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Circuit 50kg Barbells Weights Set $149 @ Big W


Circuit 50kg Barbells Weights Set $149 @ BigW
This is their usual price but it’s been out of stock for a while and 2nd hand ones are being sold $250 ~ $300, so good price if someone needs to buy one.
Rebel also has their Celsius 50kg set back in stock in some of their stores that I checked.

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  • Anybody got an opinion on the quality between this and the Celsius?

    • I'd buy a different set that had 2 x 10kg weights instead of so many smaller weights. Also, it would be better if the bars had collars instead of spinlocks, as it makes changing the weights a pain.

      • Could you recommend a brand or set? Looking through literally thousands of bad weight sets when i dont know what im looking for is not very fun.

    • Definitely get the celsius as it has a solid one piece bar. The Circuit has a 3 piece that screws together which is inherently weaker. I would not risk putting any more than the 50kg it comes with on a 3 piece bar.
      I have the Celsius and it has lasted well over 5 years.

  • Apprix $3/kg

    Not bad.

    For fixed dbs between 5-15kg, kmart seem to still be best value.

    • Are the fixed weights from KMart decent quality? Thinking of picking up a few at the weights I most frequently use.

      • Good wrap from the garage gym facebook group. I mean its hex db…very little that can go wrong. The weight may have a slight margin of error but i doubt by much..

  • These are ok for beginners that want to start a home
    Gym set. Spinlock are a pain as previously stated. Half my workout is changing over plates.

    • Are locks even necessary?

      • Certain exercises require locking. E.g hammer curls, tricep extension. Any exercises that need dynamic movement or changes in angles, I would suggest locking them. Or you would get crack tiles. Speaking from personal experience.

      • as per other comment, for some exercises yes, but for the big lifts like bench, squat etc, no. it's better to get used to doing it without so you have more options for escape in an incident. sliding weights will also help make you aware of unbalanced lifts that you might not see if the plates are locked.

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    How do you get to the gym in Hogwarts?

    Through the dumbell door?

  • Out of stock at most stores

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    Gumtree is a great place for weight sets

  • I remember buying this set a few months back from bigw for 99$

  • Nice rearview mirror.

  • Kettlebell

  • Is this one of those things people buy but will never actually use? :P

  • https://www.bigw.com.au/product/circuit-weight-bench/p/43465... Thoughts on this to use with bar from this?? (Beginner to weights)

    • Ditch the weights and get a pull up bar and gym rings. Take up Calisthenics. Look up Daniel on Youtube, channel name is Fitness Faqs. You can get ripped af doing calisthenics and skills like the full planche, handstand pushup, back lever, etc are all going to be way more impressive than pushing weights on a bar.

      • Ditch the house and setup a bush camp in the mountains. Take up Bush Survival. Look up Max on YouTube, channel name is Going Ape. You can live happy af doing foraging and skills lik digging for mealworms, navigating by stars, foraging for berries etc. Are all going to be way more impressive than going to the supermarket.

  • the question is how do i get this from the store to my car