Free Disney+ 14-Day Trial (New Subscribers) @ Woolworths Rewards [Credit Card or PayPal Required]


At the end of the 14 day free trial period, your Disney+ subscription will automatically renew on a monthly basis at $8.99/month (incl GST), unless you cancel your subscription before the end of the 14 day free trial. If your subscription has automatically renewed, you can cancel at any time before the end of the then current billing period, but you won’t receive a refund or credit for the unused portion of the month that you have already paid for, to the extent permitted at law. Cancellation will take effect at the end of the free trial or then current billing period and you will still be able to access Disney+ until then. Disney+ is available on supported devices and platforms only. See the Disney+ Help Centre for a full list.

Only available to registered Woolworths Rewards members based in Australia (excluding TAS) who are new Disney+ subscribers (Eligible Rewards Members). Offer is available to Eligible Rewards Members between 9.00am AEST on 26 June 2020 to 11.59pm AEST on 19 July 2020. Eligible Rewards Members under the age of 18 will require a parent or guardian to redeem the offer on their behalf. Eligible Rewards Members can redeem their unique Disney+ offer link up until 20th October, 2020. You must be 18 or over to subscribe to Disney+. Limit applies of one redemption per Eligible Rewards Member. Eligible Rewards Members are responsible for all access, data and other costs associated with internet and mobile usage in accessing and using the Disney+ streaming service. Not transferable and not available in conjunction with any other Disney+ offer, trial or promotion. Full terms and conditions can be found here. For Woolworths Rewards collection notice, please see here.

thanks/credit to @bld for updated deal link - PSA: Disney Plus No Longer Offers a Free Trial

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  • I just got this as well at 15:41 Friday … for people trying to determine if they will be targeted, I am both a Woolworths Delivery Unlimited and Woolworths Insurance customer.

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    Cheers OP, and just after they cancelled their free trial too:

  • Good timing for the school holidays.

  • So all the fake kindness during corona is coming to an end? 😂😂😂 Netflix is cancelling their trial period also, what a "coincidence" lol.

  • So is this usable till 19 July or 20 October?

    And when is Hamilton being released?

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    I didn't get an offer email but entered my number anyway and it gave me the trial!

    Awesome, just in time for Hamilton. :D

    • How did you get the redemption code? Was it in email or in your rewards offers when you login?

  • Hamilton, well that's why Disney have cancelled your free period. They don't want you viewing this for free. Becasue of covd-19, Disney are losing money hand over fist.
    Lets see if any new memberships(free trial) will be honored.

    • "Becasue of covd-19, Disney are losing money hand over fist."

      How do you figure that?

    • Disney is losing money because their theme parks are shut. Plus, they own 80% of ESPN, which is also not doing well right now.

      The removal of the 7-day trial had something to do with Hamilton coming I think. I was surprised by the email from Woolies today though. Perhaps Disney doesn't think Australians will be very drawn to Hamilton. In the US, people are seriously anticipating it.

  • i just signed up this morning…ahhhh….

  • I just received the email I only have Woolworths rewards card.

    Does it say anywhere the latest we can sign up to get the 14 days.

    • Offer is available to Eligible Rewards Members between 9.00am AEST on 26 June 2020 to 11.59pm AEST on 19 July 2020.

  • Don't have any Woolworths products other than Rewards and I was able to sign up without issue.

  • I had enjoyed the free trial previously and was still able to sign up for 14 day free trial with woolworths non targeted offer. Cheers

  • Just make sure your kids don't end up being…

  • Crap… Disney charged me $8.99 straight away must be an account I have used for trial but thanks anyway OP.

    • Hi there,

      I already used up the free trial earlier and also continued the membership for a couple of months. Now, tried this on the same account again to see what happens - when I logged into the Disney+ account, it had my previous payment method saved and it prompted me that if I use that payment method, I will be charged immediately.

      I changed the payment method (from a credit card to a PayPal account, which in fact uses the same credit card), and got the 14 day free trial. So, seems existing account is okay, try changing the payment method.


      • Too late for me as I already paid for it but last night's family movie Artemis Fowl was worth it for $8.99. 😁

  • When I put my details in, I just get a page to redeem a code. No code sent to email and if I login to Woolworths Rewards it does not appear under offers… where am I supposed to get the redeem code?

    • After I put in my details there was a link to redeem which took me to a signup page on Disney Plus.

  • Good for second wave Covid-19?

  • What's Hamilton?

  • uh i finished the 7 day trial last week.

    but actually all that was needed, watched mandalorian, selection seems scarce

  • So we have until 20th October, 2020 to use this link..
    I did mine and it briefly showed some kind of redemption code as the page loaded

    • Rith replied earlier to a similar question I asked he said only till the 19th of July.

      But it does say this in the description.
      Eligible Rewards Members can redeem their unique Disney+ offer link up until 20th October, 2020.

      Just had a good read of the terms and conditions on the Woolworths website it's definitely the 20th of October we have to use the link

  • So I've signed up and click the link to take me to Disney+ but it keeps asking me for the redemption code, where is the redemption code?

    • Same here, I signed up and there is no sign of a redemption code under 'My Account' or by email. How did other people get their codes?

      • My friend received an invite for this Disney+ 14 Day Free Trial and when he clicked the link in his email it took him straight to the Disney page to complete sign up. I did not receive an invite, but I clicked various links including the official one on the Woolworth's website and it allowed me to sign up for the offer, but then in taking me to the Disney+ page, instead of the sign up page like my friend got, I was taken to, I assume the same place you were, asking me to submit my code.

    • I found out you have to receive the emailed invitation from Woolies in order to take advantage of the offer.

  • I just signed up using PayPal and got charged $1.

  • You have to receive the email invitation from Woolies, otherwise the free trial Disney+ Woolworths Rewards offer doesn't work. My friend got the email invitation from Woolies and when he clicked the link it took him straight away to the Disney page to create an account. When I clicked the link listed here and later the link I found on the Woolworth's page itself, it allows me to sign up with my name, email and Woolies Rewards number, and I get the message
    "Are you ready to stream?
    Thanks for entering your details, and inviting Disney+ into your place.
    There's only one thing left to do. Set up your account with Disney and get the popcorn ready.
    BUT, when I click on the button and it takes me to that Disney+ page, it asks for a redemption code.
    There is no code sent to my email nor texted to my phone nor is it in SPAM.

    • I had just gotten over my annoyance at not getting this offer last week and the email arrived today. Maybe they are doing them in batches.

      • Yes me too. I emailed Woolworth's and complained because the site implied the offer was for everyone. Woolies never replied to me and I never got the invite, but when I clicked on the link the 6th time, it worked so I got to see Hamilton as I wished.

  • Clicked 'Start My Free Trial' via email link, took me to Disney + website but page won't go further than the pulsing load symbol in the middle. Anyone has the same issue?

    • I think something similar happened to me as well, but I restarted the laptop and everything went through. I hope you got it to work.

  • I've used a personalised link in Email to subscribe but step 3 asking for payment method claims that "First payment will be charged immediately".
    Brand new subscription, never had D+ before.
    What am I doing wrong?

    • Solved, I've clicked the same link again and it recognised my logged in but not completed application.
      The second time payment screen has looked differently with WW 14 days offer reference all over it.
      So, it's all good now. Email from D+ confirms the free trial end date.

    This is my redemption code/link which I will not use, reply when used

  • Thanks OP!this fulfills a gap in my free entertainment needs as my local library seems to only have DVDs of Netflix series but doesn't have the Mandalorian.

  • Have a spare code if any one needs it PM me