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Samsung 970 EVO Plus 500GB NVMe PCIe SSD $155 Delivered ($133 after Cashback) @ CentreCom


Samsung 970 EVO Plus 500GB M.2 NVMe SSD, same price as the Scorptec Deal posted here, but this time at CentreCom

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  • Just upgraded from a 960 EVO 250GB to a 1TB 970 EVO plus. Great trouble free drives for me so far. Since December 2017 I used about 4% of the TBW life of the 960 according to SMART data. And I literally use my PC for hours a day.

    Transfering the OS was a headache. Tip: AOMEI partition manager (obtained for free here) was literally a huge waste of time on my particular config. Clonezilla and Minidisk Partition Tool to the rescue!

    • As an IT pro I can say that Minitool is the most reliable and full featured partition manager that I've found. The one I used prior was Easus Partition Master which was quite good but didn't have as many features. Have also had poor experience with AOMEI in the past.

      • I can confirm AOMEI is pretty bad with UEFI source disks for cloning (in my personal experience, I had to manually rebuild the system partitions after cloning an older UEFI SSD to a newer Samsung 970 Evo Plus destination disk with AOMEI).

        • With minitool if you right click a MBR disk and tell it to convert the drive to UEFI it even automatically updates the BCD records so it's bootable without you having to do it yourself.

          If there was only one partition on the drive and there's some free space it'll create the efi system partition, otherwise still have to manually resize/create/make bootloader but quite a lot of MBR windows installs have a seperate boot partition already these days.

          • @Agret: I didn't have an NVME enclosure and the other NVME slots weren't accessible so I had the fun task of cloning via an intermediate drive. i.e. Clone then clone back. And every time i let AOMEI touch a target partition I had to start over.

      • What solution do you recommend if I had, for example an old 256gb, 1tb and (half filled)2tb I wanted to transfer onto a single 4tb hdd? Is Minidisk Partition Tool able do that? Would I need to add multiple partitions to the 4TB?

    • I believe Samsung includes their Data Migration tool as well. I recalled it was an easy clone when I upgraded my laptop and desktop using that.

      Has Samsung stopped distributing the Data Migration tool?

      • Nope still there, did it the other week, after multiple attempts with EaseUS (wouldn't boot properly). Samsung Data Migration tool was super fast and easy. Highly recommend.

        • Migrating to a drive that isn't a Samsung isn't supported. I had to go through an intermediate drive.

  • Next time try EaseUS Todo Backup Home.

    • If you are looking for a free backup solution and only need one job I suggest Veeam Agent Free. Most powerful backup available for free.

  • My dad got a samsung on last cashback deal, still no cashback paid despite chasing them several times…

    • The redemption website didn't take my serial for my 2tb evo plus. I had to contact them to get it sorted. The status of the redemption says it has been complete since the 30th of June but no sign of the $79 in my bank account yet.

      • Mine did the same thing a couple of days ago but worked today, maybe it takes a while to update?

      • It takes a long while for them to process the rebates. But when the time comes, everyone gets their rebate at roughly the same time. So those who purchased early in the promo would be waiting for a very long time.

  • too bad this is for 500gb and no extra special price for 1tb….

  • $99 after cash back next week.

  • I just bought this exact item from CentreCom along with other things I needed on 30 Jun (EOFY) for about $20 more.

    Do you guys think its worth contacting them to see if they can offer something, or is that idea fruitless given that this is a 24h sale?

    • Can probably just purchase this and return the item you bought for store credit. Otherwise just claim the price protection through your credit card (I assume you used 28deg / Coles cc?)

  • Bought, cheers

  • CentreCom is the worst customer service experience I've ever had and that means a lot coming from someone that has had to deal with Telstra on many many occasions. If at all possible, DO NOT give this company your money and go elsewhere.

    • I agree I find them hopeless. I’ve been shopping at Centrecom for 20 years because they were literally around the corner where I used to live. But i still think they are hopeless. I now take my business to Scorptec for stuff I want locally. Otherwise it’s amazon/eBay deals.

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      I have had bad experience with Centrecom (Sunshine) as well but the worst one of them all is CPL in Notting Hill.

  • does anyone know if this will this work as a replacement for the SSD in mid 2014 MacBook Pro? Thanks heaps!

  • I've bought several Samsung drives with cashbacks over the years, most recently two late last year. One I could register the cashback without issue they other wouldn't accept at all. I emailed Samsung support 3 times with no response. I still buy their drives but view the cashbacks more cautiously now.

  • note: the full serial number is on the hard drive itself, not on the box.
    you have to open the box before you lodge the redemption, and as above CentreCom are a notorious pain about an open box.

  • Good deal. I personally wouldn't buy it, the Kingston A2000 or WD SN550 fit mine and most others' needs but if you need the speed this does at the moment come out cheaper than an SX8200 Pro or SN750. Personally can't tell the difference between the 960 EVO I had and my A2000 except for the atrocious write speeds on my desktop PC (thank Biostar's BIOS for that). It's perfect on my laptop.

    • A2000 is great value, i'd stay away from SN550 due to it having no DRAM cache though as it will put more wear on the drive. Did the 960 Evo have better write speeds on your desktop PC?

      • It has HMB, Host Memory Buffer, which allows it to simulate a DRAM cache. I believe it is actually faster than the A2000. Mine is a potato and drops to 9MB/s every 5 seconds during sustained writes on my Biostar B350 board, on my laptop it is flawless. Waiting on AGESA release on Biostar to hopefully fix the issue.

        Edit: Had the 960 EVO in a different PC. I'm testing another NVMe drive I have lying around to find the point of failure.

      • don't dramless drives usually have software that lets you allocate some RAM for the purpose? i know the cheap cruical bx500s do.. yet all people want to complain about is how they are dramless

  • anyone else having problems with an invalid serial for the cashback? seems to be a common issue. Yes I included the letter at the end. Its an invalid serial error not the serial should have 15 characters error

    • I never was able to get a resolution when the same thing happened to me, if you have any success please let the community know.

  • It's available at Amazon for $160.99 and free del with Prime of course.

    Also $155.00 at OnLine computers plus del of $7.50 or there abouts. https://www.onlinecomputer.com.au/118886