Hungry Jack's Vouchers (Valid until 14 September 2020)


The latest Hungry Jack's vouchers are out. Valid till 14/9/2020.

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Hungry Jack's
Hungry Jack's


  • first

    also expect lack of actual bargains

  • The Jack's are better at Hungry Jack's

  • They keep going up in prices lol
    Sorry neg from me due to price "jacking"

    Cheaper chicken royal meal
    Buy the chicken royal burger for $3 and combine with free survey drink and chips, you save $1.45 compared to the coupon

  • how the heck do I obtain those? how does it work? anyone willing to shed some light? :(

  • Phone is fine?

  • $4.95 for the breakfast deal now is a bit much.
    Small coffee $1, hash brown $1, muffin $3.
    This used to be their individual prices.

    Sure it hasn't jacked from their previous voucher offering but that doesn't mean it's good value.

  • Thank OP for posting, but not worth it anymore.
    Prices have gone up to much for “junk food”

  • Last time I tried to use this sort of coupon they told me they don't accept them and can only use their rubbish app for it. QLD if that's relevant.

    • About 6-12 months ago they tried to phase out the coupons and get everyone on their hungry jacks app. It didnt work. There was a bit of backlash. They went back to offering these coupons again.

    • I think the qld group has different owners.

  • Hungry Jack's has been price jacking for the past few voucher runs. At this point there is no point in purchasing the vouchers since you won't be saving alot. linking easternculture's comment for valid reason

  • Hungry Jack's coupon prices went up faster in 2 years than the price of property over the past decade. This isn't a bargain.

  • Is McDonald's better than Hungry Jacks?

  • +3 votes

    Had Hungry Jacks on Sunday without vouchers. The small whopper junior meal was $9!!!

  • Price hikes in the midst of a pandemic! No deal

    • Usually find that there's a price hike after specials like this. By the time the deal is over, everyone has forgotten what the original price was. Woolies and Coles use this method of price increase all the time!!!

  • Anybody able to locate the URL to the voucher for download ??

    • I just checked - they're still showing the vouchers that expired last week (22 June) on the website.

      When they do get around to updating the site, you'll be able to get them through this page - just click on View Deals and it will take you to the pdf

  • Do they number their chips ("fries") these days in case they oversupply customers or has their been a potato famine? I count a "whopping" 14 in the small packet.

    • It always annoy me, it's about how the chips stacked in the pocket, sometimes you end up with a medium size has less chips than small size one.

      • The Chip Holder packets are cleverly designed. It appears to be big enough (Medium Size), but if you carefully study it's structure, it is tapering towards the lower end with the chips being quite thick. This results in a lot of empty space between the chips when they are filled in.

        Yes, its completely random. Sometimes, I have got too less in a Medium Chips from Shake N Win. In such cases, I politely request the staff by showing them it is way too less. Most of the times they are kind enough to replace / top-it-up.

  • Still no love for vegos. Their vegan cheeseburger is a greasy abomination.

    Do I see a mention of "Veggie Whopper" in the blurry bottom left corner of the first page, in the fine print under that Vegan Cheeseburger? Is this something new or did they misspelled "Rebel Whopper"?

    • The Rebel Whopper and the Vegan Whopper are different products, the Rebel Whopper is vegetarian but not vegan friendly

      • From what I know and it seems current, Rebel Whopper is not vegetarian, as it's made on the same equipment as meat, which doesn't bother me, as otherwise it's veg and tastes alright. Vegan Cheeseburger has oily, mushy patties that don't touch the "meat equipment" (or something along that), so it's vegan.

        I've never heard of Vegan Whopper (nor Google has) and I'm curious about what's mentioned in the corner of those coupons…

        • The vegan cheeseburger patties are basically the same as the now gone vego burger patties, just that they've replaced the nonvegan cheese and mayo with vegan versions. IE, they're in 2020, not 1980.

          it's made on the same equipment as meat,

          Nonvegan cheese is always made in the same animal as the meat, and in fact is squeezed through meat on the way out. Similar for eggs. If it's about ethics then remember dairy cows end up at the same slaughterhouse as their beef cousins. There's no reason any vego should be alarmed with their food touching meat since that's basically where it originates from.

          • @thevofa:

            There's no reason any vego should be alarmed with their food touching meat

            Some vegetarians are digusted at the idea of their food touching meat or grease that is rendered from it, so from dead animals - morals or simple preference easy to understand.

            Some of them may not realise eating dairy is as cruel and being vegetarian (as opposed to vegan) is not really helping. But it makes them feel better, because nothing gets killed directly for food.

            Like if those cows were chilling, planning their parenthood and sharing a glass of full cream with humans occasionally.

            • @bouncybear:

              Some vegetarians are digusted

              Yes, their aesthetic standards are often commensurate with their moral standards - blinkered and illogical. (Not that I care about anyone's aesthetic standards: you wanna eat a turd, go for it.)

              because nothing gets killed directly for food.

              The cow and her sons get bred into existence only to be exploited and killed. If they were not in dairy they would not be born or killed. That's pretty direct if you ask me.

              • @thevofa: Not really direct - it's a consqequence of consuming dairy, but a cow doesn't get killed in order to get milk.

                I generally agree, though.

                • @bouncybear: Show me any commercial dairy cow in Australia that is not slaughtered after a few (3-5) pregnancies. You pay for milk, you pay for their death.

                  Notwithstanding, dairy cows are treated worse than beef cattle. Being repeatedly impregnated and having your offspring repeatedly removed from you - this is sexual violation of the most grotesque order and the destruction of nature's most *sacred bond.

                  (* I don't normally ascribe such values to natural phenomenon but if it's to be used anywhere surely the mother/child relationship is a prime contender.)

    • Veggie Whopper is what they called the old single patty vegetarian Whopper, which seems to have been removed from the menu now and the Vegan Cheeseburger has been rebranded as Vegan Whopper Cheese. I guess somebody forgot to proof read the voucher fine print?

      On the regular beef Whopper deals the fine print says you can substitute Rebel Whoppers, which makes sense given the price parity.

  • aaaand they've gone up AGAIN

  • remember when you could get 2 whoppers for $5, also found out that whoppers don't taste so good when you eat 2 of them XD

    • Back in the day whoppers were $2.60, then they had a very long running promo of half price whoppers. $1.30 for a whopper, them be the days!

      • I remember when it cost $5 to fill my Ford Falcon. Mind you, that was 1976 and I was earning $55 a week.

        • In 1970's, there was no Hungry Jack here, and the houses were very affordable by then.

          • @jayzee: I immigrated to Australia in January 1974 and the first fast food I had here was Hungry Jacks. And yes, houses were about three times the median wage, but we had real interest rates (as in greater than inflation) then.

    • When i worked at HJ's 21 years ago the vouchers were 2 whoppers for $3

  • B&E Muffin, HB and a coffee for $5 is decent still, the rest not so. 2 x vegan burgers for $10.95 Hmmm. A year or so ago it was 2 x vegan burgers, 2 drinks and 2 chips for $9.95. Want to neg most of the deals and + the B&E combo. So I will do neither.

  • Jacksters, maccas has been smashing HJ with latest app deals and faster service.

  • +2 votes

    Thanks for the post. But I’ll be adding a neg this time. The hikes are now just ridiculous and I have stopped visiting HJ’s altogether.

    We should all send them a message.

  • Were they selling at a loss last time, because these price hikes are pretty big.

    On the plus side at least I have one less reason to eat this s**t.

    TBH I haven't eaten Hungry Jacks for at least 6 months, ever since the prices went up beyond what I though they were worth. I would often spend a little more and get something better.

  • Burgers ain't cheap @Hungry Jack.

  • Havent gone to HJ since the last two coupon price jacks. Not really worth it as much. Some things have gone up $2-$3 over the last 18 months.

  • 🙄😒 The prike hike tho

  • Is it even worth going to HJ's anymore? the prices are starting to become ridiculous

  • I'm still angry at my local due to the argument I had with them when I tried using in date coupons showing them on my phone in drive thru, telling me that the exact same coupons are available on the app. Pull over, install the crummy app to see that they've lied to me - go back through drive thru to them telling me to go away. Along side the price hikes they've done in the past year…they're nearing KFC pricing and I'd much prefer KFC.

  • Agree, not that cheap anymore but still handy. The days of two whoppers for $8 were better (and could sub for vegan cheeseburgers for free which were huge, they don't allow anymore and charge extra, same with rebels etc).

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