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2GB Bonus Data @ Circles.Life (for Existing Members Joined Since 2019)


Got this email:

2GB Bonus Data for you, just cause

We don’t know if anyone’s told you before, but you’re the bee’s knees.

Thanks for believing in us since we launched in 2019. We literally couldn’t have done it with you (because what’s a telco without customers 😂).

As a token of our love and appreciation, we’re giving you 2GB Bonus Data on us for the month!

Redeem this by using the unique code below in your Circles.Life app


(Redeem your code by 10 July 2020, 11.59pm AEST. The earlier you redeem it the more time you have to use it! Data expires at the end of the month.)

Just head to your Circles.Life app > Profile (the icon on the top left) > Apply code. If you don’t see it on your app, please make sure your app is up to date (v1.29.0)

Referral Links

Referral: random (106)

$10 Bill credit for referrer, referee (new signup) receives $10 monthly credit applied for 12 months.

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  • Would never again touch this mob even if they offered 2pb a month

    • Why? Out of curiosity.. I've been with them for almost a year and had no problems.

      • +3 votes

        There seems to be a lot of issues surrounding porting out, both actually porting your number out & getting them to stop billing you after you do port out.

        A Hotel California for mobiles.

        • Oh wow. Sounds like a pain in the arse.

        • Just ported as of a week ago.

          So far the only issues I've had are

          1. My Circles.Life account number starts with 2 letters and Kogan didn't like that so I had to call up Kogan and get it manually transferred

          2. I received a random bill citing one international call for 32c. I got it fixed by support in a minute or so.

          It doesn't seem like I've being billed for this month which is good, I was worried they'd try to sneak in more bills.

      • I've been with them for a month now and so far so good. Speed is great and I've got good coverage everywhere I've been so far.

        Reviews suggest that it is hard to port out and that they keep billing after you've left. However for $28/100GB I don't think I'll be leaving this mob anytime soon. None of the other telcos offer anything close to this value.

        There are also anecdotes to the contrary that suggest that the port out process was painless so keep in mind that the issue might only be with certain carriers (Kogan comes to mind here).

        As for the second criticism, there's an option to turn off direct debits in the app so if you decide to leave, maybe turn it off before you put in your porting request with the new carrier.

        • Yeah tbh I'm really happy with the value. So much so that I don't think I'll be leaving any time soon unless the service goes to shit.

      • Because even after I revoked the authorisation to charge my card they happily continued doing it for months.

      • Issues porting out… took well over a month (meanwhile, waiting for my new phone / credit) and then the service just disconnected one day…. Had to get a new number in the end.

  • Couldn't apply the code

  • I had no issues porting out to Telstra.

  • I had issues porting out. Optus store had to call circle porting team to confirm account number and resubmit a few times. Was a major hassle.

  • Well, this comes as a welcome move. Any Bonus data in these times is good. Any chance that Amaysim or Boost might offer any Bonus data soon?

  • I am on 100GB plan, code not worked for me.

  • I tried entering via copy and paste and it said code expired.

  • marketing gimmick