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PowerColor Red Devil AMD Radeon 5700XT - $624.86 Shipped @ Amazon UK via AU


Using the same "trick" to add to cart as the Ryzen 7 3800X @ Amazon UK post https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/550308

Great price for a decent 5700XT (as good as MSI Gaming X, Gigabyte Gaming OC).

$714,38 @ Amazon US
$829,00 @ PCG

Edit: There is the 5700XT XFX THICC III ULTRA option, for $593.67 + 23.35 shipping @ $617.02.
Looks like the Red Devil will be back in stock on July 13th.

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  • Good catch, that's an interesting bug!

  • Bugger, I just ordered the XFX Radeon RX 5700 XT THICC III Ultra for around the same price…is the Red Devil a superior buy?

    • Powercolor's and Sapphire's are the best 5700/xts by quite a margin for the IIRC. XFX's usually good but they dropped the ball this time. too late to cancel the XFX?

    • They're about the same performance wise, the Thicc has a slight edge but barely. I recently got my Thicc III Ultra and it's great, no temp issues whatsoever and runs as advertised. I'd have no issues recommending the XFX but you'd be happy with either I reckon. The Thicc III gets a bad rep cause of the cooling issues on the Thicc II but that's been fixed. I just finished playing The Witcher 3 and it maxed at 68 degrees on the GPU in MSI Afterburner

      • Hi thunda, I think you are the one who pointed me to this card in an older deal?
        I really like how well the looks of the XFX will go with the rest of the build so I think I'll stay with it since it's comparable with the Devil. Fingers crossed that I'll have similar experience to you.

        Now, if it was a Sapphire Nitro + going at the same price, I would go for the Nitro

        • Yup that was me and I think you'll be happy, I had my concerns too but all good. It's a nice card

  • Anyone have a 5 series radeon here? Do you have the famous driver issues or is this worth buying

    • been a long time since I had those issues… but also it's possible that they're isolated to certain games that I don't play.

    • My Sapphire 5700 xt arrived recently and its been nothing but crashes in MW, some things like reinstalling drivers stop it for a bit but eventually its back to the game crashing and occasional BSOD's.

    • Very strange, I'm quite the opposite. Initially, I had my reservation when I bought the MSI RX5700XT Mech about a month ago from the Ozbargain deal. This is coming from someone who had previously been using the RTX 2700 Super X-Trio. It worked straight out of the box without further tinkering. It was running so well I then decided to sell that one and go for the MSI RX5700XT Gaming X from Amazon and been using it ever since.

      This is such a good deal I'm tempted to grab one.

      • Yup MSI are replacing my MECH for horrible junction temperatures. Apparently I took the case so far that they just gave up and were like (profanity) it here's a new one even though we can't find a fault. Gaming X will still be better than the revised MECH design.

      • Damn lucky, wish I'd done that LOL

  • Already gone.
    Only listing the USA price at $7xx

  • Damn i just missed it, decided to settle with the XFX thicc III ultra instead

    • They just fixed this UK loop hole. EDIT: looks like there is another UK product still working.

    • You can still get it now but no stock until 13th July ( Estimated Delivery: July 21, 2020 - July 28, 2020 ) and save $3.00 if you choose standard delivery instead of expedited international delivery )

  • Great deal, finally pulled the trigger on a new gpu.
    Should be a decent match up for my new 1440p monitor arriving this week.

  • If RTX 2070S was similar price, which would be better to get vs this?

    • what do you mean by similar? if it's less than $100~120 difference then get the 2070S, Nvidia do hold better resale value at the end of the day

    • Depends how close in price and what monitor you have (freesync / gsync). I think you’d be hard pressed now to find a 2070S very close in price the cheapest I could find was the galax one for $750.

      I went for this one as it’s at least 20% cheaper, comparable performance, and I don’t care for raytracing in its current form.

    • The 2070 S. Raytracing support but more importantly DLSS 2.0 support which is a game changer . The card will last quite long because of it, allows you to run a lower resolution that is then upscaled giving you 30-50% better performance than native resolution with barely any image degradation

    • 2070S? What would you expect? It outperforms it and has all the NVIDIA goodies for a similar price. It's no contest.

    • The 2070S. But it will never be the same price as a 5700 XT, even an amazing AIB card like the Red Devil or Nitro+ which are so much more expensive.

      If a Galax 2070S happened to be priced low enough to almost match this Red Devil (when the Devil is at it's typical price instead of this steal), I'd still think seriously about sticking with the Powercolor.

      This Red Devil @ $600 has to be the best deal I've seen on OzB for a current gen mid-range card.

  • Has anyone's orders shipped yet?

    • Not yet. A few guys had their Ryzen 3800x shipped from Amazon UK. A chose the "Standard International Delivery", probably it will take longer to be shipped then the "Expedited International Shipping".

      • Thanks for confirming.
        Perhaps I should've pony up the $3 more for quicker shipping.
        Hopefully no dramas

        • Mine hasn't shipped yet. Not expecting until at least next week, as someone reported here that when it was OOS they were expecting next stock on July 13, and I reckon this won't be delivery until at least the end of the month.

          But as long as it comes, I don't care. Really happy with the price :)

        • Has yours shipped yet??

      • Has yours shipped yet??

  • does the warranty for these cards apply internationally? wondering if I need to ship it back to the states if there are any issues down the line

    • I'm usually skeptical when it comes to warranty across borders… almost always buy local.

      In this case, I'm willing to run a risk. Only because it's Amazon. I've always found their customer support fantastic. I think they will approach quality issues and complaints with a healthy dose of pragmatism, and aim to make the consumer happy. And at such a big discount, I feel it's a small risk worth taking.

  • I forgot to thank you, OP. This is great work. Much appreciated 👏

  • My order just got updated to "Preparing for Shipment" yeee hawww

  • Received mine in the mail yesterday, very impressed. Absolutely no dramas at all!

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