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Double ($10) Referral on Spaceship Voyager ($5 Minimum Deposit) for July 2020


I just noticed double referral bonuses are back on Spaceship Voyager.

For the month of July, Spaceship Voyager has doubled their referral bonus to $10 for both referrer and referee once a minimum $5 has been deposited by the referee within 14 days of signing up.

I have no association with Spaceship Voyager, only that I’ve had a good experience using it since the start of this year.

If you need a referral code, try grabbing one from the referral links below.

You can also enter a referral code after you have signed up by following these instructions:

In mobile app:

Go to Account -> Referrals -> Enter Referral Code

On Website:

Go to Account (bottom left) -> Referrals -> Click on "Click Here"

MODS: Could you please flush the referral links on OzB as the referral codes were reset yesterday

Mod Note: Referral System has been Updated. Please enter your new referral code in the referral system.

Referral Links

Referral:  BargainJunkie or random (364)

$5 referral bonus for both referrer and referee once a minimum $5 has been deposited by the referee within 14 days of signing up.

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  • Referral System has been Updated.

    Please enter your new referral code in the referral system.

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    • attempt to refer yourself;
    • refer the same person more than once;
    • refer people that you don’t know personally;
    • refer an existing customer of Spaceship Voyager;
    • refer a fictitious person;
    • use the Referral Program in any way that is unlawful or fraudulent, or has any
    unlawful or fraudulent purpose or effect; or
    • otherwise attempt to circumvent these terms or the Referral Program.
    We may ban you from participating in the Referral Program, and not issue Bonus
    Units to you, at our sole discretion and without notice.

  • They also started changing their fee scheme for over 5k starting july1

    • For the better or worse?

      • Mainly an administrative change as far as I can tell. Previously they charged everyone fees and refunded the fees for those with under $5000. Now they only change fees when over $5000.

  • What if it crashes?

    • If the index really does crash then you will lose money.
      But if you can be bothered depositing $5 to get $15 worth then the chance of it dropping to a third of its value is pretty miniscule.

    • Have used them for about 6 months, only bad thing is the transfer of funds in or out takes agggggeeees.

      Overall it is excellent for people that has no will or time or ability to trade in the stock markets. Easier than buying ETF.

      If market drops the price per unit drops too. It's is no different.

      • And if the market drops you can buy units for cheaper, so win :)

      • But your not bother to know when and how long for your employer to deposit your monthly SuPER contribution …

        Think of it like your investment in SUPEr

  • I've been depositing $25 each week for the past few months (+ 1 big deposit) and I've been making some nice profit. ($200 in the last month)

      • 1 big deposit - Are we talking hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands? Just curious
      • as little and as big as you want. I put in $2K to test the water and was pleasantly surprised at the return of 10% over May 2020 (markets were recovering).

        check out their Super too, i had +11% return June 2019-June 2020, considering the shit storm the markets has gone thru, it's pretty good performance!

        however be warned, they are a boutique fund, focused on tech, so don't expect all the transparency you get with much bigger retail funds. with them, there are no performance graph, no charts. You get a per unit price and total investment price. I had to keep my own spreadsheet to track performance.

        one thing to be careful also is that they don't have a cash investment option, so there is no 'roof' to hide under if the markets crash. Coupled with it takes like a week to transfer super out there will be no escape - you have to be committed to tech. I moved out a month ago bc i wanted cash option. Will most likely move back in once this whole covid thing is over.

        • Ive personally not used spaceship. But From the information you described above I'm sure u could look at alternatives and find something that would be much more fitting for your super.

          • @Mobsie: I invested $20 into Starship.

            Turns out not really a great investment return. Makes sense in hindsight given they think that cities are built on rock and roll, rather than rock and foundations…

      • I couldn't remember, but I just looked and it was $1300. I cashed out my BrickX shares which only made me ~$50 profit after 3 years.

  • Didnt referral and opening account bonus used to be higher? Circa $20?

    Is this worth it if only throwing small change at?

    • (Or say opening selfwealth with ozbargain referral and throwing $5k into VAS/VDHG and calling it a day.)

    • Nah, for the index product at least (0.05% > 10k), it'll work out cheaper than most ETF management fees (except maybe A200 at 0.04%). Factoring in brokerage too though, and it's cheaper with Spaceship.

      Con is the holdings are in trust, opaqueness about the company, and lack of flexibility.

      In general though, I use them exclusively for my index exposure, very happy to date (just wish I could invest across both portfolios from one account!)

  • How long does it take for your funds to go into your balance when you invest?

  • I've fond this a good platform to get beginners into investing. Easy to get the idea of how much the market fluctuates without having to put much money on the line.

  • So this is to buy a seat on the first spaceship off this planet?

  • Can anybody confirm if the Spaceship app allows you to log in on a rooted Android device? Had to close my Raiz account because of this limitation.

    • No idea, but it's not just a mobile ap, so interested to know why it matters when you can access it on the website?

      • I want to use a service like this (low to no fees) as a kind of replacement for wasteful spending. Stop myself from spending $10 on a crap lunch I'll regret after? Do a quick $10 deposit in the Raiz app instead. This wasn't feasible if I had to be near a computer every time I had the urge to throw some money in. Had Raiz for 9 months or so and never made a deposit after the initial one because I couldn't log on if I wasn't at home or in the office.

    • I used to have a rooted phone and never had any issues with Spaceship.

  • Strongly recommend the Universe portfolio on this app

    • Yep, I signed up on the last $10 referral promo and it the Universe portfolio has been doing very well.

  • I'm so getting rid of RAIZ.. I basically put $1,000 in Spaceship/RAIZ each in early March 2020 to see which one performs better.

    Spaceship! literally SHOOTS Raiz out of the sky with no stupid $2.50 monthly fee.

    • Spaceship Universe invests in hand picked stocks, Raiz invests in ETFs (diversified by nature).

      Whilst Spaceship has done well it is riskier, like any actively managed fund, which Spaceship Universe sort of is as they do remove and add stocks from the portfolio on a somewhat regular basis (thinking of the emails I've received).

      I personally wouldn't compare the two based solely on returns without considering the underlying assets.

  • Been using it since March this year. Quite a positive experience. Two ways I & my partner are using our accounts.

    As there’s no brokerage or transaction fees, I find this as a cheapest option for my need, which is to invest $25 every week as direct debit. (When my balance goes over $5k I will be charged 0.10% once a year which is still not much and I like that I can make small frequent investments)

    My partner’s account is used in a different way. There is no direct debit setup. We just deposit any adhoc savings we make from ShopBack, Cashrewards, signup bonus etc. as an when we get the credit. It’s fun to see how much “free money” we have gained :)

    • RAIZ has this with rewards so they automatically re-invest it. Sometimes higher then cashrewards.

      • I tried to look at Raiz but something drove me off. I think it’s the monthly fee like you mentioned above or I could not understand the investment options they have. Found Spaceship cheaper and user friendly. (Also reasonably good returns for the couple of years they have been around)

        • +1 for spaceship. Raiz invests in ETFs, so they charge you a fee on top of whatever the underlying etfs are charging you, while spaceship is managing the whole thing by themselves and only charing you that 0.1% for the amount above 5k, which is simple and actually a lot lower than some of the ETFs especially those active ones like MGE. the only complaint I have about spaceship is the wait between the time they take your money and when it actually gets you new units. it takes around 5 business days in my experience, but it should not really be an issue if you are a long-term cost averaging type of guy, just want to set a regular deposit and forget about it. Been with them for about a month, pretty happy so far. While I still do my regular share purchases on selfwealth, I found spaceship to be much easier to use and cost effective.

  • Really liked how they show the 5 year working that starts at $1000 with regular weekly contribution of $25 results in $8460 at the end of 5 years. What they don't show is that the return is $960 and the rest is your principal.

    • Are you expecting more of a return? 5% is pretty conservative IMO, and a 5 year time frame is pretty short for any sort of investment. Compound interest takes time, extend that timeframe to 30 years for an average 8% return p.a. and you get $117,331 in profit in a total of $157,331.

      • Well I can't disagree with math but a disclosure like the one you gave "Compound interest takes time" would be good to begin. 5% is not conservative given the current climate in the short to medium term.

        • I don't disagree, people who are new to investing probably would think it's a bad product if the return is so low given those variables.

          I always have a long term view when investing, that's why I said 5% is conservative, but yes in the short to medium term in the current climate it may not be conservative (considering the stocks in the Universe portfolio specifically, of which there are a number of tech stocks which have endured coronavirus decently).

  • Do the distribute profit to unit holders ? Like dividends ??

    Seperate question if we but listed ETF's in ASX through a brokers do we still have to pay management fees ?

    • A) Raiz does so I pressume this does.
      2) Yes, ETFs have management fees. I believe it gets automatically taken out.

    • Don’t get dividends

    • It's on their Q&A. you do get dividends paid as units rather than cash. it's basically like those reinvestment plans with ETFs, except with Spaceship, you don't have a dividend as cash option.

  • I was keen to try it until I was asked to plug in my bank account details. No thanks.

  • Thanks, signed up. Will be a nice addition to my portfolio

  • Man, how long does it take to transfer money? I signed up last Thursday and my transfer request from ING still hasn't gone through. Sllloooowww.

    • A few days to deposit and I believe only takes 1-2 days for withdrawal.

      Thinking how complex to invest your $5(lowest/initial possible investment) from different stocks globally on different timezone doesnt bother me besides this isnt for active trading.

      Its a manage fund where you have control how much and when to invest on your portfolio.

      Think like this is your SUPER.
      You're not bother at all when your employer deposits your contribution to your SUPER account and stress out how much was the unit price when they deposit your contribution in your SUPER.

    • Yep I'm still waiting. Actually just checked and it's now in. Took 6 days.

  • Got my ref bonus, my thanks to L!

  • when you receive a referral bonus does it go into units and is invested or does it just sit in your account not earning anything or do you have to do it manually to invest it?

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