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amaysim BYO Sim Plan 35GB $10 (for First 28 Days, $30 Thereafter) + $21 Cashback via Cashrewards


Get the 35GB plan for a discounted $10 via Cashrewards and get $21 cashback. $11 Profit.


New added terms:
Effective 01/07/20: Cashback is eligible for new & existing amaysim customers purchasing a new SIM and limited to one cashback per month per Cashrewards account.

Plan Inclusions:
35GB data
Unlimited standard talk & text
Unlimited standard international talk to 28 countries
Unlimited standard international text to 42 countries
Additional data: 7.2c/MB or $10 for 1GB
All for use in Australia
28 days expiry.

Referral Links

Referral: random (4323)

$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 90 days.

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  • Good deal - its a pity that you can only do Amaysim with Cash Rewrads once only

    • +4

      You might be right.

      Although the new rule does say one per month per account. That indicates you can claim once every month within the same account.

      • +1

        Oh really, I wasnt aware of that change. That's good if correct

    • +1

      it says once per month. assuming if people haven't bought last month they should be eligible..
      @TA can u clarify.. thank

  • Surely if things go according to plan the profit should be $11 ($21 - $10) rather than $9??

    • Corrected now. I have no idea what I was thinking haha.

  • Do you know when this needs to be activated by please?

    • As per the T&Cs:

      Cashback is eligible only on a new service (SIM) which is activated within 30 days of purchase. If the sale is withdrawn and/or refunded, or if the service (SIM) is not activated within 30 days of purchase, the transaction will be deemed cancelled and cashback will not be awarded.

  • +1

    @OP add cashrewards link rather amaysim link in post as Cashrewrds will redirect to amaysim anyway. just an opinion

    • I had to use the store link due to the rules. But I have the correct link in the body.

  • ..and we can add a refferal too for an extra $10, right?

    • Cashrewards referral, yes I assume so. No rules stating that you can't.

  • +2

    Shopback the same

    As of 1.7.2020, cashback is eligible for new and existing amaysim customers purchasing a new SIM and limited to one cashback per month per ShopBack account.

  • Just a heads up - 28 days is not a month.

    • +4

      Non-leap year February month has 28 days fyi

      • Haha that's a low blow, will them balls dingdong 3000 times

  • In case anyone is wondering, its $10 for the first 28 days, then $30/28 days thereafter (it's not currently in the description or title)

  • Shopback is $25 cashback instead of $21

    • +1

      2GB/5GB Data Plans & 5GB/30GB Mobile Plans

      • ah damn. got myself excited thinking I found a better bargain for the community

    • Any reason we can't do both?

  • I assume this doesn't need to be a new number, we can port an existing one across

  • Does it has to be activated within 28/30 days?

    • +2

      If you want the $21 cashback!

  • +1

    Just a reminder, SIM is pre-activated when shipped.

    • +4

      Place order to Port to existing number.
      Can enter your own number, & later activate without porting (you get new number).

      Have done that many times, without SIM arriving activated.

      • Good to know. Will try that.

        • Still a good warning!

        • If you are getting a new number, do not verify your ID after placing your order. Only do it when you received the SIM.

  • Any idea how long both promotions are running for?

  • I recently started taking advantage of these after years on postpaid ones. I used shopback to get a 90 days SIM card deal. It was saying cash back is pending on my account. SIM card arrived and activated it. Then checked shopback and now it says 'cash back will be approved by 17 September which is 5 days after my 90days will be over. So it essentially means that I have to pay for another 90 days ($99.99) to get cash back or I'll forfeit. Any idea this is going to be the same?

    • None of these deals work that way whether it's SB or CR. The cashback is based on buying the sim & activating it, nothing else.

      You should cancel auto recharge so you don't pay $99.99 for another 90 days. See this old post on how to do it (bottom of the OP).

      • Thanks Arthur. Already did. Will see how it goes. Definitely not going to pay them $100.

  • Should I keep my existing number and when the 28 days is up I don't renew and everything will work as it is on my existing Aldi pre-paid plan?
    Don't want any hassles…

    • +1

      Why not get a new number and cancel auto charge? Problem solved

    • To keep your existing number you will have to port into amaysim and port back to ALDI on day 27.

      Keep in mind porting out of ALDI will cancel your plan and you will loose your data bank.

  • Any confirmed purchases yet?

    • +1

      Yes, tracked almost instantly. Thanks for posting Tom.

      • +1

        Same here. Tracked correctly at $21 almost instantly.

    • ok sweet will purchase now cheers

  • Still waiting for TA's confirmation if eligible if it hasn't been claimed this month.

  • Feeling dumb.
    I have tried a few different ways but it keeps coming up as $30 all the way up to finalising payment screen. Any ideas?

    • +1

      Clear your cache or use another browser. Should solve the problem.

  • Does anyone know if I can order this and then start using it later, as I still have about a week on my current plan. Some people mentioned it ships activated so I'm a bit confused. Thanks.

    • You can contact amaysim if it comes pre-activated. They will reset the plan to start on the day you actually want the service to start.

      • They refused to reset the start for me last time.

        • That's weird. They reset it for me the last time.

      • Resets automatically when you make a call etc.

  • +1

    Just ordered, and Cashrewards only gave me $3 cash back.

    • You didn't buy the 1GB plan did you?

      • Nope. Double triple checked. It's the discounted 30GB (now 35GB) plan.

  • Same happened to me. It was the 35gb sim.

  • The cashrewards website doesn't list a cash back on the 35GB plan.

    Closest are:
    Unlimited 5GB Mobile Plan $21.00
    Unlimited 30GB Mobile Plan $21.00

    • +1

      It's the 30gb plan but now it comes with 35gb.

      I got $21 cashback tracked within a minute.

      • Hmm. I'm tempted, but at the moment I'm (quickly) counting about 3 successful trackings to 2 unsuccessful.

        Edit: Ok, ordered, confirmation of $21 cash back came almost instantly. I hope those with issues get it sorted.

    • I was worried about there maybe being a condition where if theres a bonus then cashback wouldnt apply or something, mine tracked but somehow only got $3.

  • Anyone got a confirmation from Cashrewards yet?

      • Still nothing for me. I'll check tomorrow

        • Me either

  • How if you compare this with Aldi or other cheap phone prepaid plan

  • I did it a year ago. Does Amaysim have a certain amount of times you can have a new SIM card per account

  • Mine keeps coming up as $30

  • -1
  • +1

    They actually just changed it to $3 cashback for 30GB, I definitely purchased it while it said $21 as cashback.
    Edit: Seems like they fixed this up as my cashback has been given to the correct $21 now.

    • Hi
      did you make an enquiry for your incorrect cash back?
      Mine still shows me as $3.

      • It was just fixed for me, maybe try make a general enquiry through the contact us on Cashrewards since you can't make a claim on purchases within 7 days of the date.

        • Thanks ๐Ÿ™

          • @Dadadada: Did you definitely purchase the 30GB plan before 5pm which is when the deal ended?

  • +1

    Now cashback is only
    "Unlimited 30GB Mobile Plan $3.00"

    • yeah damn it, should have signed up earlier

  • My Cashreward has now been changed to $21. Good news.

  • is this still avaliable

    • Still available on Shopback

      • Just ordered one. Thanks

        • Did it Track and How Much Cashback Expected ?

          • @domo653q: Purchased with paypal, and no tracking yet.

          • +2

            @domo653q: I got the tracking for mine but it's only $3 :/

            • @lorikeet: Did you order on Shopback or Cash Rewards?

                • @lorikeet: OK we will have to contact them - that is only the 1GB amount.
                  Its a glitch

                  • @King Tightarse: The Shopback cashback rate list doesn't include the 35GB plan at all. It says $25 for 45/60GB plans and $21 for 5/30GB plans, $3 for everything else which is presumably what the 35GB plan falls under.

                    • @cynix: It's the 30GB plan with a 5GB bonus 'for as long as you stay on this plan'.
                      So yes 35GB received but it's the 30GB base plan
                      Should be $21

                      • @King Tightarse: Ah I see.

                        However, given that lorikeet did only get $3 tracked, it seems a bit risky…

                        • @cynix: I definitely wouldn't go ahead now that it's glitched.
                          More thinking of the way to approach Shopback about the error

                        • @cynix: I ordered it from SB too and it tracked at $3. Sent them an email.

                          • @CVonC: Shopback has now changed the cashback rate for the 35GB plan to $3, so you might be out of luck…

                            • @cynix: Yeah I've sent them an email. They asked for the invoice. I definitely ordered it when it still said $21 for the 30GB plan. The issue I believe is that Amaysim has reported it as "35GB" on the invoice and SB didn't have 35GB listed on their site at the time.

                              • +2

                                @CVonC: I screenshot-ed the Amaysim page on Shopback showing the $21 amount if you need it

                                • @King Tightarse: Cheers mate. Will definitely hit you up if they refuse to honour it! :)

                                • +2

                                  @King Tightarse: I sent through a message through Facebook messenger saying how much cash back would I get for the 35gb and they said $21. Haven't receive confirmation yet and ordered on Friday 10:30am.

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