expired SanDisk Extreme 32GB 60MB/s Compact Flash Card $139.99 + $7 Shipping + Surcharge


Mwave is selling their Sandisk 32GB 60MB/s Cards cheap!

It's $7 flat rate next day shipping. I bought an additional 2 to have 5 32GB 60MB/s cards for the holidays.


1.5% for Paypal. 1.95% for Visa/Master

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    "dealhunt 8 min ago new ¶

    OP I'm sorry to say that you could find a better deal and save money, you bought 3 cards right?

    Here is $125 including shipping to Australia: http://www.abesofmaine.com/item.do?item=SDCF32GBXA61&id=SDCF...

    $125 x 3 = $375
    You spent $435 right? Also is the $7 shipping for each card or all of three?

    Dude. From that website. $125 IS the cost of shipping to Australia. The card costs $129.95. Altogether to buy 1 card is $254.95 after shipping. How is that cheaper?

    Please check before you slam.

    I bought 2. $7 flat rate shipping.

    I can claim back 10% gst as i'm going overseas for a holiday. See if you can beat AUD $128 per card then get back to me. I'll gladly buy another 1 or 2.

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      You're right that is the shipping rate!

      But your title says $139.99 + $7 + surcharge NOT $128!

      I found it for $150 including shipping (and could spend more time to find even cheaper) so from your title you still save a bit more.

      However, if you think that I'm slamming, then you can be happy with your purchase as you don't need my time.
      Have a good holiday.


        After all that, all you can get is $150? ahahahahhahaha.

        $128 is if you claim back 10%. That's why i'm telling you to beat that price. Even B&H is more expensive after postage and you don't get it the next day.

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          $128 might "only" work for yourself not here on OzBargains, not everyone is going overseas so the title is what counts.

          But I see you're going holiday with the good humour lol


    ATM where MP wars seems no more:
    32Gb - ppl will say "putting whole eggs in a basket"
    8Gb - ppl will say "not big enough!"
    16Gb - sweet spot :)

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      MP Wars no more? The new Sony FF sensor to be used by Nikon is 36 mp :) But I agree, 16 is the sweet spot for now. And dealhunt, I don't think you got OP's point about it being $128 for his set of circumstances.


        I got it but I also look at the title, or is this a deal only for the OP?

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          His point was, if I understand correctly, it will be $128 after he claims back GST. That's only applicable to people going overseas in next 30 days. But, KeeFy, I hope you bought more from mwave than just 2 cards, or you'll be under the $300 min for yoru receipt and unable to claim. (I got burnt when I bought Galaxy Tab for $299… If only I'd gotten a $2 sim at same time!)


    To the OP.
    You bought two of these, so $300.
    You now have 5, so at least $750 in cards…
    Why didn't you just buy one or two and get a laptop instead to download the images to?

    I shoot jpeg and raw (Canon 7D), so 30+ MB a photo using a 16Gb Extreme and an older 8Gb giving me 800 photos if I only download (and burn to DVD for backup) once a day…


      It seems he bought 5 cards "I bought an additional 2 to have 5 32GB 60MB/s cards for the holidays".
      So if I do a quick calculation the OP would be able to shot around 5340 raw photos for his holiday!

      Not that I care much as he is free to spend his money as the best as he likes, but what has let me think is about his so strong reaction to my average finding or even of the same value of his.
      So my thought is, he really bought 5 cards or what else??

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