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Halo Down Jacket $99.99 Delivered @ Macpac


Men’s and women’s Halo down jacket for $99.99 with free shipping (although it’s technically under the minimum $100 free shipping threshold, it seems to be free shipping). Seems to be in stock and available in all colours. Best to go a size down with these jackets. Available in store as well.

note: the last time this was posted, some had issues with items showing as in stock, but was out of stock upon check out. I’m hoping there’s no issues this time round.

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  • Good jacket. As stated go one size down.
    Also should be available in store if that’s easier for you.

    • Excellent jacket, have one from previous deal. Also have the Kathmandu Epic v2 - the Kathmandu beats this one though. The twin zippers are big bonus and make jacket more comfortable to wear when sitting down.

    • So does that mean go down a size from their size guide recommendation? I’m 95cm chest which would be S. Should I go XS? (I’m typically a S in Kathmandu)

      • Yes, definitely go down a size

      • +2 votes

        I don't agree with the size down recommendation. I normally wear a medium and the medium of this jacket fits well. Not too baggy but can still wear jumper underneath if required, and sleeve length is fine.

        I guess the advice should be either try on in store, or buy both sizes and return the one that you don't like the fit of. Pay with PayPal for free postage on your return.

    • Does sizing down also apply to the uber jacket?

      • years ago, Macpac was great and more serious outdoor focused, now it seems to be catering more to the mass market and "larger" end of town. Still some bargains to be found.

        I agree with sizing down

    • I think it's true to size for women. Also depends if you're the sort of person that likes to wear another hoodie or jumper underneath!

  • Will wait for when the hooded one goes on sale (usually about $129).

  • How does this compare to a Kathmandu Heli V3?

    • I bought a Heli once and returned it, very little loft to the down and not warm at all. I haven't used the Halo, but my Aldi down and my Patagonia ultralight are both much warmer than the Heli. It was like wearing a cotton sweater.

  • Have one and I am so happy with it. I don't use the hood much, but knowing that I have one makes me feel good, so I went with that. This thing is warm and light!

  • Nice warm jacket. Some down does work it's way out though quite frequently, so might not last that long

  • This jacket will help you defeat the covenant

  • How does this compare to Uniqlo jackets?

  • It's a very good winter jacket. My son used it last year whilst in Europe for winter. Packs nice and small in its pouch and washes very easily in the washing machine.

  • +11 votes

    I want one of these, but literally when you're out you look like a freakin clone. Everyone wears them, and looks the same 🤣

  • For the people who are getting this shipped, I added this to the cart to push it over $100.


  • Aldi has almost identical looking Jacket going up for sale on Saturday.



    It’s $50.

    Bought last years one. Made under the Aldi “Crane” brand and that has been excellent. The one selling this year looks to be very similar to the one I bought.

    • +2 votes

      Aldi ones are a tad ugly though (in my opinion). Partner bought one for me last time and returned it. Grabbed a Macpac instead when on sale as foumd much nicer and less "blocky" looking. Ok…twice the price but as it would last a few years bought what I preferred over bargain value! Each to their own though and Aldi ones are excellent value as always.

      • Ya I agree. My Aldi one is bulky compared to the “lite” thinner style Kathmandu down jackets in comparison. But also much warmer Than the “lite” thinner Kathmandu jackets. Seems macpac market the “lite” ones or them as ‘Uber Light Down Jacket’. Haven’t seen MacPac in real life so can’t say if their warmer or not

        • Macpac are like the current Kathmandu down jackets. They are very light and fit for purpose. I do have a much heavier jacket for cold. These are great for adding just an extra layer or even over a tee shirt on a cool (not icy cold) days. Lots of seams so wind will get through those but I just chuck a light wind sheater on which solves that. It's all about being light and easy to store. Certainly not as main Jacket going out on cold windy mornings!

          • @Borg:

            Certainly not as main Jacket going out on cold windy mornings!

            But a cold windy morning in Canberra or in Sydney? thats exactly what I want this for :) the cold windy mornings with the dog

            • @cholas: I have worn my Aldi “Crane” branded down Jacket in Kangaroo Valley in mid winter. Where temperature in the early morning would have been max 3-7centigrade and it kept me comfortable. When walking.

            • @cholas: You'd never wear these in Victoria. Way too cold and the COVID-19 virus loves Macpac fabric.

            • @cholas: Am in Sydney and it's good for that especially when walking as one warms up. The fact that it's light makes it ideal. One can unzip if one gets too warm. Highly recommend.
              Other: obviously it also comes down to what you are wearing underneath. This is just an extra layer warm but light.

  • I find sizing with Macpac odd. My Mrs is normally a size 14, but when we tried this jacket on she is a size 20. Needless to say she was rather unimpressed.

    • Odd, most people go down a size for this jacket. Ie, normal size L, macpac size M.

    • Get her to try on the guys version; the ladies versions tend to be a tighter fit.

      • Yep. My mrs probably prefers mine. She got a size 8 or 10 in this. Even for me I got a size small! Medium is huge. You want it to be somewhat snug, it's not mean to be a loose / overcoat jacket.
        I was up in Mansfield last week -2c in the morning and with a t-shirt on you're fine with this jacket..
        They're well worth it, especially at this price.

        • I’m in Melbourne and I’ve gone the other way. I’ve got the MacPac Uber one but I’ve started wearing a tshirt, thermal and light top and this is, generally, warm enough for my daily “exercise”. The coat comes out if it is under 10 degrees. I try to walk briskly so, after about 10 minutes, I have to take the coat off and stow it.

    • Oh no, don't tell me this, I am a size 20 and bought a size 20 >.<

      Hope it fits

      Maybe your mrs was just wearing a very thick jumper underneath? (Hopefully?)

  • The official OZBARGAIN winter down jacket.

    • Shouldn't this award go to the Macpac Uber Light Down Jacket?

      The ULD has 650 CUIN with 90/10 RDS Duck Down
      The Halo (on the other hand) has 600 CUIN with 80/20 RDS Duck Down

      What am I missing here?

  • I love my Halo (had it for more than 10 years, use it daily) but the one thing that drives me crazy is the way the draught-liner keeps getting caught in the zipper! I've ripped the liner in several places after getting frustrated with it over the years. Despite this it's still going strong: warm, light, easy to pack and wash.

  • Velcro on the sleeves kills it for me

    • +2 votes

      Actually the Velcro was a plus point for me. It keeps the sleeves above the hands. On occasion when wanting to keep the hands warm….carrying a bag or the likes, one can pull the arms down and the velco keeps hands inside arms. Love it :-)

      • Edit: Perhaps not velcro but the elastic around the wrist area.

        • yeh prefer if they had the elastic around the sleeves than velcro. Anything with velcro on clothes makes it look cheap IMO.

          • @rendezvous: ……it is elastic. There is no Velcro so not sure about your initial comment i.e. you wrote: Velcro on the sleeves kills it for me

            • @Borg: Are you sure there is no velcro? I went to have a look instore and can see velcro on the wrist part of the jacket in the photos. Can anyone confirm?

              • @rendezvous: Are you asking about Halo or Uber. If Uber….I am wearing one right now and no velcro. If you were originally talking about Halo, then apologies, not sure?
                EDIT: Pic looks like Velcro on cuffs so yeap will now assume you mean Halo. Sorry.

                • @Borg: Am an idiot. Bloody OP clearly states "Halo". Link goes to both so my comments were about Uber which I own. Doh!

  • This a great jacket, but very thin material and delicate.
    Kathmandu jackets are much more 'everyday'

    • dont exactly agree there, I own both macpac halo and kathmandu heli. Theyre basically the same execept macpac is a little bit heavier, plus its nylon so stronger fabric compared to the heli's polyester. I would definately pick macpac over kathmandu.

      • will you prefer this or the hoodie ?

        • Personal preference really. The one without the hoodie, when you fully zip up, it still entirely covers your neck. I own the hoodie one though, its a little bit annoying when driving your car because the buldge of the hoodie pushes your neck forward, i usually take it off when driving, then put it on when i get out.

      • heli > halo

        Had the halo, cooked me alive and felt flimsy.
        Have the heli now, my new everyday jacket.

      • you should be comparing the macpac halo with the kathmandu epiq. the macpac uber light is in the same category as the kathmandu heli

  • i'm an android fanboi but must confess this is not bad…

  • I really dont know why this is better than the $20 kmart is selling? Is it warmer more durable or what?

  • Wish they have the brick color one in one of those model pics

  • I'm not going out anywhere this winter. Does it smell duck if I keep it in drawer for 1 year?

  • +1 vote

    wish their will have a stuff into pocket option soon. always gets so stressed out when i think i have lost my pouch. the pouch value is high as the jacket simce i use it for travelling. now i keep my pouch zipped in one pocket.

    for aussie weather u will use the uber light a lot more than halo. it is still warm, just layer up.

    watch out for the female uber light long version on sale. comes down to $70 and has a pouch. bargain! macpac used to do %discount codes but haven’t seen any lately. If u dont need any now i would wait.

  • Should I get this or Kathmandu, North Face, Columbia, Patagonia, etc… I’m new and don’t know the differences.

  • Brisbane doesn't really get that cold for one of these, puffer jacket be alright.
    I've got a good Macpac technical hoodie, with extra windproof panels and fleece which has been good, bit tatty now and would probably get a size down next time.

    Are Macpac still using real duck down in 2020..

    • "Brisbane doesn't really get that cold for one of these"

      What are the chances of seeing you in Melbourne soon? You should pay us a visit. We are missing the rest of Australia.

      • Yes it's unfortunate, Just saying would get a lot more use for proper warm jackets down there, not a Qld hoodie :P

  • How does the Halo compared to the Kathmandu 500gsm down jacket?

  • Do they stay waterproof for long?

    • +1 vote

      Don't think its very waterproof. Got drenched when it started raining heavily. It's probably good for light rain.

    • Yep, not really suitable as a raincoat as it's not waterproof, but getting caught in some light rain isn't an issue.

  • Whoops, thought this was goose down not duck down. Have they always been duck down?

  • Bought, thanks OP!

  • This is a great jacket, but a pain in the ass to wash. Anyone knows how to wash it easily?

  • Do they have any jackets without animals inside?

    • Yes, just don't buy a down (that's from a bird) or merino (that's from a sheep) garment. Pretty straightforward isn't it?

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