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Lenovo ThinkPad E14 Gen 2 14", AMD Ryzen 5 4500U, 8GB DDR4 3200, 256GB SSD $869.00 @ Lenovo Education Store (EDU Email Required)


This looks like a really good deal for the latest gen Ryzen on a ThinkPad. The E14 and E15 seem to be replacing the popular E495 and E595. This is my first post, please let me know if I'm missing anything.

Note: Screen only covers 45% of sRGB.

ThinkPad E15 15" $859.00 https://www.lenovo.com/au/en/education/laptops/thinkpad/thin...

Both can be upgraded to the 4700U and/or additional memory, storage etc.

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              • @Zazer: Its all good, thanks for reply though :)
                I ended up buying the Dell G7 gaming laptop for $2000. I think this should last for sometime.

      • Would running this with an external monitor solve the slow display issue?

        • Depending on the monitor specs, yes. If it's an everyday cheap one then no, would depend on the refresh rate of the monitor in question.

  • Weight - Starting at 1.59 kg

    Seems a bit heavy, but great price

    • It is heavier, I just posted a lighter, slower option in the comments (t495s) 3500u PRO (4c, 8t) $1229.00.

  • If anyone is interesting in a lighter, higher quality T-Series ThinkPad the T495s is also available starting at $1229.00 https://www.lenovo.com/au/en/education/laptops/thinkpad/thin... , this is an older model with a 3500U Pro (4c/8t, not the standard 3500U). It will be lighter for those of you who need to keep weight down for flights and should have a superior build quality/keyboard.

  • Is it overpriced for $1,699? I think it should be the normal price for this model. The retail price in china for this model with R7 4700U, 8+8G ram, windows installed, 512G ssd is only ¥4499 which is around $900 AUD.
    Check it here if you can read Chinese.

    • Thank you for the links, it is very overpriced at the RRP of $1699.00, I think that's reflected in Lenovos marketing strategy. Your links are better value; how does one go about buying from the Chinese store? Is it possible?

  • +2

    Might be worth noting that these seem to ship out in 8 to 10 days where as some of the other Lenovo laptops have a shipping date of 7 to 10 weeks.

  • is it too late to claim during tax?

    • Just in another income year :)

  • Great deal, thanks.

  • +1

    I think the RedmiBook 16 is better value and much better specs. 144 Hz 100% sRGB screen.

    Aliexpress AU $1,077.88 20%OFF | Xiaomi RedmiBook 16 Laptop Ryzen 7 4700U 16GB DDR4 512GB SSD Windows 10 Notebook Big 1080P HD Screen Laptop


    • Looks good, I couldn't find a 144hz option; the seller states that it can output 144hz through the HDMI/dp port. TechTablets has a review of the redmibook on YouTube, it's a good option.

    • +1

      There are a few caveats though. 1. There is no webcam, important for some folks. 2. No kb back light. 3. Comes with a sata m.2 drive, so speeds max out at 600mb/s

      • There are a few downers. Slow RAM, no backlight KB, no webcam, no card reader. 300 nit 100% sRGB screen though.

    • The $1077 variant is the R5, 8gb ram and 512gb SSD. Still, looks like a nice laptop.

    • Another caveat is that if there's any issues, you'll have to RMA back to China. The quality control of the Redmi seems to be bit of an untested area for English media, but a Chinese review on YouTube (https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=mycjIqMcK_c) showed the device can have some quirks (and he had quality issues on camera that warranted a RMA, likely SSD and thermal related).

    • +1

      Another caveat, ram is 2400mhz which limits the performance of the ryzen processor. So it won't be as fast as others that run with 3200mhz ram.

      • it's listed as 3200 though or is that not what the 3200 means in the title

        • Nah that's not what it means. Google the specs of it and suss it out

          • @KonkyDong: You can replace the RAM thought right?

            • @Gazpacho: Pretty sure the ram is soldered. If it isn't let me know cause I'll probs but one lol

  • Quick question - given my plan on using this will be connecting a docking station and 2 separate screens - would this then be a good performacne machine?

    The only time i'd need the actual screen would be if i'm note taking on MS Word or something similar.

    • Spec wise this is the best value for money so far in my opinion. If more processing power is needed opt for the 4700u. Overall, it's cheaper than the their budget ideapad series for similar specs but better quality

      • My only (Main) need for it is the MS Office Suite and Web Browsing on chrome. (Will upgrading to Ryzen 7 be even noticeable)

        My main requirements is it is quiet/cool and reliable and hopefully long lasting

        Assuming it's graphics card can power two screens through a docking station.

  • Thinking of upgrading a laptop for a year 9 student who likes to play League of Legend. Should I get this E14 or a Yoga?
    Currently using a Lenovo ThinkPad E450 Intel Core i5-5200U.

    • If you'd like to keep cost down, then the E14

  • Which Yoga are you referring to? The are a few demonstrations on YouTube of the 4500u running League of Legends. For example Tech Epiphany is one of them. LOL is obtaining over 90fps at 1080p.


    • I haven't decided on which series of Yoga yet. My budget is around 1K or less. Any suggestions?

  • I'm unable to check, but it seems if you create a 'Student Beans' account and log in to Lenovo with that, you may get a further discount!

    "Up to an extra 15% off Online at Lenovo

    Unlock up to an extra 15% off at Lenovo with Student Beans.

    Verify your student status to gain access to the Lenovo education store and get up to an extra 15% off on Lenovo items.

    Simply register with Student Beans to verify your student status and get your student discount today!"

    Source: https://connect.studentbeans.com/v2/lenovo/au

    • I checked via Student Beans and the price is same

  • Thank you @Rogerrra for the info about the following option.

    Did anyone download the Chinese App Taobao in their phone and buy the one on Chinese site with 512GB SSD and 16GB DDR4 for $850?

    I tried but unable to change the app language to English

  • Thanks OP! Purchased the ThinkPad E15 Gen 2 with R7 4700U, with upgraded 8GB memory, upgraded to 512GB SSD and fingerprint reader for $1206! :)

    PS: Created an edu email to access the deals with a college in the states. :D

    • How do you do this? Did u have to pay anything?

      • You can create one yourself, google is your friend. :D
        And no need to pay anything.

  • Says on spec sheet https://psref.lenovo.com/Product/ThinkPad/ThinkPad_E15_Gen_2... that 24GB ram is supported? Sweet.

    Just brought an E15 AMD Gen 2 4500U and all the online info is for the intel versions, trying to work out if theres a free 2.5" dummy bay on the inside.

  • Anyone have any idea if this processor is capable in video editing, or is a dedicated graphics card still the way to go? Thanks

    • This processor is capable of video editing, but the screen is not colour accurate and is only 45% NTSC. It also depends on what you want to edit. There is an 8 core version called the 4700u in a slightly higher price bracket if more performance is needed. They are all faster CPUs than certain flagship 10th gen Intel i7s in multi-threaded workloads.

  • Just a comment that I triggered my Amex offer of spending $1500 getting $150 back from buying two of these machines. Was a pleasant surprise

    • My amex offer ended two weeks ago

      • +1

        I received an email about it, i think you're right though that it was supposed to be expired. i will see how it goes

        • Hope it is a glitch. Btw, the T&C says it only applies to products shipped before 5 July. Good luck.

          • @evatron: looks like despite the terms and conditions, as the transactions were posted (held?) before the deadline, it went through!

  • Anyone have any experience in ordering from Lenovo? How long does the "10-15 business days" usually take?

    • I ordered on the 1st July. They say it will ship on the 8th of July and it won’t arrive till the 28th of July. No idea how that works unless they are shipping from overseas which I guess is possible.

    • I ordered 1st July as well and it's just showing the order date on the timeline, nothing shows on the "Expected to Ship" and "Expected to Arrive" date

  • I am not getting an option to add Intel wireless ax to my e15 gen 2 4700 order. Has anyone got the part number?

    • Currently the AX wifi card option is only available on the E14g2. No idea when Lenovo will fix this. Maybe try the chat function to see if the rep can add it manually.

  • +3

    Posting here on the off chance someone from Lenovo AU sees: Offer a screen upgrade.

    • +1

      I would buy if I could upgrade the screen.

  • +3

    How long is this offer going to last?

    • Doesn't seem to be indicated anywhere. I'd like to know as well.

    • I asked the Support 1p on chat and he said it's till 16th of this month.

  • Just bought the Lenovo Slim 5 14" Ryzen 5 4500U, 8GB DDR4, 256GB SSD, a slightly lighter and more visually appealing option for $939 via same link. Thanks OP!

  • Does anyone know if there will be any issues with Dual Channel performance if a 16GB stick is added alongside the soldered 8GB? Or should I add 8GB?

    • I added a 4GB stick to an 8GB 2500U laptop and still achieved a big 3D performance improvement, so I think you would be okay to add 16GB

  • Shipping update - ordered on morning of July 2, expected to ship July 7, expected to arrive July 27.

    • My arrival date was going to be the 27th July. I just checked this morning and now it’s saying 15th August. I have a funny feeling that the 7 to 10 day shipping thing isn’t going to work out that way.

    • How are you guys getting a expected shipping date? My "expected to ship" date is blank (ordered on 2nd of July).

      • I ordered on the 1st and it took about 3 days for it to show up. It’s changed 3 times now though.

        • Thanks mine updated today.
          Expected to Ship
          July 15, 2020

          Expected to Arrive
          July 31, 2020

          • @videoman: Mine was changed today :(

            Expected to Ship
            July 20, 2020

            Expected to Arrive
            August 5, 2020

            • @videoman: They changed it back and mine was shipped yesterday.

              July 15, 2020

              Expected to Arrive
              July 31, 2020

              • @videoman: Do we get a tracking number once shipped?

                • @sandyaus: Yes I got the tracking number of the bulk shipment to Sydney. It looks like they bulk ship multiple orders together to Australia and then post them out to individual people when they get to Australia.

  • has anyone used .edu mail address ? or does it need an .edu.au address specifically ?

    • +1

      Doesn't need to be .edu.au.

      You can use .edu email ad from other countries.

      • Thanks mate

  • Don't have an edu email address. However, CSR on chat agreed to price match the education store price.

    • Did they price match it because you said you were a student or they just price matched it anyway?

  • +2

    Whilst the price and specs look attractive, I am negging this deal only to attract attention so anyone ordering from Lenovo doesn't get caught by surprise if they don't receive their order for many weeks or months.
    I ordered ThinkPad E595 (as per the recent deal) on 18 June. Shipment date was quoted as 3-6 July. I also received order confirmation with the expected shipment date 3 - 6 July.
    However at the end of June Lenovo changed the expected delivery date to 21 September!!!
    I got in touch with them but they keep saying that there is nothing they can do "due to parts shortage".
    So guys, be aware and order at your own risk.

    • Not sure what the status is like now, but I ordered mine on July 2 and the shipment arrived in Australia yesterday. Estimates are now "within 5 weeks" though so it's less certain than when the deal was posted.

      • I ordered as I posted the deal and it shipped on the sixth. YMMV, Lenovo is known for their poor shipping times and sometimes even worse after sales service.

        • I have to say i'm not happy with their customer service. I ordered this laptop and paid for it. Decided i wanted to upgrade my laptop and they said i would have to cancel the order and reorder. Which i did. But the request to refund my order was canceled and during the time since that has happened they've now shipped the laptop. After many emails and phone calls saying i will be refunded and i can reorder. So now i'm still waiting for a refund, my laptop is now in sydney and i keep getting told the shipping will be stopped. The customer service person told me if it gets to me to reject the delivery and it'll get sent back to them then they'd refund. What a joke these guys have been. Seems like there's lots of different departments not comunicating properly. Either way i havent' ordered another one and really don't want to after this shamozzle.

  • Gen 2 if is a newer model seems to be on a lower configuration.

    Gen 2 - AMD Ryzen 7 4700U (8C / 8T, 2.0 / 4.1GHz, 4MB L2 / 8MB L3) & 8GB RAM
    Gen 1 - AMD Ryzen 7 PRO 4750U (8C / 16T, 1.7 / 4.1GHz, 4MB L2 / 8MB L3) & 16 GB RAM

    Are the processor numbers meant to increment for newer generations ?

    • Shoot the URL through, I can't find it. The 4750U is an upgrade, yes.

      • My Bad, The Gen 2 is an E14 and Gen 1 is T14; They probably don't have the Gen2 in T Series yet.
        Too many overlays on the Processor numbers just confuse me :(

  • +1

    Why is E15 15" $859.00 cheaper?

  • still yet to receive shipping info. Purchased on 6/7. Is anyone else in a similar situation?

    • It took them about a week before they gave me a "expected to ship" date.

      • How many weeks is your eta?

        • Read my other comments on this deal where I mention the dates. It has already been delayed 1 extra week.

    • I've purchased on the 5/7 and still no update on the expected to ship date. Shipping estimates to be 6-7weeks at checkout.

      • Got my details today. Purchased 6/7, ship 23/7 eta 10/8.

  • Exceptional prices, especially considering where the AUD is at the moment. Wonder why they're so cheap.

  • +3

    i managed to negotiate a better price than the education store through chat. Paid $1174.80 for the E14 Gen 2 Ryzen 7, 16 gb, 512 ssd, fingerprint reader and intel ax200.

    • Nice, did you just asked them via live chat?

      • Yeah i spoke with the chat representative and they sent through a quote.

        • They sold out the Ryzen 7 and offered me Ryzen 5 for $1,085 for similar specs. I can customise the same Ryzen 5 specs for $1,081 so I passed.

    • A true OB! =D

  • Anyone physically received one of these that has any comments to share? :)

  • +3

    I ordered an E14 with a 4700U, 256GB SSD and 16gb of memory on the 1st and it arrived today (the 15th).

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