, would look good on a business card.

  • +8

    Eneloop AA Mortgages

    • +3

      I would buy lots of products from a companny called this. And never use any of thgem, but know they are important to have.

      • Would sell like crazy on here.

  • +10

    Giveth and Taketh Finance (Job 1:21)

    • +1

      God approves.

  • +1

    'Money for nothing'

    • +30

      I think that's AMP's slogan?

      • +1

        Sick burn finance?

  • +5

    Mortgage, less take

    • Clever, I like it.

      • +1

        Settler Mortgage Brokers

    • +1

      All good until NAB comes after you for using one of their campaigns (or similar to it at least)

  • Loan Star/Ranger.

  • Switch Mortgage Brokers… named after the site's favorite console to buy and scalp for many dollarydoos more…

    • Available. Switch Broker already taken.

  • +1

    Compu Global Hyper Meganet

    • +1

      I think I'll make myself vice-president!

  • +15


    • +2

      That actually works and it's available. Hmmm…

    • +1


    • Could be confused with stock broking

      • avenues for future business expansion perhaps?

    • OzBrokerage

  • +2


    • +2


  • Loans Warehouse

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