This was posted 2 years 9 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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ALDI Specials 8&11 July - 7kg Heat Pump Dryer $599, 7.5kg Front Load Washing Machine $379, Marble Side (2pc)/Console Table$69.99


A good one this week! I've been wondering if/when the heat pump dryer would be back. Appliances Online sell what I think is the same one with different branding for $682 on sale for the rest of today only though they have free shipping. Kogan sell a similar(?) 8kg model for $799.99 plus shipping, though it's a presale shipping in August. I'm not aware of other comparable cheap heat pump dryers.

7kg Heat Pump Dryer $599 (11th July)
  • 16 dying programs
  • Child lock
  • Anti crease function
7.5kg Front Load Washing Machine $379 (11th July)
  • 23 Programs
  • Child Lock
Marble Side Tables (2pc set) $69.99 (8th July)
  • Powder coated metal frame and marble top
  • Table set nest inside each other, small is 41x44x43cm, large is 46x46x48cm (LxWxH)
Marble Console Table $69.99 (8th July)
  • Powder coated metal frame and marble top
  • size is 100x30x80cm (LxWxH)

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  • Can anyone comment on how long it will take to dry a full washing load? E.g. towels

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      About an 75mins

      • thanks!

  • Crap, just bought this Electrolux 7kg Ultimate Care 500 Vented Dryer from TGG. Got them to price match Appliances Online for $508 with free delivery. TGG said it was below their cost price!

    • I feel like the TGG salespeople will say this about anything. My range hood and AC were cost price when I got them. Was also told the Westinghouse range hood was made in Australia (spoiler: it was not made in Australia)

      • I see. I was also surprised they price matched something that was out of stock.

  • What are the chances of getting the washing machine or the dryer? Do you need to line up before open time? serious questions as i never got anything like this from Aldi.

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      Yes you will need to get there before it opens & might have to punch on with some pensioners.

      • If you buy a pack of bog roll the day before and throw it on the floor just as the doors open, it will distract them enough for you to make your move

    • When they sold the el-cheapo vented dryers a few months ago I got there 5 minutes after opening; I got the second last one and the last one was taken about two minutes later. I would aim to be there at opening.

  • Does anyone know if this dryer (or any other heatpump or condenser dryer) is 100% sealed? I would like to put into the garage and do not want car exhaust fumes getting into the clothes.

    Many people with condenser dryers and heatpump dryers have reported condensation in the room. Sure, it's less than a vented dryer, but I would like 100% sealed.

    There seems to be deliberate confusion on this issue - if you look in product manuals, they are all silent on this feature. It's only store salespeople that insist that they are sealed.

  • Heatpump dryer doesnt release any heat outside the machine I just got my one today from appliance online amazing service btw. So it is worth paying extra for the heat pump.

  • Does every Aldi store get stock, or is it only selected ones?

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      Generally they get every item, but quantities can vary a lot.

      • @Alzori - Thank you for letting me know.

        Can you call Aldi beforehand and see which store has stock?

        • Nope. You can check with their facebook chat bot (google "aldi stock levels") the day after the sale starts and it will tell you the stock levels from the previous day. Probably not going to find any high demand items that way though.

        • Depends on the store. Might have better experience going in the day before and asking quantity they received.

  • Does anyone know whether the heat pump dryer door window is glass or plastic?

  • Does anyone have their steam station (the one for $149)? How good is it? Thanks.

  • Girlfriend picked up the marble console table yesterday.. opened at lunch today and the marble top is cracked pretty badly all the way across the width of the table.. anyone know if customer support would be able to help or just shit out of luck?

    • Just return it, using the 60-day no questions asked policy. You might struggle getting a new one though, unless there's still stock or some other change of mind returns.

      • Yeah, that's the issue as we really like the product, not sure how we'll be able to find stock though, have tried the messenger chat and it's not been updated with the sale date yesterday.. LOL. Just guess have to wait for support to get back to me..

  • Cannon Hill QLD had 3 Dryers which were consumed by about the first 1/3 queued for door opening. Loss leader.

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      Appliances Online is doing me one for $682 delivered, happy with that.

      • Missed out at my local Aldi. Can I ask how you got that price at Appliances Online?

        • I just called and asked for the deal. Price offered was the one that google search caches from their Web site.

          • @fatty: Thanks Fatty,

            Might have to give it a try too.


    • My store had 7!

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    Earned my OzBargain wings today. Decided to line up at ALDI in the hope of scoring the heat pump dryer. I was 6th in line and didn’t have much hope from the beginning. Lining up at 8:08 for an 8:30 opening. By the time 8:30 rolled by the queue was 30 deep. I was like “maybe there are a few heat pumps” - wrong. Doors open. Everyone sprints in. Second guy tried to grab the two heat pumps available. First guy starts arguing. They argue for about ten minutes. They both get one each and that was the end of the show hahah. So many disappointed people. Was worth it for the mad rush. 30 people with trolleys running for the back.

    Now back to waiting for the next sale. Wish I went for the appliances online one now for $80 more.

  • They had more dryers than expected, 8 I think!

    That said, we waited in line for 20 min. We were probably about 30% from the front when the doors opened and we were lucky to manage to grab the very last one. People are crazy.

  • Got a dryer!

  • I missed out on a dryer haha. Got there just before 8am, was 3rd in line, but there were only 2 for the store.

    The first 3 of us in knew what the deal was. People behind us were fighting over the washing machines though lol. Embarrassing to watch.

  • Wtf - dryer not wall mountable!

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      Yeah, they're like 60 kilos without washing dude. Stick a load of wet washing in and start spinning it around and that's going to be more than an average wall mount can handle without ripping itself off. Only cheap, light, vented dryers are wall mountable.

  • Anyone know anything about the 65Inch 4K tv on offer? Whats the picture like? Worth while or bad quality?

    • More important is finding stock, most places sold out immediately on Saturday. My 65" from 2 years ago is fine for my tastes, the blacks are a bit average but it was decent for the price.

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