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Qicklock Temporary Security Door Lock $5.99 (Usually $11.99) Delivered


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    This and yelling ‘swiper no swiping’ can stop potential intruders.

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      Your comment is very misleading.
      There is only one negative(1 star) review on Amazon
      and the total score is 4/5
      I have purchased this item and it works as described.
      The plate doesn’t bend as it’s inserted between door and frame.
      When used properly, it’s impossible to open the door without damaging it(the door)

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          How do you know it bends? You’ve never purchased one yourself.

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          the point of making things is to make a profit.

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          I'm more than happy to buy the one you produce, that doesn't bend and I'm happy to pay you a whole dollar!
          P.S. apologies for taking you seriously, you must be this week's top troll on OZB,
          Your most recent comments are:
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          Thank you, OP! Ordered several hundred bottles for cellar. Free delivery over $150 as well…

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          Purchased 400 packs to use as wallpaper in my office. Thank you, OP!

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            @GregFiona: Maybe trying hard to play a JV, except for lame attempts and making fool of themselves…Haha :D

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            @GregFiona: Glad to know im not the only one that saw his comments as well.

            After reading a few of his nonsense, i don't take what he says seriously. It seems like he's only paddling for online reactions and attention.

            Pathetic, really.

            Wish the mods would just boot him.

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          The mark up on clothes is like 1000% what's your point??

          It's relative to the item. Even if it did cost $1 to make it's not like they are asking $20 for it

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      I can't imagine how much force the door has been if it bends the metal plate.
      Maybe it was not being used correctly??

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    I bought this on a previous deal and it works as advertised.

    Solid short metal rod and plate. Did not feel cheap or weak.
    It's designed to secure a door shut, and does it job well.

    Not cheaply made at all.

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    I bought 5 last time round. Very solid.
    The unit is about as solid as the door you’re using it on is.
    A hollow core door will break before these things do.

    I used mine a lot during iso when working from home. Stopped the kids from barging into zoom calls!


      Well said it all really depends on the door it is locking more than the actual qicklock.

      The qicklock is solid only a full steel door or bank vault would be stronger.

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    Look it's not gonna stop a swat team or police narcotics division getting into your home for that you need a bank vault and even then.

    And if your door is weak like an old crumbling wooden door the door will break if they try to kick it down.

    Otherwise it works very well kind of like putting a wedge to hold the door to the wall together maybe not as strong as a normal lock but pretty sturdy maybe even stronger than those chain locks.

    Great for privacy in a place where the doors either have no locks or the locks don't work properly but if somebody tries to force themselves in they can damage the door especially if the door is wooden or some weak material and not strong metal.

    I own two considering buying another one actually.


    Bought five of these a while back and they work perfectly no matter how thick the door is. There may be the odd situation where these don't suit some obscure latch socket but I can't imagine what. The most I've had the door be able to open is about 2mm, so that's not "open", it's just movement :)


    I did think the design was pretty foolproof - with normal doors. I did have a problem though the last time I tried to use one, the cleaner came to clean the room a day before we were due to leave. Thinking the unit was empty but the door was stuck he shoved at the door and the quicklock bent and fell out, and he walked in. I was surprised it only took a shove. The main plate bent badly at the point where the slidey metal bit was sitting. I did wonder if the design could have been improved by using a tougher metal in the main plate, in our case it couldn't have been made thicker as the gap between the door and the door jamb was especially narrow… so I'm not sure about these anymore.