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Fish and Chips Plus Beer or Wine $5.50 NSW CC


the greens bowling club at the entrence has a special for october, $5.50 for fish and chips plus a free beer or glass of wine.

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    Do you have to wear your bowling gear to gain entry?

    Will the courtesy bus pick you up for this deal?

  • OzBargainer's meet and greet?? haha!


      and I say we do it on a monday or thursday for some follow up after party entertainment

      Bingo on Mondays and Thursday Night.

  • I assume its basa fillets?

  • Although The Entrance is > 100 km from Sydney, not for me, I still think it is really a bargain.


      Going by your username your football team is 17000km away so what's a few hundred kay for some cheap fish and chips :-)

  • http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.282316828459777.743...

    reading this (and yes, it does appear to be a different deal of wednesday music night) could be read as if the $5.50 f'n'c is available IF you purchase a beverage, but could also be read as inclusive of beer.

    can you confirm your 5.50 is for both? and not just for wednesdays?

    • the girl at the counter said it comes with a free beer or wine and probably soft drink if you ask coz the poster only said beer and i dont drink alcohol. its not the one you just sent a link too and it did not say wednesday only. i guess you can ring to verify with them