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Xiaomi Mijia Philips Bluetooth Night Light US$11.17 (~A$16.18) + Free Priority Shipping @ GeekBuying


On sale is this night light from Xiaomi and Philips. What makes this different from others is that it has Bluetooth so it can be controlled the Mi Home app to adjust the brightness, delay and multiple can be paired together. It also works with other Xiaomi Bluetooth gateway products like the Mijia Bedside lamp, cameras and toilet seat so when the night light is on, they're on too.

It has a sensor so it can light up when motion is detected, powered by 3 AA batteries and has a 3M adhesive sticker and lanyard for mounting the night light.

  • Apply the coupon NNNDBLG at checkout.

AU$ based on current Mastercard rate at time of posting, one per order and Free Australia Priority Shipping is included.

Comparison review between Yeelight Night Light, Xiaomi Night Light Gen 1 and Philips Night Light.

Model Xiaomi Philips Night Light
Dimensions (LxHxW) 8.80 x 8.80 x 3.40cm
Connectivity Bluetooth, Mi Home App
Colour Temperature 2700k
Watt 0.3w
Lumen (lowest) 0.5lm
Lumen (highest) 120lm
Detection angle 120°
Detection range 5-7m
Battery 3x AA Batteries

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  • Is there a USB rechargeable one? Would prefer that instead of having to use battery.

  • My only comment is be prepared to wait with these guys.

    50+ days after this deal and none of us have received it yet.


    • +2 votes

      Yeah that one was with the China Post snailmail which COVID seems to have impacted as China Post have changed their usual 30 business days estimate to 30-50 business days. I've raised it GeekBuying to see what else can be done as it's been 57 calendar days and 37 business days.

      In the case of this deal priority shipping has been made free. This will have an Auspost label on it and it'll get the express treatment.

    • If you don't pay for anything other than standard shipping, this is what happens across all Chinese sellers. Be prepared to wait for 1.5 - 3mnths.

    • Agreed, I commented on this previously, waited months for 2 items. 1 refunded through PayPal claim and now other under claim. (Also sorry to say Clear kindly promised to check up in this post https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/544111 but never got an answer after initial comment promising to check).

      So buy from Geekbuying at the moment at own risk.

      • did you choose standard shipping? because if so, "So buy from Geekbuying at the moment at own risk." is an extremely misleading statement.

        I have bought 40-50 items from GeekBuying over the years, and always selected Priority Line and it always arrives within 3 to 3.5 weeks from Hong Kong, delivered by AusPost. Phones, earphones, electronics, you name it.

        For any reseller, if you choose standard shipping, it's fair game as to when you receive it. would be months as it's snail mail.

  • Is it limited to 1 per customer? I can only get 1 light for $16.18

    • +1 vote

      It should be 1 per order as the coupon is set to only discount one at a time.

      • Thanks. Can I then make multiple orders with the coupon?

        • I had to make 3 orders to buy 3.

        • +1 vote

          Yes thats fine.

          • @Clear: Received my 3 today, shipped fast as you promised so kudos!

            I managed to add them successfully to the Mi home app (region changed to China), however, how do I link them up so that when one turns on, all three do? At the moment, I need to step 20cm in front of the light (mounted along wall of stairs) in order for them to light up; which is unrealistic for us as we don't walk that close to the wall.

            I'm thinking of mounting them a lot higher on the actual wall rather than staircase trim (?) but not sure, what are your thoughts mate?

            • @ScrubCorps: Also having trouble linking them. The product site says to push both Bluetooth buttons at the same time and they will link but it isn't working for me. Also agree on the motion sensing, have to be quite close to trigger…

  • Thanks. Bought one.

  • where you getting the $16 price? mines coming up as $25

  • Just a heads up I'm still waiting for my unit from the last deal. Coming close to 3 months now, last tracking update/update from staff says it's still in China

  • Sorry if this is a silly question: besides the Mii app, will this work as an independent device with Alexa/Echo?

  • Battery life?

  • 3 for the cost of 1 and the best thing is that you don’t need an app, no setups, nothing, it just works


  • Bluetooth? Good grief. Previous gen lasts 6+ months with 3 AAA eneloops and works fine. I think I'll pass.

  • Can you turn the bluetooth off if you don't need to use it?

  • +2 votes

    Hi guys be aware i ordered mine around 2 months ago and still waiting. And no one is replying my messages, think before you buy this perticular product.

  • Bit inconvenient tobhave to make multiple orders but got two to try out.

    Hope this priority shipping is legit.


      After processing it typically takes 5-8 business days to arrive. Auspost have an agreement in place with Chinese couriers to have things shipped to AU very quickly.

  • Is there a light like this but much more powerful ?

  • I never knew I needed one of these but there you go…

  • Just a heads u guys, bought an item nearly 2-3 months ago ..still waiting on my order and no one is replying back very poor customer service …have raised a dispute with PayPal and they are still investigating the case…And it’s ages now and no resolution. Think before you buy ..

    • Seriously people negging cause of revealing the truth ..Grow up fellas ..

    • Negging cos you got it oh so wrong. Perhaps with other Chinese resellers there's issues.

      I've done more than 40 orders with GeekBuying. Anything other than standard shipping from most Chinese resellers will only take two or three weeks.

      • Yeah..I got it so wrong… what about the other fellas who have had same experience like me Ordered 2-3 ago and still awaiting their items (have you read the thread and their comments mate . you cannot deny the fact .if , I had a bad experience, I am all up here to get people aware..so that’s my personal opinion and you suggesting me I am so wrong ..that’s you opinion…so many wrongs cannot make one right ..so just chill out fella..take it easy mate, I wish you had a similar experience with them like some of us and then we will talk ..how about that?

        • +1 vote

          It's 7 business days past the normal shipping time for unregistered airmail. However thanks to COVID China Post increased that time from 30 business days to 50 business days so it's still within the time frame. Auspost and other carriers have done the same.

          GeekBuying typically refund orders after 90 days if not received.

          • @Clear: Just checking - 90 business days for a refund (more than 4 months) or is that 90 actual days (which is about 3 months - Still quite along wait)?

            • @thatsapaddlin: Spot on mate, that’s what I am telling people.. it not worth buying Especially during this COVID thing and not getting the item and then going back and forth to get your refund … and very poor customer service ..


              @thatsapaddlin: 90 actual days.

              This problem won't happen with priority shipping. It's why it's been free in recent deals.

              • @Clear: Thanks that sounds promising.

                I’m still disappointed you never got back to me with your promised answer to follow up. from my comments in a previous post as mentioned above. Makes me doubt customer service from GB.


                  @thatsapaddlin: Sorry about that. I get blasted with so many notifications that sometimes I miss to go back to some people as I had messaged others.

                  Always best to contact GeekBuying directly or shoot me another message. I am just a middleman afterall.

                  • @Clear: Same with me mate , you promised you will get back to me which never happened realistically…really disappointing as well..

        • Let's talk then mate.

          You and the others raising disputes are for items that have standard shipping. I was explicitly saying that items where you don't choose Priority Shipping or DHL or whatever express option, run into this issue.

          Trying to neg the seller when you chose the snail mail option, yes it sucks but that's the way it works. Even the seller has explained that to you plain and simple.

          So yes, the bad experience will extend to Banggood, Gearbest, Joybuy, AliExpress and all the other retailers. And made worse by COVID-19.

          Now if you chose Priority Shipping for Geekbuying (thru Aus Post partnering) and you still didn't receive your item in that timeframe, I'll eat my words.

          • +1 vote


            Trying to neg the seller when you chose the snail mail option

            To me that's a sign of not wanting to resolve the issue. Rather "Let's hide the OP's comment instead of trying to get a resolution".

          • @adrianhughes1998: Oh Ok , fair dinkum cobba, But have you heard the word “customer service” mate been trying to get ahold of em since ages with minimal to no response ..I understand the delivery may have effected due to COVID 19 ..but atleast a follow up would have been nice to make sure all the things are up and running ..in this case I am the one who is trying to get a hold of em …so that’s fairly bad customer service ..simple is That mate ..if the customers are not happy ..company will certainly loose customers and losing customers meaning good will…besides that’s it not a monopolistic market ..I hope you understand where I am am coming from ..

            • @Sunnyoz: customer service is just as bad in oz mate - rang a company 6 weeks ago - still waiting despite followups….

            • @Sunnyoz: All good no dramas. Yeah it's unfortunate and the first couple of orders I made from china faced the same issues. So since then just paid for express or priority line or equivalent options. Haven't had an issue not once since then.

              For the savings we make from buying overseas and not local, I figure I shouldn't expect customer service standards to be good as they are locally, so no Biggie

  • +3 votes

    was going to buy 2 but saw the comments in this thread/the last deal, might hold off in case these guys disappear =/

    • Geekbuying disappear? You must be new around here…

      • fair enough - saw some of their other recent deals and people have been getting their stuff (with the priority shipping). will likely place an order now

  • If you want something locally, these are excellent: https://www.bunnings.com.au/arlec-motion-sensor-battery-oper...

    • No mention of lumens or colour temp other than "white". Cool white is not good for a night light.

      • The description clearly says "Warm white LED glow" and further down "…provides a comforting warm white soft light…"

        You were probably looking at the bit in the specifications area that is describing the colour of the enclosure, not the LED colour temp.

        • So it does. I just went straight to the specifications tab which says stuff all. Not even the classical wattage.

  • I presume these are not compatible with Phillips Hue lights?

  • Anyone know of a plug-in (can be an overseas plug using an adapter) motion night light from a known brand (eg xiaomi, anker, etc)?

    All I could find was plug-ins but without motion or like these battery with motion.

    And I might have found what I am looking for. For anyone looking as well, this is what I've seen.

  • No comments from people refusing to buy anything from China? :)

  • I'm curious as to what people do with all these night lights??? And what is the hype all about?

    • place in hall ways or areas so you dont have to walk into walls or turn on bright lights at night?
      save energy too

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