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Down Jacket $49.99, Merino Thermals $29.99/pc, Outdoor Pants $24.99, Hiking Pack $34.99, Hiking Shoe $29.99 @ ALDI Special Buys


Sorry for the delay and the rustic wet look. Iso Lyf got me forgetting to check my mail.

A few nice picks this week for those that want to get outside and get fit, and for those that want the exact opposite.

4th July Special Buys

Adults Down Jacket $49.99
  • folds into mesh pocket
  • Water repellent ripstop outer shell
  • high loft for excellent insulation, warmth to weight ratio, insulation and recovery.
  • men's s-xxl, women's s-xl
Adults Merino Thermal Underwear $29.99
  • crew top or leggings
  • men's s-xxl, women's s-xl
Hiking pack $34.99
  • 30L or 45L
  • compartment for water bladder
  • Whistle in chest strap
  • Looks kinda basic to me, but that's a super low price for a hiking pack
Adults outdoor pants $24.99
  • zip off feature to convert to shorts
  • 4 way stretch for comfort
  • quick drying
  • pockets for days
  • UPF 40+
  • s-xl
American Chocolate (1st July)
  • … I really don't want to copy this out, check out the second catalogue page for the full offering (:

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  • When you click the image to enlarge it .. clixt next to see the post about parenting.

  • I'm a huge fan of this down jacket. I picked mine up 2 years ago as a cheap, warm work jacket for WA and it does great. Still wearing it today!

    • I got one last year too, haven't worn it heaps but it's very effective.

    • Given how much snow WA gets, it's probably perfect.

    • Me too, love it…it's just warm enough to not overheat on most winter days (Sydney), like my other Macpac Halo which is overkill :)

    • Anyone can comment on how it compares to Uniqlo's ultralight down jacket?

    • Please give your review on this. :)

      • I work outdoors a lot, so I purchased it as a cheap jacket that I wouldn't mind if it got dirty.

        It keeps me warm in around -5 (wearing a beanie and long pants). I have worn it for around 3 winters and it is in excellent condition still. It doesn't lose as much down as my high end jackets do.

        For what you pay, it's an excellent jacket. It doesn't have the features of more expensive jackets like hand warmer pockets and cinchable hem, but you're also paying only $50. It'd be nice if it was ethical down, but again, $50.

        Zipper is a little sticky sometimes, but that's a very minor fault. Overall, I struggle to fault the jacket, especially given the price point.
        I would recommend highly.

        Worth noting that down is not great in rain as it loses its ability to insulate. The material has a bit of a DWR on it, but I wouldn't take it out if it was pissing down.

        • Thank you. Will pick one up.

        • Last one i got im pretty sure it said ethical down

          • @dasher86: No way it could be ethically sourced for $50, at least not 100%.

            • @miicah:

              No way it could be ethically sourced for $50, at least not 100%.

              Why not? Just because name brand companies charge what they do for their RDS products, doesn't mean they aren't still making a jacket for $5 a unit by some kid on $3 a week in Asia.

              • @Flyerone: Yeah of course, they are making a huge profit on the jacket construction. But the down is more expensive and that can't be fudged (if it is ethically sourced). And it's pretty unethical to buy ethical down that's not ethically sourced. Ethical.

        • It'd be nice if it was ethical down, but again, $50

          The pic in the catalogue has the Responsible Down Standard logo, is that the same thing?

    • bought one in 2014, use it every year in NZ during winter…very happy with it

  • Anyone bought a hike pack in the past (if they have had them previously) and care to comment if they are any good?

    • I got the 45l to give to someone new to hiking so they could try camping out and tested it a bit first.
      It's surprising good for the price but you will definitely want to look it over and try it on for fit first as even with the adjustment points it can still be unconformable.
      Check the stitching on the seems, the clearance on the fabric is not much so if the stitching it not spot on it could tear.
      The hardware (clips, rings etc) are cheap, expect noise (squeaks fixable) and potential failures if you put to much load on them.
      In the end if you want a cheap pack to try out hiking etc for lowish weight loads it's good for the price, if you want a good hiking pack that will last a long time and take a beating look elsewhere (Osprey for example as you see them on sale).

    • Bought a couple of them in the past. Stitching came undone in a bunch of places, got a hole in the bottom too. Not very durable, would not recommend as a main pack, although these ones look different to the ones last year.

  • Are the hiking shoes waterproof? Couldn't read from the pic

  • A down jacket that folds into a mesh pocket ?? Must be heaps of down filling :)

    • That's how down works. All the down jackets I have seen pretty much all stuff into a pocket

  • Thanks OP.
    States hiking shoes are water resistant for 180 minutes. Does that mean feet will stay dry walking in the wet but only up to 3 hours?

  • I wonder if it's live plucked down.

  • Stubbs BBQ Sauce $4.99, what a bargain, it's $5 at Woolies.

  • So…does Aldi stock these items up long time before the catalogue is being released, likely if they stock their weekly specials in a warehouse?

    • I cant speak for the distribution centres side of things, but weve had plenty of specials arrive at out store a week or two before theyre due to be put out on the floor. Typically the big bulky stuff though

  • +3 votes

    My Aldi down jacket from 5 years ago is still going strong - best $40 I ever spent. Even used it all through a European winter

  • Can anyone comment on the shoes?

  • How is this down jacket compared to Macpac Halo?

  • Wearing my Aldi down jacket right now which I got 2 years ago. Only issue is my other jackets have been demoted.

  • Is it worth trying to go for these sales?

    Or do people just raid them like vultures, and you miss out unless you go early and amongst everyone else?

  • Does anyone know how much any of this weighs? or have any and would be nice enough to weigh it?

  • Wonder what the Merino Thermals are like? I used to love Glasson ($60/$50 on sale) but they've died since opening stores here (was NZ before).

    • I’ve got a few at various times in past years - they’ve been good. Not quite icebreaker quality but very decent for the price.

    • I've got sets from two different years. Super comfy, warm but quite thin. Can be easily damaged in a mechanical washer or dryer. I would buy more if I needed more but I've got enough for now. The LS 1/4 zip top is also good!

  • Hope I can grab a blue down jacket this year.

  • Did Aldi not do a Snow special buys this year?

  • Will this jacket get me the ladies?

  • that gps watch looks like a budget garmin. alright if someone wants something basic without spending close to a grand

    • The watch also caught my eye. Looks quite reasonable for a sports watch!

      • Can anyone read the specs as the pic is not sharp. Was considering amazfit ares or amazfit T-Rex, (sub 200 with gps, solid battery, 5,atm etc) but this might be a good alternative if specs match. Mainly given Aldi return policy

  • Anyone have experience with the mid hiking shoes vs a "name brand" product, say the equivalent Merrell?

    • +4 votes

      Capt obvious here - but at the end of the day, the fit on your hiking shoe is the most important by a huge margin. I tried on about 15 pairs at all prices before finding one that suited me - Merrell was terrible (the arch was in the wrong place), Keen also bad, used to love 5:10 but they dont sell them in Australia anymore. Euro shoes tend to be too narrow for my peasant feet. Ended up with Salomon (although some of their ankle boots are a bit narrow for me) for my light hiker boots.

      If you are a serious hiker, likely to be out when its wet or cold or doing bouldering, then the technical parts can make a difference and the expensive boots will win the day; you wont look fondly on saving $100 when your feet are blistered and wet and you have a sore ankle. But if you are after something comfortable for 'street hiking' or light day works when the weather is nice, just find the pair that is the most comfortable. The Aldi ones wont be as waterproof as goretex obviously, but will keep you drier than running shoes and will be fine for walking in the rain for an hour or so. Chances are the Aldi sole will be a bit stiffer, perhaps wont grip as well, the boot might not last as long. But for $30, not that much to lose.

    • They are basic. I have an old pair of Merrells that need replacing. Tried a pair of Aldi ones and there was bugger all padding anywhere, and stiff. Fine for a quick wander but certainly nowhere near ther quality of better brands. I say the same for any of their shoes. I tried a pair of runners just to walk in and again, not at all comfortable and lacked support. In turn returned them after 10mins of walking around at home. Might suit some people but not myself. Price is great but with shoes, they need to be comfortable. Try them on and perhaps might feel great for you?

    • I have a pair of Rivers 'hiking' boots and they are great. Regularly do 15km walks on them with no issue. Maybe if I was doing 20-30km or multi-day hikes I'd get a nicer pair, but only for the comfort factor.

    • If you're willing to spend the money, Solomon's trail shoes are great value!

  • It’s funny to see half of the Aldi Sale section filled with just toilet paper only. I went to 3 Aldi stores yesterday and all the same. Almost empty special section with barely anything in it, but full of Special Green package toilet Paper (not their usual toilet paper range). Has been like that for couple of months now.

    • Yeah, noticed that and was only commenting on it to a friend yesterday i.e. what's with all the Toilet paper and where are all the specials gone……thinking perhaps delivery issues. Some things I went looking for over last few weeks just never appeared OR perhaps did but is such small quantities had already sold out. I would expect the same here i.e. dont expect a large quantity of anything?

      • I regularly visit a large number of different Aldis and their Centre Aisle special buys sections are virtually empty. They have even removed a lot of their tables. I think that they are currently putting junk onto the remaining tables to avoid them looking empty. And yet they keep advertising Special Buys, that just do not arrive.

        • Yeah, I've noticed the shortage of stock for Aldi special buys too. There is stock on the days the specials start (put out first thing on Wed & Sat), but it sells quite quickly (so if you really want a special, then go on the morning of the day it's released). I have to assume that it's the same issue as at Kmart (who also seem to be running out of stock particularly in kitchenware & electrical, with empty shelves everywhere), i.e. probably that goods sourced from overseas are hard to get reliably in decent quantities right now.

    • Probably ordered a few container loads of TP during the panic buying which finally arrived and now they're stuck with. Just like all the pharmacies and discount stores with shelves and shelves full to the brim with bottles of hand sanitiser.

    • Has anyone tried the Special Green TP? I’m just about to run out of the 4 cartons I got through OB about 2 1/2 yrs ago. Does it pass the finger test?

  • I've got the merino thermal underwear, merino long sleeve quarter zip top, wool blend hiking socks and LED headlamp all from previous sales. I'd say generally they're all good quality and great value. I've bought the merino thermal underwear twice and I'm gonna get some more socks this year.

    • Did you experience any queues from the previous sales? I'm in the south east VIC and am planning to be there 30-60mins before open.

      • Not really. The store was busy but not hectic. Try to choose a store in a high income suburb, they’re less likely to fight for bargains.

        • Good point, never thought of that.

          • @kngu321: Ha. I've never queued at an Aldi sale before. Turned up at 0830 as they were opening and joined the back of a long snaking queue with everyone heading straight to the winter wear. This is in Edgecliff, local to the most expensive postcodes in the country… no pushing or grabbing though. Happy with my down jacket :)

            • @maroon: I was expecting mayhem but I was pleasantly surprised. Turned up at 7:30am and was 3rd in line. There was probably less than 20 people queued by 8:30 so in hindsight I was paranoid haha. Got me a down jacket too and I have to say it's good value for $50.

  • Pickup a down jacket. I was a little sceptical in the stated 800 filled power down. I have weighted the jacket M size with labels and tags still on is about 510g.
    It's about the same weght with my Mac Pac Halo S size 500g 600/650 fill power.
    Both are about the same fitting. Surprisingly I feel that Aldi one warmer.
    I think the Aldi one has some weight on the useless hoodie and additional internal lining (2 layers) which could added weight to the jacket. So, I think the stated 800filled power may have been true.

    The aldi one doe not have waist adjuster for tighten and keep body heat. Overall I think the Aldi one is quite good and cheaper than Halo. If they remove the hoodie and internal lining and add on a waist adjuster, it will be perfect and even lighter. Mac pac Halo may need to step up the game with this Lagendary Halo Jacket with higher fill power in next iteration.

  • My ALDI down jacket already has a small tear near the wrist Velcro area, and filling just seeps out if it gets pulled or caught on something. Kind of disappointed as I heard good things about it.

    • Swap it for a new one while they still have stock, or just refund it then.

      • Yes, you right. It is good value though honestly and I doubt my locals have anymore to exchange… Fitment is good, warmth and the texture. Just really bummed out I got a tear in mine though

  • Does it pack down in its own pocket, the down jacket? I bought one but can't figure out.

    • If it’s the same design as last year’s, there should be an inner zipper pouch on the inside of one of the pockets. Unzip it then start stuffing the jacket inside out into the pouch. The pouch is quite stretchable so should fit.

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