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[eBay Plus] TP-Link Home Mesh Deco M5 (3-Pack) $240 Delivered @ eBay - Shopping Express


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Not the best price but for 240$ had to pull to trigger. Been having problem with dead spots at home.

Don't forget to claim your 2x T3U Adapter at tp-link.com/au/promotion/deco-t3u/

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  • Got these in the last deal on Amazon, have been excellent!

    • Does it work as a standalone router ? Plug straight in to NBN box ? I'm looking to replace my extender to mesh wifi but not sure it would significant improve speed and stability.

      • I plugged it into my router - I think it doesn’t work as a stand-alone router so you need one tethered to your original box. I used them to replace a wifi extender that drove me crazy with drop outs . Had it almost 3 weeks and solid as a rock.

        • Thanks, I will hold until closed to promotion ends to see whether Amazon would drop the price again, I would prefer Amazon if needed to return.

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        It can be plugged straight to the NCD (NBN box) and it'll work in router mode.

        • Did you have to change any settings as matching with your current ISP? I'm with Mate NBN so when I switched to them, they instructed me to change to their setting but I didn't have to do that with Aussie or Superloop

        • Now that's cool. I was wondering if you could do that because otherwise you're using three power sources right next to each other. The NBN box, the router and then a base mesh router. Taking out the router frees up space.

          Anyone know if the Amazon Eero does this?

          • @carleast: eero only has IPoE and no PPPoE option.

            • @Twix: I don't know what that means? It means that I still need the router?

              I'm with Tangerine NBN and they seem to have that protocol type so am ideally looking for a mesh to get rid of my router.

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                @carleast: In Australia every ISP uses the IPoE or PPPoE protocol and eero being an American based company decided not to support the PPPoE protocol.

                With eero and Tangerine you need an extra unnecessary router. If you really want eero without the extra unnecessary router you need to swap ISP.

                With Deco M5 and any other mesh router you don't need an extra unnecessary router and is suitable for Tangerine.

        • It should work with different ISP. I just got mine and I am with TPG which had special VLAND ID settings and required logins with PPPoE, eventually got it to work after a few tries. It generally harder to use your own router with TPG so I think it will work with all other ISP.

        • Yep that's what my ISP told me. Waiting for it to be delivered so I can return the router they provided.

  • Whats the use of these?

    My home is quite long (single story), and the router is at the very front of the house in a room (providing cabled internet to that room and wifi to that end of the house). I have Ethernet of Power to the other end of the house, and plug a lan cable into an old router which provides wifi and cabled internet to the other side of the house.

    Would this be any better?

    • It will improve your wifi dead spots if you are currently facing

      • I assume id need to plug them into powerpoints however, and because I have another PC down the other end of the house, I'd still need a ethernet switch as it doesnt have wifi, or do these accommodate one of these too?

        • this is 3 packs so you will have one main and 2 extra devices to connect to cover the house (in my understanding). You can plug your PC into one of the extra devices as ethernet port and it works as wifi extender/adapter

    • I chose the deco as it supports Ethernet backhaul. I also use EoP (Ethernet over power) for the backhaul and it has been great. Advantage for me is Mesh over separate ssids with an extender. Each deco unit has two Lan ports so you can use one for the EoP and the other for your computer at other end of house.

      Recommended (disclaimer, I actually got the m9+ at crazy clearance from centrecom but intended to buy the m5).

      • Ah, so you use eop and plug it into the Deco unit, and it provides wifi from that spot, plus an extra lan cable slot for the pc?

  • Given this is about 240, is the google nest worth about double the price? If so anyone can comment the why?

    • Also would like to understand how it compares with Tenda which is half the price

    • +1 Would love to understand how different this is from google wifi (Already have enough google homes, so don't need assitant)

    • I had the original Google Wifi (not the latest Nest Wifi) and comparing this to original Wifi, this Deco is very stable. My Google Wifi occasionally needs to be restarted, not sure why. However, I gave my Deco to my parents and I am currently using Netgear Orbi, no issues with that as well. Hope this helps!

    • Nest isn't really worth the extra if you are concerned about price.

      The main advantage the Nest has is that the main unit is much faster (ac2200 vs ac1300) with better CPU and radios while the nodes are pretty much the same with slightly slower speed(ac1200 vs ac1300).

      The nest will probably handle more connected devices (20+) without slowing down.

    • +2 votes

      Deco M5 vs Nest wifi fight!

      Deco M5 has 2 auto sensing WAN/LAN for a total of 6, WPA2 security, firmware updates much less often, more in depth parental controls by Trend Micro with a 3 year free trial and after there are monthly fees and comes with Amazon Alexa.

      Nest wifi is faster overall, Nest wifi router has 2 auto sensing WAN/LAN, Nest wifi point has none WAN/LAN, WPA3 security, firmware updates more often, free parental controls forever and Nest mini with Google Assistant built in to the Nest wifi point.

    • I got this. Works great. No need for google to grab all my data at router level.

    • Google is a mic and speaker as well as router/mesh point, so reduces the number of google devices you need around the house if you utilise GA.

  • Annoying, ordered some at $279 last week!

  • These are great. Been using mine for 2 years without a single dropout! Only thing i would like to be able to do is force specific devices onto either 2.4ghz or 5ghz, but there are workarounds, like temporarily disabling 5ghz when setting up printers and lifx bulbs that require your phone and the device to both be on 2.4ghz.

  • Does this have any advanced features like port forwarding and DHCP reservations?

    • it does but to be honest best case scenario is to use it only as AP mode , put a feature rich router in front and use them as best what they can do , providing Wifi coverage.
      This is how i use them , i have 3 at home connected to a enterprise router as gateway.

  • How do these compare to Google nest wifi?

  • Just set these up for a business with multiple rooms quite far apart, working flawlessly, before they had heaps of issues with devices dropping out

  • been using this lately really good speed doesn't drop but when im streaming it buffers does anyone know how to fix this?

  • Would this be a good solution for a double brick house? (your average medium sized 3 bed apt)

    Currently have a powerline extender solution but it isn't very good. Speeds from the extender are no where as quick as the main router and requires frequent restarting.

    • Yes it will be better than using an extender. You can space out the 3 units to give good coverage and speed.

    • This probably works better than the mesh routers that use a dedicated 5ghz backhaul. I think these routers use whatever is best to get the most speed to a node, and for a brick wall presumably would use 2.4hghz.

    • What powerline adapter(s) do you have? You'll probably get best results with an AV2000 one.

  • I would say it's TPG.

  • +1 vote

    had issues across our 2 storey house prior to installing these.
    Paid $270 in the recent Amazon sale.. highly recommend these if your having WIFI issues across your house.

  • Got them last time they were on sale price matched at OW. Using them as AP, connected to a router (I need the Gigabit ports on the router). In AP mode you don't get parental controls. Extremely pleased with the performance and has as advertised painted my house and garage in wifi.

  • Is TP Link state owned?

    • TP-Link is a private company and not owned by the government.

      • Twix - looking at Deco M5 or Nest. I don't think I'll use assistant or other Nest products. Nest being newer and by Google means more software updates which is a big plus for me. Is M5 still being maintained by TP Link? Happy to spend extra on Nest if a better, faster, more secure product. Thoughts? On Exetel FTTC.

        • For more updates go for Nest wifi and perhaps forget about the Nest wifi point with Google Assistant and purchase a few Nest wifi bases for 2 extra LAN ports instead.

          Yeah M5 is being maintained.

          Plug in the new router to the NBN connection device.

  • Damn, just miss out!!!

  • For anyone if still wants this, there is last one left https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/TP-LINK-Deco-M5-AC1300-Whole-Hom..., not as good as $240, but combined with WWS discounted eBay gift card. Still a good deal for $247.2.

  • Anyone wanting 2-packs can get it for $178.98 from Amazon https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B07BK96BL7