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Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones for Samsung & Android Devices (Black) $199 @ JB Hi-Fi


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Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones for Samsung & Android Devices (Black)

Normal price: $399

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  • A good buy, if a store near you has any stock.

    I'll just point out that while the newer models have bluetooth, the QC25 is wired only.

  • Pricing error? Doesn't say its on special…

  • Why is it for Samsung and android phones only?

    • It's to do with the inline controls.

    • FAQ section mentions it is specially designed for Samsung devices

    • It's referring to the remote attachment. There's an iPhone specific one ad well and it won't work properly if you use the wrong one.

    • $5 remote cord via ebay. Problem solved although you should probably ditch iphone anyways. ;)

      • -1 vote

        Because Android has such a better update and privacy policy?

        • +2 votes

          Unironically, yes.
          I've had so many IOS devices become worthless because they stop updating the OS and the appstore won't let you install apps.
          Needing to jailbreak those devices for normal function when the hardware is perfectly good is horrendous.
          Apple should feel ashamed for how much they contribute to e-waste.

          • +2 votes

            @tyme: I bought my iPhone SE in early 2016. It's still getting official updates. It is fully supported for the upcoming iOS 14. It's not experiencing any issues, it works as well as the day I bought it, although I did have to replace the battery once, which Apple did for free.

            My wife has an iPhone 5S, bought in 2013. It's still working fine too. It's stuck on iOS 12, but it's getting security updates (the latest around a month ago), and we're yet to find an app that doesn't work on it.

            What more could I reasonably expect? Close to a decade of official, first-party software updates isn't too shabby.

          • @tyme: Good luck having any android device update for as many years as an iOS device. There may be lots of reasons to be on Apple’s case, but longevity of updates is certainly not one of them.

            • @entropysbane: I have an Android as a side driver. It’s less than 2 years old and it slowed down so much compared to my iPhone 6s.

              • @puffingmuffin: I have a 6 year old budget Android that’s probably on par in terms of performance with my iPhone 5s. Over the years as the updates come in the iPhone 5s has slowed down, while the Android phone performance is basically the same because of no OS updates. Both can run all the popular apps likeYouTube, messenger, WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat etc despite lack of OS updates, app support is interesting, as I was convinced that no OS updates means the device instantly becomes unusable junk according to these forums. However I can’t say I’m necessarily impressed by OS updates.It’s nice to see iOS 14 bringing widgets to home screen finally and making it easier to hide icons on the home screen easier. But those kind of things should have been in iOS 5? :P

                • +2 votes

                  @Ronnnie: You could just not update your iPhone and achieve the same thing (including the fact you’re epically vulnerable to hackers).

                  • @DisabledUser349579: If you don’t update your iPhone or iPad you’ll lose support to run the latest versions of apps, actually over time apps will become no longer functional, you’ll be stuck on an old browser version that will lead to certain websites not being able to render properly. So no unfortunately you can’t just not update the iPhone to achieve the same thing…

                    The point is Google approach is to support older Android versions which means older devices can still remain functional and useable for a very long time, while Apple approach is abandon and move on. Two different type of OS that take different approaches to updating, Apple has made updating OS on their devices more important by including most the core elements in these updates that you can push separately outside of an OS update on Android. So It isn’t a like for like comparison. However it’s poor that once an expensive flagship phones performance is now like a six year old budget Android phone. Same thing with my iPad, it used to be so fast smoother, never reload websites or apps, and now it’s much slower. It would be great if you could run old iOS, run the newest safari version and support the latest apps.

          • @tyme: Stopped updating the iOS, after how long exactly? It’s a well established fact that most android phones stop getting updates after around 2 years.

            • @smartazz104: Yeah but when an android device stops getting the OS version updates it's not a brick.
              The fact that I need to find an old installer version of itunes to add apps to my icloud account to install the outdated version of that app on my ipad is ridiculous.

    • And why does JB bother to mention Samsung? They only needed to mention Android if at all.

      • Karens only know iPhones or "Samsung"

      • It's because when they first brought out the remotes, they were certified for Samsung. There were some hold-outs on an android standard. For example the Sony Xperia (and I think HTC was another) would work better with the apple remote for a year or two. It hasn't been a problem for a while though.

        So they could ensure they worked with Samsung and most androids, just not all.

        You'll notice that all their wireless headphones are android compatible because this no longer matters.

    • You'll still get all audio coming through properly in apple devices, however the volume buttons on the in line remote won't work. These sometimes have issues with the lightning adapter.

      You can get a apple cable for this from Bose at around $50.

  • Despite being an older model, it is still superbly comfortable,and the sound cancellation is so good. I'm constantly impressed with this thing whenever I use it.

  • These are superb. I have mine from 5 years ago. Bought via Ozbargain.

    • Glad to see you had a good experience, but you have to be careful with warranty and returns with Ozbargain.

      I have heard of issues with people posting in the 'forum' section where you request RMAs only to be told to contact the manufacturer or the store you bought it from. Not great customer support.

  • you can turn this into QC35, just buy a bluetooth dongle, been using this on my QC25 for years.

  • Love them. Had got one from HN last year when they were clearing out.

  • Which stores have stock

  • How does this compare to Raycon or Sony XM3?

  • I have this from over 5 years ago. 2 generations old.

    Surpised this is considered a good sale price in 2020.

    • It's because most sellers have cleared out stock and if you want affordable headphones with good noise cancellation that are less likely to have issues with inbuilt batteries down the track such as the wireless ones, then its still a good deal.

      • Exactly, these are still great NC headphones and I've been using mine also for almost five years without fault.

  • I click on the deal above and it goes to an Error Page on JB's ??
    - Right : I guess if it is Out of Stock - then they just pull it - leave empty space.

  • Is the same price in store?

  • Not necessarily a deal but still 100% worth pointing out since these have been retailing at Bose for $199 for over a year now if I'm not mistaken? I've seen them at a few Bose stores but yeah I've daily driven these for 3 years and love them. Great built NC headphones that are one of the comfiest headphones ever.

    • Hmm the retail price is much higher? Did a quick search and couldn’t find any for $199

      • That's because they were replaced 3 years ago. Most stores including JB sold out around 2 years ago, with limited supply popping up every now and then (I assume Bose would find another box/pallet of 1000, or they were shipped from countries that weren't selling their last ones, and offer them to resellers cheap).

        Those that have been selling in the last 2 years have been around $179-249 (search on here shows videopro had them in march for $169)

        • Thanks for sharing. I’m too late and all available stock has been sold out :( Really wanted to get my parents a pair each when they go on holiday.

          Do you recommend any other good noise canceling headphones to look out for less than $300. Mainly for sleeping on planes.

          • @puffingmuffin: These are great if you can swipe a pair on eBay otherwise look out for the WH-1000XM3 which have gone under $300 (barely) in the past aswell as the QC35s otherwise it'll be hard to get ANC headphones for under $300. Audio technica has great headphones for great prices but the comfort isn't the same as Bose

            • @FAFFOUSH: Just be careful with Ebay. I would assume because most places have been out of stock for a while that any from a non-authorised reseller, would probably be knock-offs (even when you see them at comparable prices). So unless you see them from stores like myer/videopro/jbhifi/etc on ebay, I'd steer clear.

              • @dizzle: Very true obviously be very careful around eBay but if you're careful enough you could swipe a really good deal for something that's used

            • @FAFFOUSH: thanks mate, reading up on those sonys. looks good :) i saw a couple of boses on ebay that didn't have retail packaging, were demo models but new. Seems a bit dubious. As i'm giving them to my parents, feels a bit weird without the packaging as a gift, so i'm skipping the ebay option.

  • Thanks for letting us know that this is an Android headphone OP.

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