Xbox One S All Digital 1TB Console + Game Bundle $249 (Was $349) @ Big W


Please note this is a digital only console, and there is no disk drive.

Found this bundle at big W, seems like the cheapest it has been since pre covid.

Comes with Sea of Thieves, Minecraft Starter Colleciton, and a Fortnite content pack.

Pick up available at selected stores. Delivery is also available, starting from $7.90.

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  • Xbox SAD edition

    • haha!

      With gamepass now though, it's not so bad.

    • Honestly if I was to buy again now, I'd be very tempted to buy digital only. I say that with 5 of 6 discs sitting in the cupboard and about 250 digitally licensed games installed. If you're happy to wait for new games to come on sale or to purchase from third parties online, it's so much cheaper than buying a physical copy. Not to mention Game Pass or GwG. And realistically, it's not like the 2nd hand game market is what it used to be.

  • Eagerly await the shift in attitude here when the digital only next gen models likely cost much less… Encouraging buyers onto digital subscriptions is where the moneys at.

  • I'm surprised Microsoft would launch this console in Australia when we're a third world broadband country.

  • What is the better option for just streaming apps like Netflix Disney+ etc

    Xbox one of Apple TV

    I am in a Apple ecosystem but wondering if a Xbox one would be better but would the Apple TV be better for future app updates and continuation on apps and newer apps etc?

  • I get a $5 off prompt for eBay plus on this at big W eBay ($244)

  • Xbox site says Regularly$349.00 *$239.00 but no listed retailers want to sell it but big w.
    Even Microsoft doesn’t sell it.
    The $239 means nothing.

  • Don't do it. One day digital games will be all there is an we'll look back and ask how did we let that happen.

    No lending a game to a friend.
    No gifting an old game.
    No selling a game if you don't like it or have finished it etc.
    No buying second hand games for cheap.
    If you're account gets hacked and the account banned, you lose all your games.

    • On the other hand, Gamepass, Origin Access, Netflix etc have proven the digital subscription model works very well. I personally think there's enough room for both digital and physical to grow.

      • +3 votes

        And… there's no stuffing about putting the disc in every time the console needs to read the licence off of it (in the instance you like to play different games on different days).

        But losing all your games to a hacked account? That's a bit of a stretch mate. What's more likely is someone breaking into your house and taking all those physical discs. Or you accidentally scratching one of the discs (or one of your kids?) rendering them useless.

        The convenience of not stuffing about with discs and having to put each one in is worth their eventual demise.

        • Ya know what's not unlikely? These pandering companies permabanning you because of wrong think in the future. It's basically already here.

          • @Hunterex: Don't break the rules, won't get banned.

            Two factor ID/sign in for account changes and no one can "hack" anything and do dastardly deeds under your name.

            • @UFO: Rules change. Eventually the TOS will become like our laws. Everyone has broken some law at some point. It'd turn into what Twitch has turned into. Arbitrary rules with no reason for the ban necessary. Sure don't break the rules now. One day you'll be banned because you're not liked by some sensitive soul.

        • Imagine being too lazy to get off your ass and change discs, is that really your selling point ?

          • @solidussnake: Have a decent collection and/or have some kids mate, then you'll understand it has absolutely nothing to do with being lazy.

            Convenience doesn't mean lazy, it's means easier/quicker/productive. If you want to use discs no worries- but don't get used to it ;).

    • Plenty of digital games cheap too, many never released physically… Can easily lend digital…

      Gifting old games? So?

      Second hand games aren't something developers are keen on, it's only a matter of time.

      PC players don't seem to mind all these years… Plenty of games bought for a dollar or two.

      I don't want a house full of clutter anymore. Especially with a 3yo.

  • Anyone knows if there are any active trade-in deals for Xbox One S 500GB for an Xbox One X?

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