Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3200MHz $107.59 + $7.94 Delivery @ Amazon US via AU


Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3200MHz C16 Desktop Gaming Memory Black 16-18-18-36 1.35V XMP 2.0 Supports 6th Intel® Core™ i5/i7

16GB of High-Speed 3200Mhz DDR4 Memory
Designed for high-performance overclocking with 8-Layer PCB
Designed and optimized for the latest Intel X99 and Skylake 6th Gen Core i5/i7 Platform
Supports Intel XMP 2.0 Automatic Overclocking
Low-profile heatspreader design

Hope it can be stacked with the APPONLY10 code!

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  • Pretty solid kit runs nice with a Ryzen 5 3600

    • Hijacking top comment… this is Samsung C-die. Corsair messed up their SPDs for C-die kits, so they read as B-die or SK Hynix. C-die usually does 3200 15-17-17-32, 3600 17-20-20-37 and 3800 18-21-21-39. Don't pass 1.35V on these kits, they use a smaller manufacturing process and are more prone to electro migration at lower voltages and are also very temperature sensitive. I had an OC on C-die completely invalidated by a 3 degree change in ambient temperature. This is a good thread about it and may require translation. If you want to use DRAM calculator select Samsung OEM (I checked the timings it gives me and it's definitely the one for C-die), and for PCB revision use Thaiphoon Burner to find the "Raw Card" value of it. This one claims to use an 8 layer PCB, so I'm pretty sure it's the A2 revision but always good to check. DRAM calculator doesn't go past 3466MT/s, so you're left to your own devices for anything higher. If you have any questions about timings or need help with overclocking it hit me up! I'm bored in quarantine, so I'll help as many people as I can.

      • Thanks for that info i've been trying to OC the same Ram using B-Die timings and was wondering why it kept failing, might give this guide a go instead, just checked as well mine is the A0 revision but still showing 8layer so /shrug

        • Eh it's A0 then. I will retract that statement. Also DRAM calculator voltage is wild, it's best kept under or at 1.35V.

  • I saw someone received a fake ram and not AMD support.

  • Will this work with a B450M / Ryzen 5 3500X? It does say on the specs:

    Compatibility Intel 200 Series,Intel 300 Series,Intel 400 Series,Intel X299,AMD 300 Series,AMD 400 Series,AMD X570

    • amd 400 series = b450, in short, it will work.

    • Yeah bro, this is very good ram for ryzen. You can overclock to 3466 usually pretty easily.

      • Thanks just bought it

      • Ooh you've just given me something to do.

        • What if I told you you can also overclock to 3800 usually pretty easily… it can do 3600CL17 at 1.35V (don't pass it, this is Samsung C-die) which will should be able to do FCLK 1:1 on all Zen 2 processors, it can also do 3800CL18 but it's rare for a Zen 2 processor to go past 1866 FCLK making you very lucky if you can pull off 3800MT/s 1:1. See my top comment for more info.

      • No… no it isn't. For the price sure, but it's not great for Ryzen being Samsung C-die. The tRFC is atrocious, coming in at a whopping 310ns when tRFC is one of the most important timings for Ryzen. Hynix CJR or Samsung B-die (if found at a reasonable price) will be far better. Micron Rev.E is probably even better. This is second last to Hynix AFR which is literal garbage. Obviously we're ignoring price here. It seems all the cheaper kits are using Samsung C-die these days.

        • Hey Rajeh, thanks for your post. I am wondering if I am just doing basic overclocking (i am a first time PC builder) would something like this deal suit me fine? As long as I don’t exceed 1.35v? The parts I have gotten so far are Ryzen 5 3600, B450 Tomahawk Max and Sapphire’s 5600XT. Highly appreciate your advice, ty!

          • @mboz6553: Yeah I was just saying it isn't the best for Ryzen, but it's definitely perfectly fine. I'm running the same die with my 3500X, so you should be able to pull a similar OC to mine. It's running 3733CL18 right now, and I have also done 3600CL17 and 3200CL15. Definitely fine for basic overclocking. DRAM calculator doesn't go over 3466MT/s, so you gotta go manual for anything above that (3600 is ideal for Ryzen but higher is better).

  • For items shipped from amazon us, how does RMA process work? Do we have to pay for shipping? (i.e. assume you're a amazon prime member)

  • There's also this for an extra $10 - same thing just shipped from Aus:

  • $126 for the white version, free shipping with Prime. I think these are normal prices:

    Got it for $88 in January.

  • Is this compatible with the ASUS ROG Strix X370-F mobo? I searched on ASUS' website but this model number isn't listed under their qualified vendors list, but something else similar to it is: CMK16GX4M2Z3200C16

    • QVL is important at a point, when you're trying to run dual rank (4 sticks or 16GB+ on single sticks) it becomes important. In standard 2x8 which is very easy on the IMC you're fine. I don't know who's downvoting a genuine question.

  • I have Just pulled out some Vengeance LPX from my Ryzen X570 system due to compatibility issues.(I purchased the wrong stuff at the start of the year) I was running Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3200MHz CMK16GX4M2B3200C16 Ver 4.32 which is the first model that comes up when you click the link to Amazon website. This is Intel optimised not Ryzen Optimised. Pay close attention to the Model number when purchasing for Ryzen.

    You can select from the dropdown Ryzen compatible version which is CMK16GX4M2Z3200C16 - It is more expensive.

    I have now swapped to running GSKill Flare with no issues.

    • I have the 2*16gb 4.32. I've been able to get it to 3066 on a Mortar Max with a 3600. Not ideal, but I can live with it.

      • Yes I was able to get mine up to a similar speed, (which isn't the marketed rate) but my biggest issue was stability, even at stock speeds. This has totally been fixed by changing to different ram.

      • 2x16GB is evil for the IMC because it's dual rank. You didn't by chance purchase 2 single 16GB sticks rather than a 2x16GB kit did you?

        Edit: Little advice, and this goes to anyone reading this. If your memory is running at less than 3333 I recommend forcing your FCLK on Ryzen 3000 to 1800 while leaving your memory at what you have it at. This will decouple MCLK and FCLK but because it's such a huge difference the latency penalty won't exist. Basically have fun with free performance. If your PC refuses to post after this clear CMOS with jumpers on your board and don't touch FCLK again unless you are willing to play with VDDG and VSOC.

      • What settings did you use? eg voltage, timings??

  • It's a mediocre deal. If you check pcpartpicker au there is heaps of DDR4 3200 CL16 for a few bucks cheaper.

  • I had 2x16gb sticks of this in a R53600 B450 Mortar Max. Couldn't get it to post over 2666. I've ordered a pair of Teamforce 3600 sticks for about the same price. I'll be happy if they do 3200!

    There's a guy who posts on whirlpool who must work retail PC. Says he's seen dozens of rigs with this ram that have had problems with getting near rated speeds on Ryzen

    I was going to say Id update with the results but unfortunately these deal threads go off faster than fresh fish;)
    Its a pity they cant get migrated to discussion topics!

    • You're running dual rank with 16GB sticks, Ryzen's IMC is weak so it probably suffers. Were you setting XMP or just turning up frequency? Did you use DRAM calculator? If they really don't just crank your FCLK to 1800 for an easy performance gain, make sure to leave the RAM at 2666.

  • Tried pretty well everything, XMP, Dram calc, manual, voltage bumps etc etc. I thought 2x16GB was a safer option than 4x8GB?

    I'll try upping the FCLCK but have the other ram on the way. With my luck it will probably be a dud too!

    • They're both dual rank, so either way it's hard on the IMC. Basically past 16GB overclocking becomes more difficult. In your case since you can't get past 2666MT/s on the RAM, you need bare minimum 1466 FCLK to mitigate the latency toll by decoupling. That's really easy on Zen 2, you should be able to hit 1800 FCLK no problem. Anything above 1800 will require you to increase or decrease VDDG on most chips. To make sure the FCLK is stable run Prime95 with Small FFTs while listening to music, if it has crackles or pops you need to increase VDDG. If increasing doesn't help in the slightest or makes the situation worse, you need to decrease like in my case.

  • Just received mine and it's showing as Samsung B-die - still trying to get it running stable at anything over 2800 though. Keep getting crashes…

    • See my top(ish) comment, it isn't B-die. It's Samsung C-die, Corsair and G.Skill got the SPDs wrong.

  • I've now got my 2 x 16gb sticks of the above ram running stable at 2933 1.33v with FCLCK at 1800.
    CPU is happy at 4.0 and generally runs at same temp as stock. Hopefully the 3600 ram I've got coming to replace the above will be stable at 3600 which will synch with the FCLCK

    It's never posted at 3200 xmp settings which bumps the ram voltage up to 1.37 or so. One thing to watch out for when the xmp fails to post and after a couple of tries it resets the ram to default frequency 2133 but leaves the voltage at 1.37! This is on a b450 mortar max with latest bios.

    • Umm if you were trying to overclock it as B-die it isn't. It's Samsung C-die, and you can definitely get 3600 on that.

      • How can I get 3600 out of it if it wont post at 3200? I'm referring to the ram in the title of this thread. As I mentioned before I've tried settings from Ryzen dram calc but no luck there wont post.

        Ive tried a lot of different things and this seems as good as Ill get out of this RAM which is actually better than it was looking a few days ago when it wouldnt get past 2666. Not sure if the latest BIOS update helped?

        • DRAM calculator could be wrong. You are using Samsung OEM right? If it doesn't work just punch 16-18-18-36 into the primaries (the first 18 is both tRCDRD and tRCDWR), give it 1.35V and see if it works. Maybe increase SOC to 1.1V too. Leave other timings on auto, maybe set tRFC to 550.

          Edit: And you've also tried setting FCLK to 1600 while leaving RAM at stock? To eliminate CPU being the issue.

          Edit 2: Oh no I think it's because you didn't check QVL and they are incompatible.

          To try something: You have dual rank sticks, so make sure to select that in DRAM calculator. Also increase SOC voltage to like 1.15 and VDDP to 1V, dual rank is evil on the IMC.

          • @Rajeh: Thanks, I'll definitely try some of those settings.Thought I had checked the QVL but could have missed a character and messed it up.

            Re the FCLCK setting if its stable at 1800 then that means its ok doesnt it? But I have run it at 1600 previously and it was OK

            • @mauricem: Yeah so infinity fabric is not the issue. Give VDDP and SOC a whirl, try combinations of lowering or increasing them. Sometimes due to localized heat increasing the voltage can make the situation worse. My 3500X couldn't post 1766 FCLK until I lowered my VDDG, in your case it could be UCLK or the memory controller and VDDP + SOC directly relate to that.

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