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[AU Version] Mi Air Purifier 2H $167, 3H $213, Pro $302.55, Mi Qicycle $899 @ Allphones eBay


Hi All

Hope you enjoy you weekend! See below deals from Xiaomi, So exciting got extra support to bring Qicycle price below $900 for official Au stock.


Au Official Stock, Warranty, GST Inc.

Mi Qicycle $899 (Extra $200 Off at Checkout)


Mi Air Purifier 2H $167.79


Mi Purifier 3H $213.30


Mi Purifier Pro $302.55


Original Coupon Deal

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      Hi LeVuHoang

      Feel free to share the link if you found better price elsewhere for Au stock.

  • How much are replacement filters? And how long do they last? Does it have a fixed time limit built into the software or something? (DRM)

    • Depends on the filter. The 3H has a HEPA filter which costs $45 from Kogan / Dick Smith

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      Filters probably need changing every 6 months or less depending on use.
      The 3H shows the filter use as a percentage. Starts at 100 and change when 0.

    • you can block the scanner with a little bit of alfoil i believe so it can't detect the air filter and no longer nags you about it running out - haven't had it long enough to try yet

      • Yeah I saw one video of them opening it up, on the bottom of the filter is a big "RFID" logo = DRM built in = instant do not buy

        • yeah had the same thoughts, but as long as the blocking trick works i'm fine with it haha

  • Any recommendations on whether the 3H is worth the extra premium over the 2H?

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    Good price on Qicycle.

    • Is the bike any good?

      • Great fold up ebike. Quality build, my only concern is if it breaks down where to repair. I notice the Op hasn’t responded which means they’ve not seen my question on servicing or doesn’t know either.

        • Yea that's my concern too. I did ask bikes 99 a while back and they told me they don't fix electric bike not sold by them

        • Hi thatsapaddlin

          Sorry for the late reply.
          for breaks down under warranty you can contact us directly, we will process warranty for you, hopefully there will be more service centre coming in the future.

  • Thanks op, got one 3h

  • How helpful are air purifiers for dust mite allergies?

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      Bought a 3h for the missus a couple months ago who has pretty bad asthma. Went from using her puffer every night to maybe once every couple weeks, so has been a pretty noticeable difference for her.

      • hi, can u kindly advise if the number on your 3H screen showing a different numbers from time to time or staying at 1?

        mine showing at 1 most the time on winter, so not sure if it is working fine or not. Any comment/advise?

        Thank you

        • Mine definitely works, try turning it on after cooking something.

        • 1 is pretty normal, its certain size particles that change that screen - so cooking will jack it up to 500 when you burn a sausage or something. but for household dust mine mostly sits at 1 unless im vacuuming or stirring up a lot of things nearby it

        • Ours usually sticks on one for MOST of the time, however some days it can spike up to 15 or even 20. I'd say its working well, maybe the easiest way to check is take it into another area of the house eg kitchen when cooking.

      • @chinospot: I'm an asthma sufferer too, so was curious how you were using it for such a positive result eg. Use in bedroom only when sleeping or all around general living area. Do you have it on all the time to have such a positive effect?

        • So we have one in our bedroom, which is where we spend most of our time (sharehouse). Our bedroom is around 7m x 4.5m. We have it running on low all the time, and crank it up if the number start to rise, if were cleaning, or if the missus feels like she needs it. I'd say for a house or larger living areas, you would need multiple units or a bigger unit in general.

          • @chinospot: How fast has it gone through the filter running it all the time?

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              @Hargain Bunter: I think we had a look the other day and was sitting at around 70%, and has been on for around 7 weeks. So i'd say a little short of 6 months for a filter. The hepa filters are around $50-60 from memory so a real rough guess of $120 per year + electricity costs.

    • If you get one with a HEPA filter that is big enough to filter your space, very good.

    • i have a dustmite allergy and it's great for when you're doing laundry/folding/ironing/sorting out the washing etc. I would normally sneeze and have a runny nose, but if I'm running the air purifier at the same time I have a lot less problems

  • Do you have the Pro H?

    • Don’t think there is a Pro H (well not in Australia). The Mi Official Store has a list and says the Pro doesn’t come with HEPA but you can purchase it separately.

      • They definitely sell a Pro H model in China, which is an updated version of Pro released in 2019. The Pro is the old model released in 2018, like the "3" vs "3H". You wouldn't buy the old "3" model from 2018 now that "3H" is out, so why buy a Pro when Pro H is out?

  • Qicycle out of stock FXXk

  • Good price for AU stock 3H. Best price/time to buy probably, especially for those concerned about upcoming/future bushfire seasons

    • fire season seemed just like yesterday.. now almost round the corner again

    • kogan/dick smith sold 3h for 199/179 last month (+delivery)

      • Yea they did. Although they sold import stock though, personally I don't mind the small bit extra for the local warranty.

        Shopro had an even better (best actually, $178) price within the past few days, but sold out for now.

        • I did some research and got quite confused. Xiaomi has no factories in Australia. How could it claim its products are Australian stocks??? Made in China/India, shipped to and assembled/packed in Australia???

          btw, found Kogan gives Kogan warranty during my research.

          • @lone0113:

            Xiaomi has no factories in Australia. How could it claim its products are Australian stocks???

            Well an iphone is made in china also. But you can buy australian stock as well as grey import stock.

            • @xoom: I see, but you can't call other sellers (like Kogan) selling grey stocks, can you??? in this circumstance. Is the main differenc is with/without Australian warranty???

  • Anyone have the qicycle and care to share some insights about it? Real world range, speed, practicality?

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    OP any plans to get the 2nd gen in?

  • 3H vs Pro, which one to choose?

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      3H comes with HEPA filter out of box I think (you can get a HEPA filter for the pro) but pro moves a lot more air. I have the pro. We have a wood fire. We run it when the fire is going. The 3H would have worked fine but I just like the idea that the pro can clean the sir faster and then go back to idling. I guess I would ask how much air/room are you looking to filter and how quickly? If the purifier will be running on low mainly because you don't have a fire/dirty air then I'd say the 3H.

      • Thanks

    • +1

      Depends on room size etc. Here is a comparison: https://www.mi-store.com.au/which-xiaomi-air-purifier-is-bes...

  • Pro cheaper at dicksmith. $269 plus shipping which for me is $25 but I'm what they call remote so others should be less.

    • I was thinking the same. It is the same version?

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    Wasn't the 3H $179 from dick smith a few weeks ago?

  • Is the 3H (or any of the models) fully functional without the app or without connecting to home wifi?

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      You don't need the app but you cant set timer and scheduling.

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      I believe the 3H works without the app through the screen but unsure if it’s fully functional. I’d say it won’t work with your home automation etc (such as Google Home).

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        won’t work with your home automation etc (such as Google Home).

        aw why

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          you can turn on off with google home once you set it up through the app and never have to open app again if you dont want. You can also choose "auto" through google home, i haven't managed to get any of the other settings besides on, off and auto

  • 3H sold out, any more stock OP?

    • more stock added

  • +1

    Is a 3H/Pro overkill for a bedroom if I wanted to use it for the rest of the home as well?

    My home is basically open plan living/kitchen with a small open nook for a study area (think a P-shaped area basically). If the total area is within the range of a 3H/Pro would it still work effectively? I suspect the odd short walls here and there would interfere with airflow. Anyone have experience in a similar situation?

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      You need airflow for it to work. So putting a fan in the other room to blow it in is less likely to help, dander etc will stick to surfaces, scatter etc.

      You'll need to move it out of the bedroom and into the main room to really see a difference for both instead of just one.

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      Keep in mind that they are noisy when running in high speed. I have a pro and I could put it in the hallway as my house is small but it would be very noisy. I'd say get two 3h and put at opposite ends of house.

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    Eww all phones.

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    Thanks op. Bought a 3H.

  • Would these be effective at reducing cat litter box odour?

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    3H and Pro cheaper here

    • Thanks for sharing the link, I just double check with Australia local Xiaomi distributor don't think are the official AU stock. its more like grey import global version with AU plug.


      • Hmm, interesting…

        Based on the reps comments here it’s AU stock…

        But then in another comment to reply to a question on whether it is covered by ACL the response was simply it has 12 months Warranty 🤔

        Is yours ACL covered ?

        • Yes, ACL covered

      • Thanks for the awesome delivery speed. Just realised I have to connect to Australia server to see purifer. That means all my other devices that's on China server won't be able to utilise the purifer when setting up scenes. Crap. Is there any way to combine?

        That means the Shopro one is also Au version as someone reported that they have to also connect to Australia server to work. Also when warranty claim was put to the distributor boufht from Shoppro, They confirmed it is theirs. I think your distributor could be misleading you.

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    I’ll send a message to cancel my order. 3H is cheaper elsewhere now.

    • Hi Sharp

      You shouldn't have any issues if you request to cancel order, feel free to PM me if you have any other questions.

  • Does the Pro have / come with a HEPA filter?

  • Would one of these remove paint fumes?

  • Got my 3H today, was delivered before I even got the tracking number from eBay. Pleasantly surprised :) came with the AU plug too.

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