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Woolworths WISH eGift Cards 5.5% off @ Cashrewards


Hi all. Woolies has been kind enough to give us another increase for a strictly limited time. Note this promo can be pulled at any time without notice due to budget limitations, so grab your WISH cards now before it ends. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

Stack with our competition to win 1 of 6 Visa eGift cards to the value of $1000. Each new transaction of $100 or more gets you a free entry. Details here.

IMPORTANT: Offer expires as soon as budget allocation is exhausted (at discretion of Woolies).

UPDATE: Ends 9PM AEST Sunday June 28.

Instantly save on Groceries, Liquor, Petrol, Homewares and more. Pre-purchase discounted Woolworths Group Gift Cards and use them to purchase in-store or online at Dan Murphy's, BWS, BIG W, Caltex Woolworths Petrol, and Woolworths Supermarkets.

Even though they're called eGift Cards, buy them for yourself as a great way to save on all your purchases. Order eGift and physical gift cards easily online:

  • Fast delivery via email and no delivery charges for eGift Cards.
  • Personalise your eGift Card with a message or image.
  • You choose the amount from $5 - $500.
  • Delivery fees apply to physical Gift Card orders.
  • For WISH Gift Card T&Cs see woolworths.com.au/wishgiftcard/termsandconditions

Download the Apple or Android Woolworths Money App to easily manage your eGift Cards.

This is not a cashback offer. The discount is applied automatically at checkout upon purchase of gift cards. For queries regarding the purchase of Woolworths Gift Cards, contact Woolworths Customer Contact Centre on 1300 10 1234 (Mon-Fri 9am-7pm AEST, Sat/Sun 10am-4pm AEST), or email [email protected]

Don't forget to refer-a-friend for $10 each. Tip: add your code to OzB’s randomiser. And check out our Help Centre & Contact form here for any questions or issues.

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$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 90 days.

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  • +3

    Unbelievable! I finished buying one at 5% 5 minutes ago, ha ha.

  • +41

    I've posted this quick reference guide to using Woolies eGift cards at Fully Woolworths-owned Caltex a while back Here in 2017 and Here in 2019
    You can refer to those posts/responses for more info, post below or PM me with any questions you may have.

    In a nutshell, go to a Non-Starmart Woolworths Caltex with Woolworths 8C Signage offer
    (4c offer ($30 Supermarket spend) + 4c from in store spend are 100% Woolworths owned caltex)

    At today's rates of petrol prices, using a 4c voucher + 5.5% off WW eGift cards, this is an effective ~10c off fuel at the Woolworths Caltex petrol network
    All you need to do is say to the store attendant (at the correct store) you want to pay by eGift

    Only Fully-Woolworths Owned Caltex stores have the EFTPOS terminals available that can accept Woolworths eGift cards

    Independent Caltex Co-branded Caltex Woolworths Owned Caltex
    "Starmart" Maybe Maybe No
    Accepts 4c Fuel Voucher No Yes Yes
    Accepts Woolworths WISH (Physical) No Yes Yes
    Accepts Woolworths eGift Voucher No No Yes

    To confirm, use the below link
    Untick Woolworths Supermarket, Caltex Petrol, Caltex Woolworths Metro
    Leaving only Caltex Woolworths - these are 100% woolworths Owned Caltex where you can use eGift :)
    2020 Update: I can't confirm if other Caltex Metro Stores accept Woolworths eGift cards but the one at North Ryde does NOT accept eGift cards.

    Photos for reference
    Woolworths Fully-owned Caltex, eGift accepted here! 8C Signage
    Second Woolworths Fully-owned Caltex, eGift accepted
    Woolworths Partially-owned Caltex, physical WISH gift accepted here, Starmart
    Independent Caltex, no WISH accepted here, Starmart Signage

    Other random info on using Woolworths eGift
    You cannot use eGift cards to purchase other store gift cards since November 2018, but you can use it to pay for phone recharge vouchers (i.e. Boost $150/$300 plans)

    • MyerOne has been removed from all Caltex earlier this year. Please correct your post.

      • +1

        Thank you for that!
        Will request amendment with assistance from a Mod (can't edit as there is a "reply")

        • Thanks. I realise my reply blocked you, sorry. MyerOne were actually pretty good to acknowledge that I was using it as a points source and sent an email to notify well and truly before it was removed.

          EDIT: I actually think most Caltex/Ampol owned ones are doing WW points (but you can’t use discount vouchers there), only been this year though.

      • -1

        M/O removed last September irrc

    • Cheers! Isn’t the price inflation of the in-store purchase at the petrol station not worth the 0.04 off though?

      • I don’t think the poster is suggesting to buy anything to get the 8c deal. Just that where you see signage referring to 8c off deals you’ll be able to use your e-gift card in that servo.

    • informative post - great work!!

    • Another way to tell is perhaps when the pricing os in green you can use egift. If red thats a no go for egift.

    • +1

      Euro Garages now owns all previously Woolworths owned outlets.

    • +4

      Stack with our competition to win 1 of 6 Visa eGift cards to the value of $1000. Each new purchase of $100 or more gets you a free entry.

      Well, at least you will qualify for this :)

  • Amazing, I needed to fill up on gift card, woohoo.

    • +9

      Yeah, a whole 50 cents on every $100 gift card.

      Christmas has arrived early!

      • +5

        50 basis points in the financial market would cause a meltdown. This one affects your grocery budget (if you have one)

        • +1

          Also works on discount department store purchases and alcohol at bws and Dan's!

        • Somehow, from your comment I read…Buy more Bitcoin

  • +1

    Do anyone know if there are any benefits in linking your Woolworths rewards card to your gift card purchase? Or is it purely for analytics purposes for Woolworths so they can track your gift card purchases?

    • +3

      It's useful for this

      Tracking and targeted offers

      • I got that offer even though I never put in my rewards number before. In order to use that deal, I did, but normally I don't. I think they use another data set to target those offers.

  • +5

    Don't buy too much guys. Discount might be 5.75% next week.

    • Maybe or not. I did not pull the trigger last time at 5.25% off.

      Generally speaking, no need to stock up for over 1 month according to one's own spend forcast (unless it is a 10%+ off offer).

      The saving is still minute here and more like an ad to get new customers who do not even know regular 5% off.

      • Got 10%+ off from a combo of CC cashback, points, and cashrewards regular 5% off.

        Was too excited back then and stocked up over 2 years :(

    • +4

      EOFY is this week though..

      Food for thought

  • +1

    Is anyone else freezing after credit card details and before authentication? Can’t get to the authentication stage…:(

    • Ozbargained! U know, .50 goes a long way here :)

  • +1

    If use a $100 prepaid debit card, the figure is $105.82 to wipe out the full balance and eligible for the prize draw by CR.

  • +2

    Thanks OP - got one!

  • +2

    So I saved $5 purchasing $1000 worth of eGift

    • -1

      Total saving $ 55 ! (Just did the same 2x500)

      • +1

        $5 extra saved. $50 saved is the norm.

    • With savings like that, the next shout is on you!

  • Fortunately, I didn't buy this thing last night!

  • My bad TA till Tues all my available funds is going to Ebay cards :)

    • +1

      You saved more by earning loads of Woolies cash.

      • I didn't know I had my Rewards converting to QFF pts before I woke up and changed it :(

  • Does anyone know how does Woolworths Online handle variable weight adjustments/out of stock refunds paid with a gift card? Thanks

    • +2

      Credit to your Woolworths account. Not back to the gift card.

    • +2

      the out of stock refund I was paid was just a coupon that I could claim when I made my next online order, unfortunately. :( Would've been better to be credited back to my gift card! >_<

    • A code that equates to a credit which you have a year to use online via Woolworths, not a refund

  • +2

    Thanks TA.

  • Woolworths gift card site running very slow.

  • +2

    Bought 'em. Thanks TA.

  • +2

    It’s pretty quick 8 minutes to receive the giftcard

    • +1

      Bought one this morning around 11am and received the eGift in 5 mins

  • +1

    Bought one early yesterday so missed this but still haven't got the ecard rang yesterday because they're usually quick they told me some kind of backlog. Basically don't buy if you want use straight away

    • +1

      My cards arrived within 15 minutes today

      • Same - less than 15 minutes - probably less than 10

        • So frustrating, I just rang them again and they're saying oh just busy it'll be through in 30 minutes

    • 1st time purchase/changed CC causes it.

      • Interesting, I believe ive bought one before but not for sure. No change to c/card Just rang again because they told me within 30 minutes 45 minutes ago. Will now be compensated for the inconvenience

  • +2

    Thanks TA!

  • Can you buy Woolworths mobile 365 day sim plan using gift card?

  • +2

    Very nice. Buying a few now!

  • -1

    Wow 0.5% extra….

    • +5

      Every cents count in time like this. :(

  • +2

    Bought mine 9:30 am today, still waiting for it….

    • Still waiting on mine, Bought it yesterday morning

    • +1

      Is this your first purchase?

      1) Go back to the cashrewards link
      2) While in the woolies portal, click on your name at the top right
      3) Click "My Orders"
      4) Look at the order you made, if it's In Progress, woolies may be holding your order for verification, if it's your first purchase, might take up to 24 hours, subsequent orders are VERY fast, in the order of within 15 minutes

      See here for example

      • Yes, I got 6 this afternoon and they all came within 10 minutes from purchase.

      • Still nothing for me even though it's suppose to have been issued, I know the emails work because I got the initial one

        • You can call them up and ask them to resend it as long as you have the order ID

  • Nice one. Missed out last time and need to top up in the next week or so.

  • If only there's a credit card with bonus point with min spend I could apply now

  • +1

    Will stack nicely with the Amex double MR points / double cash value

    • Agree! Comes down to almost 10% off the gift card. Thanks TA.

    • I don't think it stacks.
      "Woolworths Not valid at Caltex Woolworths or Caltex Woolworths Metro locations. Not valid for gift cards purchased online. Not valid for payments to Woolworths Insurance, Woolworths Mobile."

      Unless you found a work around?

      • Is your statement from the $400 cashback?

        I'm more talking about the double points (4.5 points per $) and double cash redemption (1000 points $100) - effectively 4.5% cashback.

        $500 > $472.5 after cashrewards > 2126 points > $21 off > $451.50

  • +1

    Thanks TA. 5.5% off plus 10% woolies staff discount makes this a great deal!

  • I’m both glad and worrying.

    Glad: at this moment, every dollar counts.

    Worry: it’s a supermarket giant, still… Any discounts you grab today may contribute to a price increase later.

    I know this is subjective, but I recently found the discounts on the weekly catalogues less attractive to me (what was the last time App Store gift cards at 15% off at woolies?). Any ideas?

  • 'Sorry, unable to process your payment at this time'

    Either ING is broken, or Woolworths

    • No problem with Woolies. I just bought the GC minutes ago.

    • I get this every single time with my Citibank cc. They call to confirm it was you, then allow it (so you need to try again immediately after the call). Annoying.

    • Same here, I'm consistently getting this error if I use my Coles mastercard (maybe competitor?), have to use another card. Called Coles customer line and they say there's no problem on their side and ask me to check with Woolworths instead..
      Anyone able to purchase Woolworths egift cards using Coles credit card with success?

      • yes i did

        • Just called woolworths gift card customer service and they told me apparently my address is missing some info hence it was blocked, which is weird as I was able to purchase giftcard with another card… anyway they have removed the block and is good to go again but I have to try again after 24 hours, we'll see

  • Bought $200 worth of wish card. Saved $1 more than usual! (usually $190 but today $189)

  • Do not use on line, as the refunds from the online team are a terrible experience

  • How long these gift cards are valid for?
    thanks for the post

    • +4

      No expiry, they removed expiry dates some time ago

  • Can I use this to buy Ebay gift cards at Woolies? Taking advantage of the bonus rewards promo

    • +3

      No, you cannot use Woolies eGift cards to purchase gift cards instore.. that's been stopped since November 2018

  • As tempted as I am, I still have $500+ from the last 5.25% sale thanks to CR… but thanks anyway for keeping the deals coming.

  • Just bought $150 worth, Thanks OP

  • Seems to be failing to get to woolies site now

  • +1

    thanks TA!