The Real Shredded Mozzarella or Tasty Cheese 2kg $15 @ Woolworths


The Real Shredded Mozzarella Cheese 2kg $15.00

The Real Shredded Tasty Cheese 2kg $15.00

Usually the best deal for Mozzarella at Coles or Woolworths is $7.70 for 700g at Coles ($11/kg).

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  • 'How much cheese is too much cheese?'

  • Anyone tried this brand? What's the flavour profile like?

    • Basic. It appears to be excess hospitality stock as it melts well and browns nicely without being too oily or over powering. Great if you like mixing cheeses or have a spiced dish.

      • Yep, you're right it's stock that was destined for commercial use but never made it with the slow down in the hospitality industry. Both Woolies and Coles have taken on excess stock in all categories because of this, most notably with seafood behind the counter where you can buy pretty good quality fish for a reasonable price which you wouldn't be able to get pre-COVID.

        This is a good cheese though, especially for the price point of $15.

    • its not that great. gave it back.

      ive tried them all. best tasting mozzarella cheese is from aldi by far.

      • You actually gave your grocery back because you didn’t like it?

        • that's a true Ozbargainer !!!

          My old man once returned a watermelon to Woolworths, as it was way too ripe (the centre was all liquid and hollow)

      • Give devondale stretch curd a go, not big on flavor but is a good melter and an awesome mixer cheese.

      • Prefer Coles mozzarella to Aldi - I find the Aldi too oily when used as a pizza topping or in lasagna etc, whereas the Coles is more balanced (and also shredded more finely for easier melting).

    • Not mozzarella. But as noted by other posters it melts well and doesn't transmute into an oily blob.
      Flavour wise is closer to cheap Edam (but not quite, can't recall the closest one, but a very similar cheese exists flavour wise) than mozzarella.
      We mixed it with a few other cheeses we had lying around and made a sort of fondue with sufficient guilt-inducing results.
      For the price is better than other shredded cheeses.

  • Made in USA… (Tasty)

  • Literally just bought this yesterday for $16.50. It's all processed in the US and then packaged here.

    Tastes like cheese, no better or worse than home brand.

  • Pass. Not Australian.

  • Saw this the other day at regular price, I'll dip in and try it out. We go through a fair bit of mozzarella due to kids.

  • 'made in nz' from US cheese … so the label is misleading "Real Dairy Australia"

  • Wisconsin makes some of the best cheeses in the world, but I doubt it's any of the good stuff, as practically nothing pre-shredded is.

    at this price though, I won't be too fussed.

  • Not sure how long it'll take me to go through 4kgs of cheese (ie one each)! Wonder if it keeps for long

  • Grated dry cheese like this freezes well if anyone is worried about the amount. Keep it all the freezer and take out what you need when you need it.

  • Is this the only Tasty Cheese or no other cheese is tasty?

    • I find at this price point it's more about texture than taste, but maybe it's COVID has killed my ablity to taste …

  • So it's cheese made in USA, shipped to New Zealand to be packed, then shipped again to Australia to be sold with the brand name "Real Dairy Australia" and labelled "made in New Zealand". To top it off, it's even sold for less than real Aussie made cheese. Ridiculous…

  • Great pizza and lasagne topper. Been buying this brand since came out, browns really well, doesn't turn to a mess. If care about flavour mix in some tasty or whatever.

  • Look at the ingredients. Anti caking agent. Processed cheese, not good.

    • Looks ok to me for shredded cheese. It is pretty much expected that shredded cheese includes an anti-caking agent.

    • Anticaking agent 460 is just powdered cellulose (as in plant cell walls) to stop the cheese clumping. I’m yet to see any evidence that it’s substantially worse than eating any other insoluble fibre for most people, that is unless you consider click-bait on social media to be “evidence”.

  • Good deal, cheaper than what get 2KG packs from wholesalers.

  • how long does shredded cheese keep in the fridge?

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