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[eBay Plus]Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum 1C $319.96,1st Gen $329.56, Roborock s6 Pure $639.20 S5 Max $799.2 [email protected]_accessory eBay


Greetings everyone, Our eBay store oz_accessory(Gearbite) has just dropped the price on Robot Vacuum cleaner, Please combine with eBay plus 20% off coupon code.

There are 4 different Vacuums, you can choose based on your needs.

Comparison Xiaomi 1C ($319.96) Xiaomi 1st Gen ($329.56)
Sensor Vslam Laser Distance Sensor
Suction 2500Pa 1800Pa
Dust Bin 600ml 420ml
Battery 2400mAh 5200mAh
Smart Room Mapping No, Whole House Map No, Whole House Map
Mopping E-tank(200ml) N/A
Zone Clean Zone Clean and No go Zone Zone Clean
Selected room cleaning N/A N/A
Auto Charging Yes Yes

Comparison Roborock S6 Pure $639.20 Roborock S5 Max $799.20
Sensor Laser Distance Sensor Laser Distance Sensor
Suction 2000Pa 2000Pa
Dust Bin 460ml 460ml
Battery 5200mAh 5200mAh
Smart Room Mapping Yes, 3 Maps Yes, 3 Maps
Mopping 180ml Manual Water Tank E-tank(290ml)
Zone Clean/ No Go Yes Yes
Selected room cleaning Yes Yes
Auto Charging Yes,Smart top up Yes,Smart top up

These are local products with a 12 month local warranty.
As Alway, Enjoy.

Also Available from oz_accessory:

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Original Coupon Deal

ABN 60 615 962 500

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  • +1

    I need one in price between the middle 2.

    • +8

      Lucky do have one will launch in July.

      • +2

        Yay. Could you share the model please so I can start my research.

        • +5

          Will share once have more information.

      • Gearbite Roborock S5 $799
        Kogan Roborock S6 $799

        S5 from Gearbite is the same price as S6 from Kogan.
        Just saying.

        • s5 max actually is newest model at this moment.


      • +1

        Hi now that we entered July do you have a date on this. Very tempted to pull the trigger on this https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/549712
        or should I wait for your deal? Please advice.

    • That's where the s4 would fit in nicely if they sold it outside of the US

    • Same. $400-$500 seems to be a sweet spot for these things.

  • +17

    Thanks for the table explaining the differences between models…. very useful!

  • +1

    Rep the 1c is 319 at kogan free postage if you have kogan first. Surely you can pull a better deal than that with 20% off coupon.

  • is 6 pure an upgrade to 6?

    • +1

      No. its cutdown version of it. I got 6 pure few days ago and love it. Main thing it does not have is the mop nogo zones.

      • -3

        I don't care for the mop feature at all. Everything else the same?

        Edit: pure uses infrared instead of LIDAR. i'll pass

        • +1

          If u don't care about mopping then why not go with gen1

        • +1

          S6 Pure uses LIDAR

  • Anyone got personal reviews on the 1C? Curious about the mopping feature

    • Please check Here,hope it help.

      • Thanks!

    • +2

      I have the 1C

      It's actually pretty good, the navigation is not bad vs the laser of the 1st gen (friend has a first gen).

      Mop function is more of a gimmick but better than nothing.

      Best thing is that it's quite low and can get under my coffee table whereas the 1st gen is too high.

      Worse thing is cleaning it, because the cleaning roller gets clogged with hair and you cannot pull it apart to take the hair out. Involves a lot of pulling and swearing. Beware those with long hair.

      • is this an issue for all the models? any other long haired louts weigh in?

        • +2

          got a golden retreiver and a wife… one has lots of hair, and the other has long hair….
          We have the gen-1, and the tiny suction bin gets 'blocked' very quickly by the dog hair, even though there is huge space in the dust-bin either side of the hair blockage. The dog-hair just doesn't flatten out to allow more to be collected. The larger dust-bin models might be better at handling this, but I can't comment on it.
          Regarding the roller getting long hairs or cotton strands wrapped around it,….. It is easy enough to use a pair of scissors to cut them free. Or you can pull the entire roller out and take it to the bin and cut the hairs free. They do get caught around the very end, and when the hairs are tight it is a bit trickier to free it up ( I just did it to satisfy my curiosity).

      • Cheers for this comment! I have one on the way from Kogan, interested to know with the mop function do you set it to mop a certain area, or does it do it on it's own / can you make it vacuum then mop areas?

  • good price for 1st gen

    • +15

      I thought it was a bad price - I purchased the first gen 3 years ago for $320 I thought it would of been like $200 by now.

      • +6

        I also bought one for my parents around that price point 3 years ago. Been wanting one for myself but can't justify paying the same price as 3 years ago..

        • +1

          yup, same here

      • +2

        well surprisingly this product havent gone down in pricing probably due to really good user feedback, I was comparing it to the price to last year and 3 years ago AUD was in much better place to USD thats why it was same price

  • Starting to look into one of these mainly for the large tiled area in mouse house accumulating a bit of hair and dust.

    There's just so many different models to get my head around

    How do the 2 $300~ ones compare to say the Viomi V2 pro which is priced at $450~ https://www.mi-store.com.au/xiaomi-viomi-v2-pro-robot-vacuum...

    Only looking to spend $450 ish max

    • +7

      must be too big for mouse house

    • go with gen 1. moe than enuf.

  • S6 Pure vs S5 Max? Which ones better for carpet?

    • +1

      I think they are the same in performance (for carpet)
      Only worth to get S5 Max if you want extra features to mop the floor
      (S5 Max has the ability to control the moisture level when mopping the floor)

  • +1

    Woolworths has eBay gift card on sale. Can save more on this.

    • How does it save more?

      • You get 1000 points ww which equal to $5 every $50 gift card you buy. So basically you save 10% extra if you pay gift card.

        • OIC, thank you.

        • where is this?

  • +1

    wondering if you have xiaomi mijia 1s - basically an upgrade to your xiaomi 1st gen?

  • 2 questions:
    Vslam vs Laser distance - which one is better and why?
    Will either of the two cheaper ones throw itself down a set of stairs?

    • +1

      Go with Laser
      Also 1st Gen has more than double battery than 1c
      Getting the 1st Gen is a no brainer

      Related to your 2nd question
      Not sure about 1c, but 1st Gen has fall detection
      So it will not fall down the stairs

      • +1

        1C have cliff sensors as well.

    • There's heaps of good reviews on YouTube . Robot wars I believe .

  • I picked up one of the "Xiaomi 1st Gen" but it seems like the battery's dead :/
    Anyone know where I can test out or buy a new one?

  • Do we have any news on Roborock S6 MaxV release date in Aus

  • +2

    hey rep can you please tell me the difference between an e-tank and a manual water tank?

    • E-tank - a little pump built within the water tank enabling you to change the amount of water used for mopping used within the app. I don't think i need to explain what manual is.

  • I'm sorry to sound silly, but I'm new to these.

    I'm looking for one that does well with short dog hairs on carpet.
    Do they remember the rooms? Or will they just continue to bump into things?
    How would you know exactly where they've vacuumed and where not? (Some rooms it's hard to see the dust on floors).
    Do you just let them go 24/7?

    • +1

      I have the 1st Gen; it first maps the room by following the walls and avoiding obstacles. It then vacuums in a straight line pattern back and forth, then moves to the next room. It sometimes get stuck under some low furniture - laser turret hangs up. I do it about every three days and the amount of dust is impressive. I also pick up everything but the furniture (stools, chairs, fan) to allow it a clear run. It will do everything it can reach and return to base to charge. Best for short pile carpet, tiles and wooden flooring.
      I'm very impressed.

    • You manage the vacuum using the Xiaomi app it maps the floor plan as it vacuums, it will also show when it has vacuumed by leaving a trail(on the app)

    • 1st gen perfect for ya. I run it daily. It's done 25k square meters so far.

    • We've run it daily for over a year without issue. We have two short hair cats that shed alot and live in an old queenslander, amd every day it manages to fill up the dust bin but the result is the floors seem to always be clean and dust free.

  • Hey Rep, any chance of selling the T7 anytime soon?

  • +1

    great job at breaking down the specs, although I am still struggling in determining which one is the best one for me.

    Wife saw it at friend's place and has been nagging me to find one.

    can some one please recommend one with good mop options as majority of our house are tiles & laminated wood, with one small tiled area layered by carpet?

    I am quite nervous investing more than 500 for some thing that I am not sure I will be happy with

    Thank you.

  • I've been hunting for the S50 model for quite some time now and have always been unable to pull the trigger because I can never catch it at a price point I'm comfortable with… My main question is, is the S50 model no longer a thing?

  • 1c normal price is 319$ at Kogan. No discount here.

    • Free shipping?

      • If you have Kogan one or join a free trial. My point here is this is supposed to be 20% off but the price is still higher than Kogan regular price.

        • has anyone bought this off kogan and been happy? i have seen some delivery times be quite long for some items

          • @Ozbarganator 2000: I've got one on the way from Kogan. Shipped last Wednesday Express Post to Perth. The power cable for it arrived on Friday. The vacuum last updated on Friday and still not here. To be fair more an Australia Post issue than Kogans, I normally have pretty great delivery times with them.

    • The 1C went upto $349 on Kogan a few weeks back, then dropped to $319 and their email says "For a limited time only"

      It's not really a discount I agree, but don't get caught out by Kogan!

  • +1

    S5 Max is overpriced, just want the original S5/S50 for $450, can't find them anywhere now

  • S6 Pure vs S5 Max, other than a bigger water storage container for mopping is there any other difference?

    • +1

      I believe the S5 Max applies pressure to the mop when mopping as well and also allows the user to select to use more or less water when mopping making the functionality a bit more effective than other models.

  • purchased 1st gen. thanks

  • I don't have eBay Plus :(

    • +3

      Just start a new email/eBay just for the free trial. No judgement here.

      • oh didn't know that was possible - thanks for the suggestion

  • New to Xiaomi Robot Vacuum world.. Is there a link/video which explains 1st Gen/ 2nd Gen/ 1c / Roborock etc to see which one to get?

    Also if we have stairs and we put the base on ground floor, we pickup the vaccum and leave it at the stairs entry at first floor. Can it resume from there and do two floor mappings? What happens when it finishes and wants to go back to base from first floor? stuck?

    Just trying to figure out in my environment how will / can i make it work for 2 floor house? Obviously don't want to buy two units :)

    • -1


      • ?

  • Bought an S50, worked great but a year later it started to generate a huge noise when I try to run it and reports a failure code 18 indicating fan is blocked. Does anyone know how do I fix this?

    • +2

      Unblock fan?

    • Yeah I got this error. I can't remember exactly how I fixed it but in remember pulling it apart and putting it back together again. Search for the error on YouTube. Working fine now, no replacement parts required. I think I just need to spin the fan with my finger or something simple like that to free it up.

      • Cheers, will take a look. Happy to hear that it is fixable by users.

  • +1

    Hi Rep,

    Any deals on the S50?

  • I've had the s6 pure for a month or so now when it was $679ish?? Happy so far, but it just shits me that you still can't deactivate the cliff sensors, rendering it useless on carpet with any deep dark pattern. I literally paid the equivalent for a new rug in my room to accommodate this. I've also raised my bed and moved things around, 2-3 deep daily clean twice set automatically when I'm at work, I've got it's younger sibling the Roborock Xiawa E20 which I believe was the last Roborock with VSLAM and you really appreciate the intelligence of the S6 Pure, which is Roborocks sexiest machine. Would recommend to anyone as their first unit.

    • +1

      I've got an S6 and I think it's awesome. I seriously don't know how I haven't been knee deep in dust with the amount it seems to pick up. Okay maybe a slight exaggeration, but the contents in the bin is always a source of horrifying amazement to me.

      Anyway I dont have any dark rugs or stairs so I haven't really worried about the cliff sensors but I've seen posts on the Roborock facebook group where people cover them with white tape. You can even 3d print little plastic covers! https://www.yeggi.com/q/cliff+sensor/

      Maybe look into that kind of solution? Of course I take no responsibility if you cover your cliff sensors and it goes crashing down a set of stairs….!

      • do you know if there's a way to disable the magnetic field sensor on the gen1 robot?

  • Can we have no-go lines added to the floor map on 1C. The post says yes but can't find info elsewhere mentioning no go lines are supported

    • +1

      Yes, 1C can put virtual wall and no-go zone.

  • +1

    Out of the 4, the 1st gen is the best value IMO.

    • +2

      +1 IMO 1st gen is suitable for most cases.

  • Hi OP, will you be importing the S4?

  • are you going to bring the new T7 to Australia?

    • Wouldn't the new T series terminate everybody? ;)

      • hahhaha

  • Tempted

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