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Amazon AU up to 10% Cashback to Your Superannuation @ Boost Your Super


Hi Everyone,

Some great cashback available through Boost Your Super at Amazon for a short time including Electronics & Games and new category Wine, Beer & Spirits.
We pay the cashback straight to your super account so it can grow as a few dollars today can be worth much more in +20 years.

Enjoy :).

Store Boost Normally
Apparel, Shoes 10.00% Was 6%
Kindle & Alexa Devices, Fire TV Stick, Watches, Jewellery 9.00% Was 5%
Luggage & Bags, Toys & Baby Products, Home, Kitchen & Kitchen Appliances 9.00% Was 5%
Home Improvement & Tools, Sports, Fitness & Outdoors 9.00% Was 5%
Books, Beauty, Health & Personal Care, Personal Care Appliances, Pets Products, Lawn & Garden 8.00% Was 4%
Pantry Food & Drinks, Office & Stationery, Musical Instruments 7.00% Was 4%
Pets, Lawn & Garden, Industrial Products 7.00% Was 4%
Wine, Beer & Spirits 7.00% Was 4%
Consumer Electronics & Accessories, Mobile Phones, Televisions 5.00% Was 2.5%
Music, Movies, Video Games 3.00% Was 2.5%
Software, Major Appliances 3.00% Was 2.5%
Automotive 2.50% Was 2.25%
Tyres 1.00% Was 1.5%
Ebooks, Gift Cards 2.00% Was 1%
All Other Categories 0.00% 0.00%


  • Ensure Amazon cart is empty before clicking through from Boost Your Super
  • No or low cashback for purchases with voucher, coupon or promotion code not sourced from Boost Your Super.
  • Any returns from a cart will result in the entire cashback being cancelled of all items that were in the cart.
  • If using coupon code cashback is calculated on net amount after coupon has been applied
  • Cashback excludes taxes and shipping fees
  • Bonus transaction amount will be added to your account within 1-2 business days of transaction being approved by Amazon AU

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  • I'd be careful of using this if you have withdrawn super under the covid scheme. If you forget about it and claim a tax deduction for personal contributions in 12 months time the ATO could see it as withdrawing and redepositing super for a tax advantage.

    And any other situation where additional super can cause issues if it's not done the right way.

    Not qualified advice, just something to consider.

    • According to this from the Government's ABC it legal: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-04-02/coronavirus-tax-looph...

      • Can confirm I did this loophole. I met criteria for the $10k withdrawal which is the only legal question here.
        It could be considered immoral and not in the spirit of the legislation, certainly not illegal.

        • Did you contribute back all at once? I'm thinking of doing $1,000/month to spread it out a bit. Thoughts?

          Edit: Also, did you contribute what you withdrew or what you withdrew divided by 0.85 to account for the tax

          • @nurries: Yes, all at once. The danger of doing $1,000 a month is you may miss out on market movements over the period (or conversely you may benefit if markets drop). For example, from when my withdrawal was processed to when I contributed the funds back in the market moved up approx 5% - so I need to subtract $500 from the total "gain" of this exercise.

            I should have contributed extra to make up for the 15% tax but I didn't. So really, the exercise cost my fund $2,000 ($1,500 tax + $500 opportunity cost). At a marginal tax rate of 39% I'll personally benefit $3,900 from the exercise when I lodge my return.
            You could argue the compounding effect of -$2,000 in my super fund is greater than a benefit of $3,900 today. I'm hoping my eventual retirement doesn't hinge on the future value of that $2,000!!

        • [@Tool] (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/8951231/redir)

          the only legal question here.


          in case you haven't heard of part IVA…

          [ATO info] (https://www.ato.gov.au/Individuals/Super/In-detail/Withdrawi...) on integrity measures regarding early release of super.

          Edit: Sorry I can't work out what I'm doing wrong with formatting the links

          • @Anoni Mouse: There are lots of tax minimisation strategies that get around section 4a.
            What if I legitimately took money out of super thinking I might need it to pay my mortgage due to unlikely impact of covid on my business. Then a month later my circumstances changed because my turnover increased 3 fold, so I decided to contribute my excess cash back to super. This is not a tax minimisation strategy, it's a change in circumstances that happened to have a tax advantage.
            Similar to withdrawal and recontribution super strategy to minimise an estate paying tax on super, also someone "permanently" retiring to meet a condition of release and changing their mind a week later. Circumstances change, sometimes you get a tax break as a result.

            • @Tool: @Tool

              What if I legitimately took money out of super thinking I might need it to pay my mortgage due to unlikely impact of covid on my business. Then a month later my circumstances changed because my turnover increased 3 fold, so I decided to contribute my excess cash back to super.

              Absolutely. I assume there will be evidence of that so no problem.

      • Unfortunately the ABC isn't in charge, the ATO is.


        But it was just a warning for people doing things blindly without understanding potential problems. Obviously if you've got your story straight you could get away with it if questioned.

  • The dodgy brothers are back!

    Stay clear… Look at the old thread if you want reasons why this is bad!

  • Scam!!!

  • Scam. Don't provide your super details!!!!!

  • What wold be the contribution type going into the account?
    Cashback is not a contribution type

    • -1 vote

      Cashback is considered a discount by the ATO. Therefore it is an after-tax non-concessional contribution. The ATO website says you cn pay up to $100k non-concessional payments into your super without any tax implications.

    • From their FAQ:

      Payments made are after tax non-concessional payments. According to the ATO you can pay up to $100,000 non-concessional payments without any tax implications.

      Personally, I'd get advice from someone qualified before doing this. This is after-tax contributions, so if you want to bump your super and aren't already, making pre-tax contributions is a FAR better way to do it in my opinion (not a qualified accountant/financial adviser).

      • -1 vote

        One thing to consider is according to ATO website when it is time to withdraw your tax after your preservation age, non-concessional contributions are withdrawn tax free. The cashback payments Boost Your Super makes fall under this category. Where as pre-tax contributions are taxable at time of withdrawal. Our view at Boost Your Super is any money that you can find to put in your super (pre-tax or post-tax) can only be a good thing and every dollar counts. And we do encourage you to seek financial advice too. Here is the link to ATO website: https://www.ato.gov.au/individuals/super/in-detail/withdrawi...

    • Based on their website and the information above, these will be treated as non-concessional contributions. What this means is that they won't be taxed within your superannuation fund, if no contributions tax paid on them, but will count towards your non-concessional contributions cap.

      This cap is currently $100,000 per year, however you can bring this cap forward and contribute up to $300,000 of non-concessional contributions in one year. This is assuming you haven't triggered the bring forward provisions in the previous two financial years. It also means further non-concessional contributions can't be made in the next two financial years.

      The above scenario is rare as it involves people (generally) putting post-tax money into their superannuation, and the number of people who avail themselves of such options to the extent they hit the caps is few. It's also a massive amount of cash back to reach the caps, so assuming you aren't making other non-concessional contributions there shouldn't be any concerns re hitting them.

      • Right on the money! Too many people worried about hitting their cap and contributing more than $100k. It is very hard to find an extra $100k to put in your super. And if you can find it (you are rich!) you would more than likely have a financial/tax advisor doing all the work to make sure it is done to your best advantage.

  • i will join and use it if you can guarantee my return in 2 weeks not like others like few months

    • In general the stores will not pay us until they are satisified that the goods/services are not going to be cancelled/returned to store. They normally wait a minimum of 30 days before they approve a transaction. For travel based bookings they will not pay us until the travel is consumed which can be many months away. Once approved then they have to process the payment to us and depending on the store some are quick others are slow. So we are unable to guarantee any payments within 2 weeks. That being said we pay it directly to your super account so you can't get your hands on it straigth away anyway. By the time you do get it when you retire (eg 10,20, or 30 years later) it should have grown with the rest of your super to be worth more than just a couple of dollars. And what is more we do also provide you with EASY SUPER SERIES which are easy super tips on things you can do to grow your super even more. We hope you will join and if you do send an email to [email protected] requesting a double boost - We will give you even better rates until Christmas.

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