This was posted 1 year 6 months 23 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Tenda Nova MW3 3pk Home Mesh Wi-Fi System $99.95 Delivered @ Shopping Square


Use coupon code MW3 to get the title price, Discount shows at Checkout.

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    Deal of the MW6 around $150 would be great.

    • I've got the MW6 3 pack from Amazon for $180 a few months ago and it works fine so far. The price at Ebay & Amazon are going up a bit without discount recently.
      Would be a great deal if you are talking about 3 pack

      • The cheapest was $149 for the 3 pack MW6, according to OzBargain.

        • That's correct and I missed that. But really need it so just pulled the trigger for $30 more.

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    Deal on the TP Link Deco M5 for around $150 would be great thanks

    • cheapest was around $220(3packs)…

      • I’d be happy w two :)

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    PSA: MW3 = limited to 100 Mbps WAN & LAN.

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      Wondering why it is not mentioned n specs

      Standard&Protocol IEEE802.3, IEEE802.3u
      Interface 2 Ethernet ports per mesh node
      WAN and LAN on primary mesh node
      Both act as LAN ports on additional mesh nodes

      • its mention on the website:
        2 Fast Ethernet ports per mesh node
        1 WAN and LAN on primary mesh node
        Both act as LAN ports on additional mesh nodes

    • How to make sense out of this :

      Gigabit speed for smooth 4K videos
      Nova MW3 offers data rates up to 1200 Mbps and prioritizes 5 GHz network access, allowing you to enjoy lag-free 4K HD videos.

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        It's all marketing.

        2.5Ghz = up to 300 Mbps.
        5Ghz = up to 867 Mbps.

        300 + 876 (900) = 1200 Mbps.

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          And the ethernet port another bottleneck at 100 Mbps.

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      Yeah I was getting a good 96mbps connection through wired and 5ghz wifi but upgraded to 250mbps NBN this month and now wish I got the MW6.

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    I have the 2 unit model and I'm very happy with it. Small house so don't need 3.

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      Same here, 3 bedder single level, covered by 2 mw3s on 5ghz band almost exclusively in the house and the yard. The microwave oven don't interfere now when it's on.

      Only have 50/20 NBN connection ,so the mw3s are more than enough for us.

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        I'm on 100/50 and have the mw3 and they pull the full available speed - about 85/45

  • Wish they have WiFi 6 and cheaper enough to buy.

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      Come back in 3 years.

      • jv came packing with jokes these days

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    This one is cheap! - MW6 3 pack for $114

    • Thanks mate. Just picked it up

      • dang! it is now out of stock

    • OOS unfortunately

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      I saw this earlier today but it looks deceiving. Once you select see details, there's no indication it's a pack of 3. Would've purchased it otherwise.

    • The following item was also displayed via your link.

      But it appears to be a single unit, not a 3-pack. I assume the MPN was incorrectly used for the item. Maybe that's why some of its prices were really cheap.

      I was about the pull the trigger myself… probably good that I didn't.

    • I was checking every mw6 on ebay earlier this morning, nothing shows $114 for 3 packs

    • Can anyone confirm if this is for a pack of 3 or just 1? I'll cancel my order if it is only for 1 unit.

      • Send them a message and get confirmation

        • I did but haven't heard from them yet.

      • its shows pack of 3 on the title

    • +2
    • it shows $162 now

    • Shows $162 for me

    • Received email from the seller, "Please note that the item purchased is a SINGLE UNIT/PACK. We did not advertise this item as a 3 PACK model"

    • But that still cost more than what's advertised at Shopping Square. What am i missing something? No, I'm not trying to be sarcastic


      • Shopping Square is selling the MW3 3-pack for $99.
        @lmoh97 linked the MW6 (better model), supposedly 3-pack, at a slightly more expensive price, hence the interest.

    • the price has gone up to $162

  • Do these connect into a current modem or the nbn box? How does this differ from a wifi extender?

    • It can be connected both ways. How you should do it depends on your answers to these questions.

      Do you use the landline or mobile to make phone calls?

      Who is the ISP your with?

      • Not the OP, but iiNet/Internode, and mobile to make calls.

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          Tenda doesn't have what's called VLAN 802.1q and iinet and Internode needs VLAN 802.1q. For TPG I suggest the TP-Link Deco M5 or AmpliFi HD by Ubiquiti Labs instead.

          • @Twix: I've already purchased it (buy first, ask later)…

            Anyways, this can connect into my iiNet modem/router and use this for WIFI instead/along with the WIFI from the iinet modem/router correct?

            Fingers crossed.

            • @cowiie: You can do it that way but you loose a few features when doing so. Switch to an IPoE protocol ISP to get all the Tenda options back!

              Turn off the iinet modem wifi.

              • @Twix: Does it matter that I have FTTN? And what’s an IPoE Protocol ISP?

                I know PoE..

                • @cowiie: For FTTN bridge the VDSL2 modem and configure the MW3.

                  In Australia every ISP uses the IPoE or PPPoE protocol. IPoE is a newer protocol and connects automatically when selected in the router settings. PPPoE is an older protocol and you need to input your ISP username and password and if your ISP requires it VLAN 802.1q. ISPs that use the IPoE protocol eg. Superloop & Aussie BB.

                  • @Twix: @twix thanks for the info, you seem to be the guru on this.

                    So are you saying superloop and Aussie BB are superior NBN options.

                    Im looking to sign up for a few home account and a small business.


          • @Twix: That should read for iinet, Internode and TPG I suggest..

      • I'm with Aussie Broadband. Can I connect it directly to the nbn box?

        • +1

          Yeah you can with Aussie BB.

      • Telstra and we use our landline

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    I would love to see a deal on Netgear ORBI

    • $313 for Orbi RBK23 with TGG Commercial but has been OOS for a month (since I made my order) and even Netgear when I contacted their sales team directly have no idea when they're getting new stock into the country.

      I decided this morning that I didn't want to wait indefinitely and went with an eero 3 pack from Amazon for $299 instead and cancelled my order with TGG.

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    anyone know how the mw6 go or if they work with nbn? fibre to the curb

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      Do you use the landline or mobile to make phone calls?

      Who is the ISP your with?

      • tpg and no landlines phone at home

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          Tenda doesn't have what's called VLAN 802.1q and TPG FTTC needs VLAN 802.1q. For TPG I suggest the TP-Link Deco M5 or AmpliFi HD by Ubiquiti Labs instead.

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            @Twix: thanks mate, they making things more complicated then it was back in adsl2+ days.

            • @Alex01: Yeah TPG does make it harder in with some router configurations. IPoE protocol ISPs eg. Superloop & Aussie BB are much easier.

          • @Twix: Would there be similar issues with a provider like Belong?
            Or would you have any recommended WiFi router?


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      I have FTTC and MW6 works great. NBN provides modem as part of FTTC equipment. ISPs saying “Give you a free modem” most of time if you sign a certain contract but really it is working as a router.
      Connect one of the MW6 and download the app then you can set up the whole thing easily and monitor the performance.
      One thing to mention that you need the username and password from your ISP and honestly I spent quite a while looking for that email.

      • so from the nbn fttc machine still stays and the wifi is replaced ?

        • Yeah the NBN connection device stays and you replace your wifi router.

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        You don't always need your ISP username & password. IPoE protocol ISPs eg. Superloop & Aussie BB are automatic.

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      You know the cheapest AX 3 unit mesh starts at like $600?

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    Is this a good alternative to WiFi range extender/forwarder?

    I have a big house where the Ubiquity Unifi LR struggle to cover the far end. Can I use this pack to extend coverage without having to run additional ethernet cable?

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      This is way better than an extender. I used to run extender and would only get 8mbps at the furthest end of the house. Now with this mesh system it’s constant 45mbps. Best low cost mesh system I’ve ever bought. Ended up buying one more for my mum’s place.

      • Did you move around a lot? Just wonder is this better for the device to roam.

        • Both your router and device have to play ball when roaming.

          • @Twix: Understand but I heard that Mesh is still better than Extender. I have wired wireless access point at the other end of the house but sometime the phone still stay connected to the other router until I disable Wifi and re-enable it.

        • Nope it’ll just be one username and password that’s on your router and basically the mesh system connects to the nearest one depending on where you’re located.

          • @nightelves:

            Nope it’ll just be one username and password that’s on your router

            I have the same ID and Password on the router and access point but still won't connect to the nearest one.

            • @superforever: Don’t know about access point. I have router and mesh setup and that’s how it’s worked for me since last year till now.

              • @nightelves: That is why I think Mesh is better but still some people disagree.

                • +1

                  @superforever: I’ve used mesh now for a year now. Would never ever go back to extender purely because you have to create additional wifi names and speed is crap. This mesh system is cheap enough for you to test it out.

            • @superforever: Does your access point let you adjust the wifi power?

            • @superforever: I have a separate ID and password from ISP by email when I signed up. It is different from the router they posted to me with ID and PW on the back.

      • Thanks for the info. So just to confirm, all I need is connecting the LAN cable to the primary unit. Then strategically placing the other 2 so they can wirelessly connect to the primary one then off I go?

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          Yeah that's it.

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      You can use mesh with extra Ubiquiti access points.

      • +1

        Thanks. I did not realize this is possible. This is the way to go then

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      As @Twix mentioned you can create a mesh network by adding an additional Unifi AP. This does not have to be cabled back to the router, you simply add it as a "wireless uplink" device. This would be a far superior solution than adding the Tenda mesh system to your network.

  • Sucks you can't pay via Paypal

  • Anyone know if these have Australian power adapters?

    • +1

      Yes from Shopping Square they do.

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    I've got this one in my reasonably large (30sq) 4 bedroom home. Full bars no matter where I am and has been trouble free. For the price it's great value.

    • +2

      Dear Nova Owner ;-) Quick question - is it possible to scale-up coverage by simply adding additional nodes? eg Buy 2 x 3pc sets and end up with a 6 node mesh?

      • +2

        Dear question asker ;-) Yes - there is an option in the app to 'Add Nova'. I'm not sure if there is an upper limit, but it must be more three.

        • +1

          Thank you, Expert Answerer!

      • What mansion do you live in?

        Yeah you can. Tenda recommended a maximum of 6 of the MW6.

        • +1

          LOL. Mansion it ain't - a 115yo inner city terrace house with solid walls up to 450mm thick.

          Entire block is only 4.5m wide(!!) but almost 80m long.

          Coverage needed not only in the house (at one end of the property) - but also in the Colourbond garage, which is a Faraday cage for weaker wifi signals (at the other end of the property).

          • +2

            @OzDJ_: Thiccc house :-)

            Start with a 3 pack and go from there.

            • +2

              @Twix: More like long house, guess its all perspective lol :]

          • +1

            @OzDJ_: You might want to look into how the nodes interact with each other. They will either all talk to each other (and be able to daisy chain along your block), or possibly the slave nodes can only talk to the primary node (which wouldn't work too well for a block like yours). I'm not able to answer that for you sorry.

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