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Roasted Salted / Unsalted Cashew Nuts $12/kg + Free Delivery over $100 Spend @ Nuts About Life


$12/kg cashews is a pretty good price in my book, plus a re-stock on Almonds after this deal sold out if anyone missed them.

All their deals can be found here.

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  • +6

    I have ordered a couple of times. I find their quality very high to excellent. I guess it will depend on your expectations and what your used to.
    I fall for the minimum order amount for free shipping every time. Some many nuts (and turkish delight).

    • Yeah most of their stuff is pretty good. I found their Pea Protein wasn't great, but everything else get a +1 from me.

    • +1

      I would rate their quality more middle of the road rather than very high. However value for money they are awesome, I love the wasabi Almonds.

  • +3

    Based in Brunswick, VIC. Support a small local. Have had a great annual Showbag at the Royal Melbourne Show each year since about 2013 but this year the Show has been cancelled.

    Also try this code at checkout for 10% off (YMMV)


    • +2

      I appreciate that the business is local but where are the nuts from?

      EDIT: The product description says Vietnam.

      • +1

        I have never had Australian Cashews. Have I been missing for whole life?

        • +6

          I didn't say that I was after Australian cashews, just wanted to know the country of origin and I appreciate the transparency. For what it's worth, I'm glad they're not from China.

          Interestingly, I've checked the Woolworth's site and it doesn't have the country of origin on its cashews. Hopefully, the packaging in-store would have it.

          • +4

            @elektron: Most are from Vietnam

          • +3

            @elektron: Could probably still be Chinese

          • +1

            @elektron: Of course in store packaging has country of origin, it's a legal requirement.
            Given the amount of products a supermarket retailer stocks, seasonal restrictions and product sourcing, it would be a huge job just to keep up with individual product origins just for online.
            It does list packed in Australia from imported ingredients.

    • Can't stack the free shipping code with this one unfortunately

  • +4

    That's a lot of kgs of cashews to qualify for free shipping.

    • +1

      My thoughts exactly.

  • +1

    ordered 10 kg, Thanks OP. Quality is always top-notch. Also, New users can use the referral for another $10 off ($50 min. spend).

  • Based in Brunswick, VIC.

    could I click and collect?
    would I be able to get there given Brunswick South and West are now no go zones?
    Don't want to order a heap, too miserly to shell out for postage

  • +1

    (disappointed with comments) where are all the NUT jokes?

    • +15

      There'll be no nut jokes here, nut on my watch.

  • +2

    Does Australia produce cashew nuts?

  • I want the cashews, but not 100worth
    Quality is average. Have had them before. For the cost they will do me and kids.
    I'd be buying knowing they are average quality and imported

    • +2

      I threw in almonds, walnuts, hemp seeds, chia seeds and sunflower seeds as well to get to the free shipping threshold. Quinoa is also a good price at $6/kg, but I've got plenty already.

      • +7

        Healthiest man on ozbargain

        • +2

          I doubt it.. it will probably drive him NUTs

  • +1

    1kg roasted almonds out of stock

  • +1

    After ordering enough from them to qualify for free shipping the last time, I think I should institute a no nut November July policy.

  • +6

    Wow, macadamias are pricey. I feel like I need to plant a macadamia tree to be a true bargain hunter.

  • +25

    I was going to put in an order, but if my wife found out I was getting online Dates she would divorce me.

    • +2

      Finally what I came here for….

  • Thanks OP

    • No worries.

  • Apart from Almonds, last time I also bought honey roasted macadamia from these guys - macadamias look different from picture but comes in whole piece and taste great, and good price $35/kg

    I also bought their chili peanuts ($8 for a huge 1kg pack) - nothing too interesting apart from the price

  • +2

    I refuse to support companies that ship items through Australia Post but charge more for shipping depending on where you live. Parcel Post is flat rate Australia wide, yet this store charges $12.16 to ship 1kg of cashews to Perth, $9.86 to North Sydney and $6.27 to Melbourne.

  • I buy cashews from India. my friend has his cashew factory in India and he sells me the best quality cashews at around 10 bucks a kilo and I get 5 kilos via customs.

    • +6

      Hook us up, fam!

    • +3

      Get him on Ozb with a deal

  • I ordered 6kg cashew, 2kg hazelnuts, 1kg ground cinnamon to regional NSW and the FREESHIP worked, postage was showing as $19.xx
    Conclusion: Living where I am 9kg and > $100 and FREESHIP works.
    cinnamon $13.75kg

    Woolworths Cinnamon Ground 32g $1.70, $53kg, other more expensive options

    I'm going to make carrot cakes and I won't stint on the hazelnuts and cinnamon

  • I don't like eating stuff from china that hasn't had a local kill event, which normally means cooking.
    I'm not going to put China pumpkins seeds on my lunch wrap.
    Nuts from wherever cooked here I assume are OK.

    • Cashews are from Vietnam and roasted locally by the looks of it.

  • Deez nuts?

  • +1

    Bought 5kg and paid the $11.67 shipping. $14.33 for good quality cashews is definitely a bargain to me.

  • +2

    Pro tip from my last purchase of 5KGs of wasabi almonds: get 5 x 1KG instead of 5KG. A 5KG bag of almonds is comically large!

  • +2

    Thanks OP, I didn't know I needed 10kg of cashews but apparently I did.

  • Anyone know the expiry dates for these?

    • It says "best before July 2021"

  • Why are cashew nuts so delicious. If you put out a bowl of mixed nuts at a party guaranteed the cashew nuts will be gone first.

    • -1

      Because the guys that don't wash their hands after going for a leak like to eat them first :) .

    • Yeah cashews are the best. Great deal this one. I topped up with dried fruits to get to free shipping. Can't wait.

  • Ordered cashews, walnuts, chia seeds, sultanas and red quinoa. Have bought from them in the past and had a good experience.

  • How long do cashews last?

    • +2

      Not long at my house, especially the honey roasted ones :) .

    • Fresher the better, but they should last a year in air tight storage.

  • Awesome store, great products.

  • +1

    My cashews arrived today. Bag has a label that says Almonds on it but thankfully was actually cashews in the bag!

  • +1

    Can someone tell me if we click the referral link, do we get $10 deduction immediate or what? Solved. I managed to get the $10! thank you.

    • Glad you worked it out!

  • +3

    Ordered on 4th July below items:
    Ground Cinnamon - 1kg
    Pumpkin Seeds (Pepitas) - 2kg
    Red Quinoa - 1kg
    Received:11 July
    From the date of ordering to receiving was continuously updated of the order status.
    Delivery updates from Aus post were regular as well.
    Actual order:
    Very nicely packed.
    Looked fresh.
    Tasted delicious.
    No cheap feeling from anything and the quality looks great.
    Already spread the word to my friends and will definitely order again from them - 5 Stars.

  • Any ones else’s cashews taste like plastic? We ordered 2x5kg bags, opened one today and the plastic taste is quite strong.

    • +1

      Mine are fine, haven't noticed anything off.