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Casio Watch Sale with Free Shipping from $14.95


Looks like dealfox is doing a casio watch sale today. I have checked with deals direct and dealfox seems to be cheaper by $5-$15 across the board + they have free shipping.

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  • Just bought one, great deal. Free delivery.

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    Thanks for the post OP. Very tempted since the hinge recently broke on my 15 year old Casio which looks very much like their basic $19.95 model. Unfortunately I usually look at my mobile phone these days and I'm a [email protected], so hmmmm….

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    ZOMG!!1 mistaken for George Clooney 4tehwin!

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      "Designed to exude class and elegance, this Casio Watch was made to be worn as a show piece on Garry’s wrist. Taking a sip from his 18 year old scotch, Garry calmly looks over his luxury resort and saunters through the admiring crowd, Casio on one hand, super model on the other.
      With the classic wrist band depicting his taste in women, and the remarkable watch face representing his confidence and success, it is no wonder Garry is often mistaken for the likes of George Clooney."

      I think they are taking the piss and stole the sales spiel from another brand of watch.

  • You'd have to be keen.
    I loved my "data bank" ana/digi watch back in the 80s. Got to store phone numbers etc. Wow!
    Of course that was ten years before the Palm Pilot, which made Casios look like lame toys.
    And now you can get an Android smartphone for less, and my watch just tells the time.

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      Yeah, but how cool would it be to punch in the ladies' digies into your watch as opposed your drone/sheep smart-ass phone? Even that hipster by the bar will be green with envy!

    • I just bought myself 2 databanks from 1983 - $50 delivered each.

      You know something that's cheap is hipster/popular in the scene if General Pants Co sell the exact same thing for $100 extra.

  • put best bargain price in title, pleaze..

  • looks like their website is struggling at the moment.

    • Or disappeared ;)!

  • can't load

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    @dins wonder why +1 when cant load page yet?

    • lol i'm very generous

  • Working now its more like Lame-a-thon. I am hoping one day they will come close to cloning Tom Cruise minority report watch. Omega/Bvlgari wont do it.

  • nice

  • Sorry people, the site is back up now. Figuring what happened with the host

    • Arrr, you really just want us to stress test your site. LOL

      • Certainly not intentionally but the feedback (both good and bad) past couple of weeks from users has been very helpful. We've really ironed out some major bugs but some still around unfortunately.

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    The casio Calculator watches are In!

    saw them at general pants….. But these are much cheaper!

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    "Designed to exude class and elegance, this Casio Watch was made to be worn as a show piece on Garry’s wrist. Taking a sip from his 18 year old scotch, Garry calmly looks over his luxury resort and saunters through the admiring crowd, Casio on one hand, super model on the other."

    That got to be the best description of a $15 watch i ever read.

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      Then Garry wakes-up and packs his card board box home from the pavement opposite to the liquor store. THE END.

      PS: He gets to keep the watch though ….

      • lol

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        I <3 a story with a happy ending :)

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    Good Christmas pressies, good deals, bought one, for now! :)

  • Where are the G-Shocks! Haha

  • Are these Genuine Australian Stock?

    • They are from Japan Gagans!

      • I meant to say, if they are genuine?
        I have seen a lot of fakes of casio watches overseas.

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        Well not necessarily. They could have been designed in Japan. Or maybe not even that, could be designed elsewhere under the Casio brand name. Then they could have been manufactured in a lower cost country.

        But as gagans says, what he means is whether they are real Casios. But @gagans would you accept grey market imports? They may be just as good as official imports, assuming there are official ones.

        • Thanks for the clarification @greenpossum.
          yes, genuine imports are fine. But, I hate fakes.
          Rep here could tell us more, as I did not see any warranty details too.

    • Yep these are Genuine stock but not from an official Australian distributor.

  • Which one is the best deal of them all

    • Well, I remember in the 90's I paid around $160 (big money back then) for the calculator watch and I became the coolest kid on the block. Oh those were the days

  • I had a databank watch as well before- but man did it get tiring entering in peoples' phone numbers/details into a watch using only 3 buttons.

    This one made me LOL: http://www.dealfox.com.au/casio-watch-cmd-40-1uzt
    I'm sure supermodels dig that, and that there's plenty of class and elegance >_>

  • looks like some of the leather analog ones have bumped up in price from $14.95 to $19.95! since my last post 18hrs ago. Doh!.

    • Hi Steve, we haven't changed the pricing at all on our site. What may have happened though is that some $14.95 watches have sold out and removed from the homepage.

  • I keep getting some SQL error when attempting to buy

    "SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1452 Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails (dealfox_magento.dealfox_enterprise_reward, CONSTRAINT FK_REWARD_CUSTOMER_ID FOREIGN KEY (customer_id) REFERENCES dealfox_customer_entity (entity_id) ON DELETE CASCADE ON UPDATE CAS)"


    And if I don't get that, it red outlines the email field even though it simultaneously has a green tick on it.

    Basically, I can't buy a watch, and that kinda blows.

    • nevermind, registering for an account separately seems to have fixed the problem.

    • Hey, sorry for that error message (it's pretty vague and bad eh!). It actually has to do with a Credit Card error we get back from our merchant facility. It said Insufficient funds. We're going to correct that shortly. Looks like your order went through later so enjoy the watch, will be going out today.

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    Holly F! Got my watch this morning and I'm in Melbourne! Can't believe how quick that was!

  • Gone! Looks like it has just ended.

    • You have no idea how unhappy this makes me!


      • Good luck with the job! :)

  • has it expired?

  • Got my watch today. Damn that's fast shipping.

  • Couldn't resist the free delivery. Mine arrived today which is incredibly fast (bought Weds). Picked up a leather and gold one that was listed at $19.95 but when added to shopping cart dropped to $14.95. Bargain.

  • How was the quality of the wrist band on you guys' watches. Mine was absolutely terrible. I bought one of the 35 dollar ones.

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