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Genuine/Retail Microsoft Windows 10 Product Keys $30 @ Fastkeys


Hello :)

A while ago I was selling Windows keys and MS Office on eBay, but I got too busy with work (and a little lazy) so I stopped. There's not a lot of money in it and a lot of competition!

Let me give you the info:

  • The cheapest way to get Win10 is to get a (free) upgrade from Win 7
  • The second cheapest way is to buy an OEM key (eBay Germany is usually cheapest due to an EU ruling allowing sale)

The problem is, 'OEM' (Original Equipment Manufacturer) keys are NEVER legit. The listings will say there were 'taken from PCs no longer in use' but it's all a lie. The keys are actually MSDN keys - or keys meant for the developers on a business/university fleet of computers.

To be honest, when I started selling MS software, I didn't realize this myself and would often sell OEM keys when I started (without knowing). Some of these keys can be activated 50 times and the same key is sold 40-50 times. After a year or so, they may stop working.

I don't sell OEM keys anymore. I've since built a relationship with many international Microsoft wholesalers who can provide genuine (retail) Windows 10 keys at cheaper prices. These keys are YOUR keys and can be activated 5 times (on five different PCs). The same ones you find at retail stores (Officeworks etc).

Since I'm moving to Sweden, a friend asked if he could take over the business - he works in IT and has worked hard to set up a website!

Depending on pricing/availability, we can sell the keys for $50-$100.

However, we're selling a small number today for $30 each (using code 'bargain'). In return, we ask that you share your feedback with us and the Ozbargain community. We're also wanting to iron out some bugs with the website and also using the low price as a marketing tool.

Keen to get your feedback in the comments!

Any questions please contact [email protected]

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  • Are you able to put the price in title?

    Edit: Cheers, appreciate the offer!

  • These keys are YOUR keys and can be activated 5 times

    Retail keys are single use?

    • Sometimes that's the case. I can get single activation retail if you'd prefer, but it's not much cheaper!

      • Why not? You just need to click "Get Key" on the "Retail" line in Visual Studio Subscriptions instead of "MultipleActivation"…

  • And in 3, 2, 1…

    Website looks pro as /s

    If you have any question, please feel free to contact us on info at fastkeys.com.au


  • Can you still get the upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 8?

    • Yes, I did it a couple of months ago. Microsoft says you can't, but it still works.

    • Yes, we still do this regularly for clients. Go here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-au/software-download/windows10 click 'Update Now'. Download and then run the file (Media Creation Tool). Select 'Update this PC', then follow the prompts. It will download the Windows 10 image (v2004 as I write this) and install it. I personally did this on an 11yo Windows 7 laptop last week and it took just over an hour and a half to complete.

      Do note that after this update process, the Windows 7 product key will be locked to the hardware signature of the device. This is convenient for users because it means you can reinstall Windows 10 to a completely blank drive later on and it will activate automatically, no need for user intervention. The bad news is you won't be able to use that key for anything else ever again (assuming you ever felt the need to try). Microsoft are much tougher in recent years about reactivations, so while this will work and you should take advantage of it, don't try any funny business using the same key to try to get Windows 10 on multiple devices for free. Mmmkay?

      Oh, one last thing - if that all works and you're happy with it, type 'cleanup' in the Search box (Cortana) and select the Disk Clean-Up utility. Click 'Clean Up System Files'. Now scroll through and select all the Windows update files (google anything you're not sure about). You'll claw back at least 5GB, and maybe as much as 40GB of space on the drive. I recommend people do this as soon as they're satisfied any Windows 10 update has completed successfully, particularly when they have a smallish SSD where space is at a premium. Remember, Microsoft publish a major release to Windows 10 every six months, so updating to major releases and then deleting the old Windows folder using the Clean-Up tool is something you should get used to doing.

  • If it's website feedback you're after, there are a couple of typos on your homepage and, at least on a mobile device, I can't see a single link to an 'About us' kind of page, let alone how to actually purchase a key.

  • Everything is fine.. but, the website is not secure to enter card details.

  • When I click on your link it says "not secure"

  • Mobile website has no way to get to the product list page.

  • I agree with above on having an "About Us" page, and probably stating your ABN as well for people to know you are a legit business.

  • Any deals on MS Office?

    Your website photo, scrolls to the same photo.

  • +9 votes

    Yeah yeah. Genuine.


    Id rather not put my details on that site.

  • anything for MS Office?

  • How are you moving to Sweden?

  • How do you get to the MS Office buying page?

  • To add to and partly summarise some of the tips above.

    1. Get an SSL cert for your site, even though you go through to paypal for the payment, it just looks bad.
    2. An about page would be benifical. Where are you based, how to contact you, maybe some company/business info.
    3. Put in your company or registered business name, and ABN. Or clearly declare you're a hobbiest/market seller type.
    4. Get a privacy policy, you are collecting personal information (PII), how will you handle it?
    5. Are people signing up to an email list by purchasing? is there an opt out?
    6. How are the keys delivered? How quickly?

    Good luck!

    • These are great tips! Should be instant digital delivery, maybe a delay at the moment while we iron out bugs, but a few hrs at most

  • Anything for Ms Office?

  • Domain Registrant: ABN 12 905 342 204

    This ABN is linked to the business name called: Zion Access located in Queensland.

    • So? It's clearly a marketing company. Most likely Wololo paid them to make a site and they control the domain as it's easier.

      • Doubt it. Zion Access actually has a website that doesn't look like it was cobbled together in twenty seconds. The registrant name is also a rock signer from Western Australia. Everything about this deal screams scam.

  • There doesn’t seem to be an option to buy?

  • I don't want to seem rude, but you did ask for feedback. Your webpage looks like someone has got hold of a template and added the absolute minimum details to "create" a website. Although it looks "modern", I couldn't help but think back to the basic websites of the early 90's which were very amateurish. My opinion is that this website hurts your business more than it helps.

  • Op - I'm a little sceptical of the price you are offering here, and I have 2 questions to help the OzBargain community to weigh up your offer.

    Q1) Could you please explain to us what license key delivery method was used by your company to secure the genuine retail Microsoft Windows license keys you are offering?

    E.g. FPP / OEM / ESD? Other?

    Q2) Have your genuine retail Microsoft Windows keys been sourced in AU region or elsewhere?

    We look forward to your answers.

    • That we do

    • -1 vote

      Hey! I’m going to let my friend take it from here!

      But to answer your question, they are sourced from overseas, digital key. Redeem at setup.office.com

      They are not OEM or ESD

      I can get FPP but way to much hassle to deal with shipping etc and who does this today anyway!

      • Thanks for replying.

        I really wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt as you claimed genuine keys here, and your explanation of the way other legit keys can be misused and sold cheaply is more or less correct.

        BUT at the price you're offering I must warn people that I still highly doubt these are genuine keys, even if you genuinely believe they are.

        The price you are offering the keys for - to end users - is WAY below what genuine and/or retail Microsoft Windows keys can be sourced in this region, and I'm fairly confident that holds true globally too.

        A very common flow for Microsoft license keys is:
        Microsoft => Authorised Microsoft Distributor => Microsoft Reseller or Retailer => End User

        And I can GUARANTEE you, even MS distributors can't get anywhere remotely close to this type of price for a Windows key (and they usually buy at the cheapest price, by far) so I'm going to have to advise others to steer clear of this offer.

        Even the cheapest methods to generate a genuine Microsoft Windows key (such as via MS Registered Refurbisher PC program) can't get close to this price - and again, even if these keys are that type of "genuine" key, you would be in breach of said refurb program T&Cs.

        RED FLAGS:
        1) Price - WAY too cheap at end user level to be genuine and/or retail Windows 10 keys (unless every level above - reseller or retailer and distributor) were willing to lose a LOT of money each
        2) Out of region keys - confirmed. Not necessarily illegal but undesirable.
        3) Out of region wholesalers mentioned. Again, not necessarily illegal but undesirable.
        4) Not sourced via FPP or ESD (which are both authorised methods that are not OEM). If these were genuine and not OEM keys, I would have expected the source would have been FPP or ESD.
        5) Your statement that the key can be used 5 times - highly unusual. Retail bought Windows Keys can be activated multiple times (if you are swapping a PC out for another PC) but the mention of a finite number of activations is odd.

        And before you ask, I don't work for Microsoft.

        But I am literally typing this whilst wearing a genuine and official (and very warm) Windows 10 jacket and it's probably fair to say I know a little more than the average bear about how Microsoft Windows and Office licenses are bought and sold.

        TLDR - Highly suspect these keys are not legit. My advice is to avoid purchasing.

        Not calling you a liar, but I highly doubt your keys are in fact genuine and legit. If they were, I suspect someone somewhere is genuinely losing a LOT of money to help fulfil your offer of AU$30 per key to end users.

        • Five, incidentally, is the very specific number displayed beside Multiple Activation Keys in the Visual Studio Subscriptions portal, if it helps.

          • @Kyanar: +1 for that call @Kyanar

            TLDR - I'm not just the only one with inferred insight that feels this deal is not selling legit genuine Microsoft keys as claimed.

        • Are you sure your Windows 10 jacket is genuine? That is the question.

  • Where is the link to download the ISO file on your web site?

  • Dunno, doesn't look too legit…

  • Proceed with caution…I don't see how anyone can get Pro keys and make a profit at 50-100 in small quantities (but happy to be proven wrong and I'll revoke the neg).

    For those with any Windows 7 keys from old PC's (or old PC's running Windows 7), you can still use that key to activate 10 on a different computer and still have both licensed. If there isn't a sticker, use ProduKey to retrieve it.

  • Man, scammers with their (repetitive) and elaborate stories

    Since I'm moving to Sweden, a friend asked if he could take over the business - he works in IT and has worked hard to set up a website!

    • That’s the truth though haha. I’m supposed to be packing up my house, but I told my mate I’d post on Ozbargain for him if he offered a discount code because I know how serious you lot are about getting a deal.

    • If that's him working hard, I'd hate to se him slacking. It isn't even the bare minimum of work…

  • Sexbeat Records - Intentional business name? lol

  • +16 votes

    To be fair OP has been an OzBargain member for 5 years and has nearly 1,500 comments. It's a pretty long-con if only to make $30.

    • +1 vote

      Then again, the sheer length some ozbargainers will go to get a deal… you can never be too sure! 😁😁

      • …your tongue in cheek rhetoric isnt really the best way to go if your trying to instill some buyer confidence…especially with the lack of biz/site details? 🤔

        • +4 votes

          I dunno, I’m very active here, organised the Brisbane meet-up last year and the year before that, many people have met me in person :)

          I didn’t set up the website, my friend did, but the feedback has been useful. I think we’ll try to be more transparent and secure and post again once we’ve made the suggested changes

    • And this (many years as a member, many comments) is why I tried to give the benefit of the doubt :-)

      I still highly suspect the keys are not legit, even if op genuinely believes they are.

  • I actually need 2 of these but will wait until I know it’s genuine…

  • This has gotta be a gee up ..
    good luck trusting this… might as well grab a $10 one an save some coin if thats what floats ya boat

    • The problem is, how would you know. Win10 RTM keys readily available online from when it launched still activate fine and MS haven't shut them down yet. This could be in the same boat.