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MyRepublic nbn 250/25 Unlimited $109/Month @ MyRepublic


$20/month less than everyone else.

No contract if you supply your own router.

150Mbps Typical Evening Speed (7-11pm)~
Available at selected nbn™ FTTP addresses

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  • +9

    Look I would love 250 down but the up should stay at 50 instead of 25

    • +8

      NBN's decision. Not relevant to ISPs.

      • Think they were just voicing general annoyance with the… Lovely structure of NBN plans rather then complaining about ISPs.

        • Yep, well, this is what Australia voted for in 2013, 2016 and 2019.

          • @FTTNope: Exactly, most Australian's bought this upon themselves next time don't vote blindly for who your parents vote for and read into politics a little. Had tons of time to change course but nope, here we are. Infuriating.

  • +35


    It'd be nice if My Republic could actually maintain normal speeds first…oh yeah and not bill people who've left months ago….

    Awful company. Awful support.

    Pay $20 more, don't cheap out and be disappointed.

    • +4

      I wish I had more upvotes to give this comment.
      Absolutely awful company to deal with - trying to get a refund for the months they continued to charge me after I cancelled was a nightmare.

      • +2

        Yep, unforgiveable. Were stuffing my elderly parents around for months and I warned them they would…. Ensured they kept proof too.

        No way anyone should support such behaviour.

        Speed went between 5 and 10 times faster on Fixed Wireless for them switching to ABB. So much for thinking the tower was the issue.

      • +2

        Similar experience. You would never ever want to encounter any sort of problem with this company whether it be technically or billing. Just horrendous lack of customer support.

      • Same thing is happening to me

    • I was with them in Singapore and never had any issues. The infra there is of course a billion times better but the support was top notch too. Wonder how they managed to screw it up this bad here.

      • Can't say without being racist lol.

        Just watch the 1hour stand up from Ronny Chieng on Netflix for some laughs and a possibility onto why.

        He's just shitting on the US but is relatable to Aussie too.

  • +19

    Probably a key note is that the typical speed is 150mbps compared to ABB's 215mbps.. worth $20 more? Each to their own.

  • +7

    A bit annoyed on their support though, they do not have hotline numbers and can only contact via chat.

    • Absolutely, email and chat is the only comms with this ISP, (to be fair the NBN network can also be shite).

      • +2

        Had to deal with Harvey Norman like that and also Kayo who charged me when they shouldn't have….

        Never again.

        Email only is an easy way to be ignored.

        • +1

          At least with email you have a record of the communication for the following ombudsman case.

          I'd rather email/live chat than get irritated on the phone.

          • @mortymorty: Fair point. But they are less likely to ignore you on the phone so it hopefully doesn't need to elevate.

    • +2

      Avoid any NBN RSP with no phone support. I picked SuperLoop for that particular reason: their call centre is in Adelaide and all of the support is Australian based. Support local business and enjoy the better product.

      • I am also with SL, one thing that shits me is there lack of email support, I don’t have time to wait 60 mins on the phone.

  • +15

    Throwing in a downvote for their typical speed of 150mbps. Seems like they are offering the 250/25 service over provisioned to thus giving people slower speeeds, well below the 250mbps they are signing up for.

    Aussie Broadband maybe $20 more, they they also are typically 75mpbs faster

  • In with my republic for almost a year now. Had less than 10 drop outs in that time frame.
    I get 90+ down every time I do a speed test.
    But ill probably go to aussie broadband once my contract is over as Aus owned & Aus CS

    • Is 10 drop outs considered good on nbn? I haven't switched to NBN yet and in the 15 years I've had cable internet I don't even think I've had 10 drop outs in total.

      • What kind of NBN? FTTN, FTTB, FTTC, FTTP, HFC?

        5 dropouts = NBN fault territory and you should escalate to your ISP.

        • I'm not on nbn, was just commenting that 10 drop outs in 1 year sounds terrible.

  • +1

    Kinda regret swapping to them from ABB, absolutely 0 notifications of outages and some very patchy service. Had neither with ABB.

    • -3

      Had no end of issues with ABB … they kept blaming everyone else for 6 months including my equipment then threw in the towel despite all the evidence and logs I provided that point to their authentication in the network. Switched to Tangerine and not a single issue for 6 months. ABB was once good but now creaking terribly under the weight of their own early success/popularity.

      • Ah yes, based on your dataset of one data point. #TrumpLogic

  • Oversold network and CGNAT?

    • Yeah they use CGNAT. Static IP $8/month.

  • +2

    150Mbps Typical Evening Speed (7-11pm)~ Yeah nah thanks

  • Will this work on FTTB?

    • Nope just FTTP.

  • I really doubt the nbn can reach 250m/s

    • @congo - Available at selected nbn™ FTTP addresses

    • +1

      FTTP can reach gigabit speeds.

    • +4

      Thanks to Labor parts of the network can do much more:

    • +1

      I'm on HFC with ABB and my typical evening speed is 850Mbps. Off peak it's 947Mbps.

      Way more than my aging i7-6700K can handle the steam download however, best was 750ish Mbps on FFXV (92GB) download.

      • What area are you in? I'm on HFC as well but they won't sell me 250 or 1000Mbps.

        • Parramatta Area.

        • You have to wait. HFC upgrades are a work in progress.

        • +1

          7% of HFC are good for gigabit, 70% for 250/25. NBN lotto

  • +2

    "150Mbps Typical Evening Speed (7-11pm)~"

    Functionally false advertising/deliberately shaped network design

    • All ISPs have to list the typical evening speed since the ACCC said so.

  • +4

    Disclaimer: Personal Opinion: This is a SHIT company. They actually fake internet speed tests results by prioritizing traffic to speedtest server IPs.

    • That's what Dodo and another company I can't remember the name of were doing. Got fined heavily for displaying only the highest percentage numbers as typical speed.

    • Can confirm this, I was pulling my hair out even went and purchased a new router to try fix the issue.

      In the end I had two active nbn services to test this theory as Aussie Broadband was offering the first month free. Had them both on the same plan speeds and there was a huge difference between the two. This was november last year.

  • +1

    i was with these guys for a while had constant slow speeds, setup another account with aussie broadband on the same speed plan and was much faster. I have a feeling they prioritize traffic to speed test websites to make it seem like your getting fast speeds.

  • +2

    Would not recommend, they oversell their bandwidth allocation. I got 10% of advertised speed during peak times and gave me the run around with Tech support to "diagnose the problem". Kept charging me after I'd cancelled the service. Took weeks of emailing back and forth to get refunded.

  • +1

    Good find OP, but with what I'm hearing/seeing about the company I couldn't call it a deal. Better off just dropping to the 100/40 (or 100/20) or paying the extra $20 then deal with them.

  • also had bad experience , cheap for a reason, very happy to pay extra for aussie broadband, if u have a byo modem router, they r better than rest 2 help setup, i needed 4g backup without main player pricetag, and they got goin after their listed hours, great helpdesk & local call centre

  • Not a chance of going with my republic. Peak speed times of half should be illegal. Problem is the CVC cost is so high that it’s impossible for retailers to supply consistency. Lastly 25Mbps is purely because of HFC not being able to handle it. Symmetrical or nothing NBN you absolute clowns.

    • We'll never get symmetrical, that'll be kept for businesses. But something above a 10th of the download would be nice… But then I guess that would show off just how far behind fttn/c and HFC are.

  • FTTP here with MyRepublic for about 2 years. So when I first got the 100/40 plan at $60 a month it was amazing. Constantly getting 90/30 when wireless and having no issues playing games online or downloading content. I was talking up this company for a long time. Until 6 months ago. They changed to 50/20 as the standard and started charging $70. No big deal still good internet. But then the drops outs began back January. Since then I have had them constantly plus the download speeds are clocking in some nights at 1.8mb/500kb.

    It is fun when I bought Ghost Of Tsushima digitally. And it took 3 days to download. Tried changing Modem and didn't improve at all. Not going to mess around and will just change providers.

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