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Genuine/Retail Microsoft Windows 10 Product Keys $30 @ Fastkeys


Hello :)

A while ago I was selling Windows keys and MS Office on eBay, but I got too busy with work (and a little lazy) so I stopped. There's not a lot of money in it and a lot of competition!

Let me give you the info:

  • The cheapest way to get Win10 is to get a (free) upgrade from Win 7
  • The second cheapest way is to buy an OEM key (eBay Germany is usually cheapest due to an EU ruling allowing sale)

The problem is, 'OEM' (Original Equipment Manufacturer) keys are NEVER legit. The listings will say there were 'taken from PCs no longer in use' but it's all a lie. The keys are actually MSDN keys - or keys meant for the developers on a business/university fleet of computers.

To be honest, when I started selling MS software, I didn't realize this myself and would often sell OEM keys when I started (without knowing). Some of these keys can be activated 50 times and the same key is sold 40-50 times. After a year or so, they may stop working.

I don't sell OEM keys anymore. I've since built a relationship with many international Microsoft wholesalers who can provide genuine (retail) Windows 10 keys at cheaper prices. These keys are YOUR keys and can be activated 5 times (on five different PCs). The same ones you find at retail stores (Officeworks etc).

Since I'm moving to Sweden, a friend asked if he could take over the business - he works in IT and has worked hard to set up a website!

Depending on pricing/availability, we can sell the keys for $50-$100.

However, we're selling a small number today for $30 each (using code 'bargain'). In return, we ask that you share your feedback with us and the Ozbargain community. We're also wanting to iron out some bugs with the website and also using the low price as a marketing tool.

Keen to get your feedback in the comments!

Any questions please contact [email protected]

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    • Or a $1 one from taobay

  • Can I confirm if your selling a window 7 key in order for us to upgrade to windows 10 for free. Or an actual window 10 cdk thanks.

  • Hello all, I’m going to let my friend take it from here, so I won’t be responding for a while :)

    • …lol wut?

      rep posts deal…other users question legitimacy, rep pisses off….friend is gonna take care of it from now on

      this is weirdest deal ive seen in a while 😕

      • Still here, just packing up my house to move to
        Sweden haha

        • …rep posts a deal, moves to sweden….
          like i said… this is weirdest deal ive seen in a while 😕

  • +1

    Do you accept PayPal?

  • i got one from gumtree brisbane and it worked fine. Gumtree was cheaper.

    • And probably just as legitimate as this deal. I.e. not at all.

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    Anyone know where you can get cheap window 7 cdk. I like to use windows 7 and not 10 thanks

  • +8

    This thread was a great read

    • +2

      You gotta hand it to the OP. They’ve been more than willing to chat.

  • Hi OP, I recently activated Windows 10 from a $10 Key purchased online which I thought was sold from an old computer. So what you are saying is even though it is activated now, it may expire any day without warning? If you could shed some light on this, that would be great.

    How I got the key:
    1. Searched online, found website and paid via paypal (to an individual account).
    2. Received key via email straight after payment with Activation Key.
    3. When key was copied and pasted into "change activation key" option in Windows 10, I got error message that the key was already in use.
    4. I then followed vendor instructions to use activate by phone option (took longer as I got bounced around by Microsoft representatives) which required me to read out a 63 number long code (as displayed on screen under the phone activation option) to them. In return they gave me another number ID which I input into the windows screen. Then viola, my Windows was activated.

    • Haha, what an ordeal. Yea I’ve heard about the phone activation keys. Lol, they are not legit (retail), phone activation is just a work around to get them activated.

      Depends on the source of their keys, if they are identified/traced they many shut down access or they may not :)

      I’ve seen it happen with Office Products, but yet to hear about it with Win 10 so fingers crossed all g

    • I gambled on a cheap win 10 pro key because I wanted to try out Docker (which required the pro version), and I couldn't justify the full price.

      It worked perfectly fine. For a month or so. So yeah, they can definitely stop working.

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    Maybe we should ask Microsoft themselves if this is likely to be completely legit hahaha

    • Once you get the keys, you can check with them and let us know what they say :)

  • Where to buy a cheap laptop without an OS to then be able to benefit from a cheap Win 10 key?

  • There's no product page (viewing from mobile)

  • Could I use this to put win10 on my IMac?

  • Has anyone made an order and got any keys yet ?

    • I've made an order - couple hours ago. No key yet.

      • +1

        The paypal seller is "pending" - scamville I think.

        • We’re having issues with PayPal accepting the money via the website. I’ve asked my mate to send the keys anyway.

          To make it up to you, we’ll offer you a $10 refund when the payment does go through (and you’ll still get your key).

          If you’ve not got the key by midday tomorrow. I’ll personally refund you in full and still give you the key for free (PM me)

          It’s not your fault our system doesn’t work. I’m very sorry this has occured and will make it up to you.

  • Do you issue tax invoice for this?

    • How can they? The website doesn't even have an ABN, and the ABN they used in the domain registration isn't theirs, and the registrant name isn't them, this is definitely a scam.

      • The ABN on the domain also isn't registered for GST even it was theirs.

        The web designer who made Zion Access also made a moterhead website for the Western Australian Drummer (whose name was used for the Domain contact name for

        Seems like a circle of scam of cheap overseas keys.

      • yeah I know, was a sarcastic question to silence them out and sink their confidence :)

  • Windows 7 + Linux Mint is all I need.

  • Cool story bro, pass.

  • +1

    Hangon this doesn't add up. OP claiming that it's a retail license and can be activated on 5 different computers?. That's not a retail license.

    No legit Windows 10 retail on the market allows activation on 5 computers at the same time. Retail Windows 10 can be activated on only one computer at a time. The difference between retail and OEM is that the retail license can be transferred to another computer but OEM can't, but retail still can only be installed on one computer at a time. OEM stays on the computer which it was first activated on. That if you actually comply with the EULA.

    That's some sort of volume license meant for a small business office. Definitely not retail.

    • +1

      Yeah, and there are NO Volume License channels that can get Windows 10 Pro cheap enough to still have a profit margin at $27AUD (plus GST). The only possible explanation is a Visual Studio subscription, which can generate MAKs (Multiple Activation Keys) but those cannot be legally resold.

      • So that just busts this deal claiming to be genuine retail Windows 10. The description is not true at all. It's all deceptive. How are these sellers allowed to be dealing on Ozbargain.

        • +1

          I dunno, OzBargain never takes down pirated software sales. But this one takes the cake, it's got 9 negs, 7 reports, a moderator warning to provide business details which they still haven't done, and been up for more than 17 hours. Fishy af.

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