[VIC] Fine Free Borrowing - Eastern Regional Libraries


Fine free from 1 July

There will be no more library fines on overdue items from 1 July 2020.

The only things stopping you from borrowing a book will be:

  • overdue items that cannot be renewed
  • lost items

Happy Borrowing!

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  • That's a terrible idea! I can permanently borrow a book?
    There's a $112 book I've wanted for a long time but am never going to spend that much for. If the library has it I could just take it from their shelf and put it on mine. No fines.

    • I only go to the library for games, I've borrowed like 3 books ever.

      But with the value of new games, surely you'd have plenty of people make an account, rent the newest game, flip it for 60 odd bucks, and do the same over and over again with new accounts / making them for their friends.

    • Certainly.

      But once it's overdue past a certain point, they won't let you borrow any more books and will eventually send you an invoice for the book (likely well above what it sells for in a store plus a processing fee) that they may pass onto a debt collector if so inclined if you don't pay.

  • Monash has a similar thing going on.

  • Yarra Plenty region library does the same thing before covid