8bitdo SN30 Pro+ Black $64.44, G Classic and SN Edition $64.30 Delivered @ Heybattery via Kogan


To anyone that has a switch and looking for a pro controller, this is a good alternative. Hurry stock is low for the G and SN Edition! I noticed its been lower before but still a good price if you're after one.

Comparisons to Pro Controller



  • Better Dpad
  • Analog Triggers
  • Better compatibility w/ PC/mobile
  • Macros/Turbo
  • Custom mapping customisability


  • Can't wake console
  • No Amiibo/NFC
  • Battery life not as good

Black Edition $64.44
G Edition $64.30
SN Edition $64.30

Edit: Back in Stock 25/06

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  • I have the black and was able to finish BOTW with just one full charge, not exaggerating. The battery life is good IMO.

  • Awesome controller. Use it with my switch, android tablet and raspberry pi.

    • I just connected it to my pc and now i can't get it to reconnect to my switch. Is there some trick i'm missing?

      • I think you have to hold a combination of buttons when switching on the controller. I can't remember what that is though.

      • Start + Y

        You have to do this each time you start it. You may need to go to the controller settings on the switch to do properly.

      • You have to turn the controller off first (hold start)

        Then to connect to the switch you need to turn it on holding start and Y (I think the first LED will be flashing)

        To turn on for a computer you start the controller holding start and X

  • Will work with nvidia shield tv pro ?

    • Yes, I have two which I use mainly for Retroarch gaming on the Shield. Bluetooth connection is very reliable.

      It also controls the menus of the Shield, so you can pick it up, get into Retroarch, play a game and then exit back into the menus without reaching for the remote.

  • Great controller, get the phone clip and it's perfect for phone games/emulators

  • isnt this the same price as the pro? and cant the pro also pretty easily be used with pc?

    • The main selling point is the DPAD. The Switch Pro Controller has an abysmal DPAD in comparison and its location may not suit some uses.

      This would be far better for some games/users.

      • The switch lite dpad is better than this controller

        • Than the Switch Pro Controller or SN30?

          SPC is quite bad, even though they could make a few small changes to improve it drastically.

          The whole pad sinks in the middle rather than rocking, which feels bad and triggers directions you're barely on. Adding a stem to the bottom would fix both of these, which is the way the Snes and refreshes work, so it boggles my mind they couldn't apply it to their otherwise great flagship.

  • Pairs with my $20 off kogan black cc voucher nicely, thanks.

  • would this work on PC via bluetooth?

    • Easily pair your controller as an X-input or D-input device via Bluetooth

    • Yes, also via USB. When you turn it on, holding down A, B, X, or Y will will make it boot up in Switch, Xbox controller, Playstation controller, or Generic PC/phone controler. Sometimes other things too like Wii mode, depending on if you install older versions of the firmware that supported it. There are also a few different Bluetooth receivers with adapters for the SNES classic in addition to USB. I actually have one of the adapters plugged into a USB on my television, which I use to play Steam games through my television's Steam Link app.

    • yes, i got mine from Kogan as well! great controller overall

  • I love my 8bitdo controller. Huge recommendation if you're on the fence. I'd much rather have one than a switch pro controller.

    • I have both for retro gaming on my phone, yes the 8bitdo works better for me. The Pro controller was very laggy and I had to download the Bluetooth Auto Connect app to get around the problems.

    • I love mine too. Only downside to the SPC is that it won't turn on the Switch from standby.

  • I get confused with the A,B, X, Y placement due to being a multiplatform gamer. I have the black version of this controller and it's so hard to read the letters on the button layout. I suggest getting the other colours instead.

  • G Edition and SN Edition are both out of stock when I add to the kart~

  • Does this work with a Snes mini?

    • No, this uses Bluetooth which the SNES mini doesn't have. I believe 8bitdo sells an adaptor which you can plug into the SNES mini which allows you to use one of their bluetooth controller but its an extra expense and not cheap either.

      8bitdo does sell a wireless controller specifically for the SNES mini which I also have, and it is excellent.

  • Bought from this seller, shipping was a little slow. What I want to point out is their warranty terms for controller being only 3 months, but I bought it anyway given by far the cheapest that I could find, even better if you have a $20 voucher for June.

  • got a black one because of the kogan voucher, couldnt resist

    • could you please help clarify what this kogan voucher is about?
      i also have the kogan black CC but i don't remember anything about a voucher.


      • You need to be a citibank customer

        so i got the controller for $44.44 !!!

        • i am also a citibank credit card customer. what do i need to do with them to get this vouhcer? :D

          EDIT: Nevermind, found this in an email they sent a while back that escaped me. thanks!

  • I've had this controller for a while, it's great, but keep in mind that it cannot wake the switch up remotely. You'll have to wake the switch up yourself, then the controller.

    To those saying you have to start it with Start+Y, I'm pretty sure that is only if you were in another mode prior to switch mode, as I wake up my controller with just the start button and it connects just fine.

  • did anyone get their orders yet?

    Its weird because i ordered a pro controller on the 26th and that arrived today but still no SN30 Pro+