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Samsung Galaxy A31 128GB/4GB RAM (Black) $229 @ The Good Guys


Good price for this phone.. Unlocked on all networks
RRP is $499 but now 229.. amazon price is $447
might be a price error but.. free pick and i see plenty stock and delivery available too

RAM Size: 4GB
Wi-Fi: YES
Bluetooth: YES
Sensors: YES
Battery: 5000MAH
Operating System: ANDROID 10

The Samsung SAMSUNG GALAXY A31 128GB BLACK's 4G network capability enables you to download data in no time flat. Capture all the detail in landscapes or portraits with its 48MP rear camera. This mobile phone has a 20 MP front camera and an Android 10 operating system. It has a 128 GB storage capacity, so you can save your favourite shows and music. The Samsung phone's 512 GB of expandable storage allows you to expand memory storage. It has a nano SIM card slot. You can look over precise images and text with the phone's 2400 x 1080 pixel screen resolution. It has Wi-Fi, a Bluetooth connection, and GPS capability and is black. This mobile phone has a 159.3mm width, a 73.1mm height, and an 8.5mm depth. It features 5000 mAh battery. Replace your aging mobile device with this Samsung phone.

Pointed out by doweyy $217.55 w/ Officeworks(officeworks.com.au) Price Beat also :)

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys


  • Great find, great deal!

  • +10 votes

    $217.55 w/ Officeworks Price Beat also :)

  • someones review idk "this phone has been released with bugs in the running system From tourch won't work camara crashes so face id and anything related does not work goes off line without knowing about it . SAMSUNG TOOK MY COMPLAINT BUT DID NOT CALL ME LIKE I WAS TOLD RANG GOODGUYS TOLD THEM IM RETURNING IT ASK WHAT PHONES THEY HAVE THIS WAS ONE I WAS TOLD AVAILABLE WHO COMPENSATES MY LOSSES RETURN TRIP RUNNING SWITCH AGAIN ETC DONT SELL DODGY PRODUCT ITS BAD PR"

  • Worth upgrading from A20? Just want a better camera.

  • Bad reviews everywhere lots of bugs might buy and leave unopened and see if they fix the bugs and if not get a refund.

  • +3 votes

    MTK SoC … that alone make me glad I just bought the Oppo A52 yesterday even though it was $70 more, (but did come with a free set of Oppo ET102 ENCO Free earphones).

    • Where was that deal on the A52 and earphones?

      • +1 vote

        Oppo had a promo until June 30, on Amazon AU, free earphones with ten of their phone models: A52, A91, Ax5, RenoZ, and Reno2 Z, (in various colours).

        I went looking since I couldn't get the recent eBay Plus deal.

    • Same, although I didn't get it with the earphones.

      Very slightly worse specs than a Pixel 3a for more than half the price.

      First time I've bought a new/recent phone, couldn't be happier with it!

      • Define 'slightly worse'? Pixel3a has one of the best phone cameras you can get, the A31 is pretty average. This alone is worth the price difference.

        • You can see the comparison here

          Oppo has SD 665 and Adreno 610 GPU, whereas Pixel 3a has SD 670 and Adreno 615 GPU.

          I agree that Pixel cameras are out of this world, but that's because of the software. You can easily find Gcam ports for most phones that support the API (including the Oppo).

    • It also comes with a pre-installed screen protector and a TPU case. Great phone for the price. Has fast charging too.

    • I wonder why the Oppo A52 is cheaper than the Oppo A9 (2000). The specs on the A52 look better.

    • Do you know if there are big differences with the A72 Optus branded?

      • Storage size and better camera on the A72, although both are pretty moot as there's an SD card slot and Gcam ports exist.

  • Buy this or the A20 … ?

  • Need better deal on A51 or A71

  • Thanks OP! Grabbed 2, one for my partner and one for my sister.

  • Well pulled the trigger, its cheap enough that it cant go that wrong
    We will see

  • Is there anyone with this phone comment?


    1 out of 5
    Darren Hulme

    A lemon with lots of bugs
    this phone has been released with bugs in the running system From tourch won't work camara crashes so face id and anything related does not work goes off line without knowing about it . SAMSUNG TOOK MY COMPLAINT BUT DID NOT CALL ME LIKE I WAS TOLD RANG GOODGUYS TOLD THEM IM RETURNING IT ASK WHAT PHONES THEY HAVE THIS WAS ONE I WAS TOLD AVAILABLE WHO COMPENSATES MY LOSSES RETURN TRIP RUNNING SWITCH AGAIN ETC DONT SELL DODGY PRODUCT ITS BAD PR

    Confirmed purchase: 04 June 2020

    Published on: 20 June 2020

    4 out of 5

    Excellent so far, but…
    Smart switch enabled me to transfer everything except outdated apps and some content from my old phone in a matter of a few minutes. Everything on the A31 is pretty intuitive and it is fast and efficient, but… the camera has locked up on me several times and a black screen happened once whilst trying to start a video call on Messenger, and the ONLY solution has been a painfully slow re-start of the phone. So I'm not entirely happy and if it happens again there will be a "please explain and find a solution or you will have to replace my phone". My 'Yes' recommendation is qualified on the basis that the camera lock-up is resolvable, otherwise it's a 'Not.

    Yes, I recommend this product.

    Confirmed purchase: 23 May 2020

    Published on: 08 June 2020

    • I can confirm the bugs have been fixed. I had the same problems as the reviewer. Since the update, they are gone.

  • Excellent battery life, screen.
    Average build quality, gps lock & BLE performance
    Below average camera.
    A20 is a better value per cent spent.

  • These low end Samsung's consistently have bad real world (people who have used it for a few months, not "professionals" reviewers who use them for a day) reviews it seems.

    Prices are always tempting, but not when you end up with a lemon.

    • Cuz it ain't a Fruit phone?

      • No because Samsung seem to make shit on the low end of the market. Much better "cheap phone" options out there it seems. Oppo, Xiaomi, Realme etc.

        • Last Gen was fine to me. Only the gps was an issue.

          • @Wonderfool:

            Only the gps was an issue.

            Lol, so the only issue was with one of the core features of a modern smart phone. Gotcha.

            • @PainToad: Yep. A core modern feature in two dozens of other core features.

              Seems to be good choice to me for a sub 200 phone. You're gonna get compromise somewhere in most budget phones.

              • @Wonderfool: Lol.. the lowest Paintoad will go is an iPhone SE as a budget phone.

                • @bchliu:

                  Lol.. the lowest Paintoad will go is an iPhone SE as a budget phone.

                  Honestly yes. Cheaping out on phones and spending hours messing around with custom roms, launchers etc. ended with my 20s. Now I want a reliable phone. The iPhone SE 2020 really is a bargain for the specs, years of software support and simple warranty.

              • @Wonderfool: No. GPS is something that has to work for most people.

                I've had budget phones for the past 8 years. 2 various Moto G models and two Xiaomi models. None over $250 at their respective time. All of them had no significant bugs.

                Sure, they didn't all have B28, or NFC, or the most amazing cameras. But at least every feature worked. You can't just dismiss someone who legitimately suggests that a phone that is advertised as having certain features and then some of those features literally don't work as being an Apple fan.

                The many reviews of this phone suggesting crashes when accessing the camera is enough to steer me away. If you want to buy broken equipment that's up to you but there's plenty of non-apple options at similar price points. Unless of course you only buy Samsung in which case that's very hypocritical.

                • @Nadder: Oh really? You mean miui 8 to 9's autowake issue wasn't an issue? You mean that miui 11's battery drain to 5 hour sot on 5ah batteries aren't issues? And I'm not counting issues applying to specific phones.

                  Like, I get it, gps is a massive problem, and I get that. But seriously, more budget phones and brands have more issues than you think. As budget phone buyers, we need to do a bit more research than others, and choose phones based on your needs. I am the IT department for my friend circle, and I make sure to tell people to not buy xiaomi incase of app compatibility and taking a year or two to fix bugs, and they'll be too lazy to figure out work arounds.

                  • @Wonderfool: No I agree with you, a lot of budget phones have a lot of problems. I agree that we need to be extra careful in research.

                    That doesn't mean that there aren't better options though. And yes Xiaomi budget phones have had their share of problems, but again as long as research is done they have some crackers as well. Blanket avoiding them "just in case" is something you could say about any company. Aside from my own 2, my wife has had 2, and multiple friends have had them, all with no significant problems. You're more likely to get "app incompatibilities" from Samsung given the homebrew Exynos in a lot of their phones instead of Qualcomm in the good Xiaomis.

                    Also most of my comment I realise now wasn't directed at you but the guy replying to you making the snarky apple comment.

    • I'm pretty happy with my A20 - bit slow but as I get older I care less about how snappy a phone is. As long as I can call, listen to music and navigate without delay I'm happy.

  • Thanks, ordered as a gift for a close friend with a near dead 5 year old low end Samsung. At this price I couldn't pass it up. I've watched a couple of reviews on this phone recently and it seems like decent low end phone despite MTK chipset.

    I have an A20 as a play around with phone and was surprised how competent it is, reviews have this as an overall faster phone.

    • With friends like you surely he doesn’t need enemies 🤣

      • If you saw his current phone (a hand me down from someone else) you would disagree, it overheats and shuts down when he loads the browser so he can only use it to make calls or txt. He's lost or broken every smart phone he's ever owned, usually early in contract so he's stuck on a brick for 18+ months because he can't justify the expense of a good replacement.

  • Good for aging parents maybe. They won't fill it up with junk for example.

  • Thanks OP, great find. Placed an order. Also, got $5 from Shopback.

  • Ok ready for pick up. Let’s see if they hand out the goods.

  • Excellent find. Not sure how you guys find these awesome prices!! Went to officeworks and got a price beat. $217.55 for a $500 phone. That’s a great bargain.

  • Got an A31 swapped for a bunged up A30 under warranty, now with the reviews Im not so sure I scored (and definitely not at this price)… my son seems happy with it though, heard no complaints although its only been 2 weeks or so.

  • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/548583

    Combo with 6.5% for AGL customers

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