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Xiaomi Aqara Smart Window Door Sensor 2 Pack US$17.99 (~A$25.99) + Free Priority Shipping @ GeekBuying


Back again with another Xiaomi Aqara sensor deal and this time we have a deal on the Window/Door sensor in a pack of 2 (2 boxes of the sensor). Like the other sensors it needs a Zigbee hub and is compatible with many including including Aqara, Xiaomi, SmartThings, Conbee and more. It also supports Apple HomeKit and Amazon Alexa.

Examples of its uses is triggering an Aqara hub alarm or push notifications to your phone when a door or window is opened, having the lights turn on when you open a door, having the Xiaomi air purifier turn on when a window is closed and so forth.

  • Apply the coupon NNNDBA at checkout

Important: Click Proceed to Checkout in the cart to choose the free Australia Priority Line shipping before payment.

AU$ based on current Mastercard rate. One per order.

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  • +1

    Do you have any CO (Carbon Monoxide) censor for garage?

    • Unfortunately not.

  • Two pairs or just one pair with 2 bits?

    • Two pairs.

      • Where is the stock located? How long for shipping to Sydney?

        • +1

          Shipping from China. After processing you're looking at around 5-8 business days with the priority shipping. So likely around the 2 week mark rather than 4-6 weeks with the standard free shipping.

      • So does that mean I can put it on 2 separate doors (e.g front and bzck) or is it for 1 door only?

        • Yes that's right. Rather than adding 2 to your cart there is a single listing that will ship 2 of them to you.

        • Two doors

  • +1

    Not blaming you OP but jeepers GeekBuying and their shipping of the Nightlight has left a bitter taste in mouth.

    • +6

      That's understandable. It's why I've been only doing deals with free priority shipping using the agreement Auspost have with Chinese couriers to have stuff delivered here very quickly. Rather than the free untracked China Post shipping with an estimated delivery of 30-50 business days from that deal.

      • Their support team now says to wait for 30-90 days. That order was placed on May 13.

        • That's correct. If you have not received it within 90 days you will be refunded.

  • OP, does this do a vibration sensor too (e.g. if someone knocks on the door)

    Also, do you have a zigbee motion sensor that can detect light intensity too (lumens)?

    • +2

      Doesn't seem to be a vibration function. Rather Aqara have a vibration sensor.

      Under the old Mi branding there was a light sensor with the model name GZCGQ01LM but it's not sold by GeekBuying. Another looking identical appeared on the Mi Home app a few months ago under the Aqara branding so a new release should be imminent.

    • +1

      The Hue motion sensor fits that bill, although how well its implementation of zigbee plays with non-Hue hubs I couldn't say.

      The Aqara human body sensor does light as well. The Mi version doesn't, so don't pick the wrong one.

  • grabbed a set, i ordered 4 of the temp sensors last time around and they are in melb due late this week/early next. with the current state of travel around the world actually impressive timing. Provided i am not about to receive a package of chinese rocks i am happy.

    • Auspost pretty much have their distribution centres running 24/7 now with extra staff due to the demand. The China to Australia leg is fulfilled by UBI and they basically express ship it.

    • 2 of 3 arrived for me in north Sydney yesterday

    • I just received one of my 3 packs of Temp sensors from that earlier deal. I'm in Brisbane.

  • Will this work with Mi Home App?

    • Needs a ZigBee hub

      • But then does it work with the Mi app?

        Basically how do I actually get notifications that I'm getting plundered.

        • A notification like any app

          • @jackwoz: I find the notifications unreliable. Sometimes I get them sometimes I don't. I wouldn't be relying on these for security.

      • Assuming this isn’t Zigbee?

        • +1

          No, it is zigbee

          • +2

            @jackwoz: Sorry, is the xiaomi hub that comes in the 5 in 1 security hub compatible with these?

  • Good deal

  • Great deal. Got a pair.

    Any deals on the body sensors please?

  • Good price, have a couple already and have been by far the best d/w sensors I've used yet.

  • +1

    Will it work if I just have a Philips hue hub ?

    • -2

      Need smart things

  • $26.68 in total instead of $25.9 after applying the code?

    • +1

      Are you using PayPal's exchange rate? If you have a currency conversion fee free card setup to do it's own conversion in PayPal you should get very close to $25.99 AU or sometimes better. Basically PayPal have an inflated rate and I'm using Mastercard's conversion tool with a 0% bank fee to get the AU price.

      Edit: Seems PayPal has changed how this works. At payment select your card, click the See currency options and choose USD. Now it'll depend on what your card converts it to. Previously you could set this to happen for all payments, but now it's manual for each.

  • Over $27 for me

  • +1

    Is there any offer for zigbee hub

    • +4

      It's a good idea. I'll ask GeekBuying but won't know until tomorrow.

  • +2

    Human sensors?

    • +2

      Yes, im holding out for me of these as well

    • Yeah I'm keen on these too

  • Anyone have a any suggestion of what hub going well with home assistant and google home ? I had the Xiaomi hub but it is EU version and cannot connected via home assistant…

    • +2

      Conbee ii

    • +1

      Really, you cant connect home assistant to it? As in HASSIO?

      edit: I just checked it out, seems like there are issues with the EU version

      • Yeah pretty much from what I read, need to open and solder stuff but I am not really good at it. I rather keep using it for now :)

    • +1

      Conbee 2 or CC2531
      Both work fine with HA

      • The Cc2531 is cheaper compare to the conbee2. Is there anything that I have to aware of when choosing zigbee hub? In this case what is the benefit of Conbee2 over CC2531?

        • +1

          Better range.
          200 device capacity.
          Extremely good software via Deconz addon.
          Easier to pair devices as one could see the devices via VNC console.

          Even if you are buying 2x CC2531 radios, you need to buy Debugger and cables etc which will cost you around $25-$30 in total. At around $65, Conbee 2 is not comparatively too expensive.

          • @harry2015: Might be good idea to get the Conbee2. Thanks so much. I already have the xiaomi security kit 6 parts 2 door sensor 2 motion sensor and 1 switch, do you think that Conbee stick will work well with that existing sensors?

            Just to confirm because that xiaomi stuff just work straight out of the box and I dont need to do anything to set it up

            • @vantruongsinh: Not too sure about Xiaomi security kit but anything working on Zigbee will be supported by Conbee.
              If possible send me the proper product code or model number.
              You can check if your device is compatible here https://phoscon.de/en/conbee2/compatible

              • @harry2015: Thanks harry, looks good to me. Just double check the motion sensor and it is supported. The other sensors already stick to the door so cannot remove it yet. I will give it a try and let you know :) Thanks for all your good info :D

            • @vantruongsinh: Yes it works like a charm, and no headache like the Cc2531

  • +1

    Thanks OP, ordered 3 pairs.
    My 2 pairs of Humidity sensors from last deal had arrived today. Although GeekBuying took more time to process the order vs the actual shipping time but considering the product price is same as Aliexpress but with faster shipping, its a good deal.
    Please get us a deal for PIR sensors.

  • Will this work with the Amazon Echo Plus' Zigbee hub? My Aqara brand body sensor works with it while my Xiaomi brand one doesnt

    • It should work

    • I hope it does, I bought the sensor and want to connect to Echo plus.

      • The Aqara Temp sensor works with Echo, so there's a good chance this will as well.

  • Any further offers on Aqara sensors like smoke detector.. Etc??

    • Also interested in the smoke detectors…

  • Been looking for something like this that can work standalone (connect straight to wifi) and has local siren when someone opens the door/window. Any recommendation?

    • There are definitely dumb versions that chime when the connection is broken. Like this one.

      Haven't come across a WiFi one that can do that as I believe the point is for it to be an accessory to a system and not a stand-alone theft deterrent.

      • Actually I did come across some WiFi ones but they only act as open/close sensors, which is fine for people who want to automate stuff, however they don't have local siren/chime :(
        Might give the dumb version a go :) Thanks

        • Yeah, that's what I meant.

          Haven't come across a WiFi one that can do ~that~ (the siren too)

          Siren dumb ones are cheaper too :p

  • It is also compatible with tplink x60 mesh

    • TPLink X60 is a Wi-Fi mesh system whereas Aqara are Zigbee devices

      • X60 ac3000 has ZigBee built in

        • +1

          ZigBee is Zigbee, if it doesn't return the tplink saying it's not fit for purpose.

  • -1

    Coupon Shows
    FIXED PRICE Coupon: $ 17.99

    But only brings down the total amount by $5 usd.

    • +3

      What's the problem?

      • I thought it was meant to make each 2 pack item listed 17.99usd. Posted a screenie here: https://ibb.co/NmpHXQj only take a total of $5 off the order by the looks.

        • +1

          only take a total of $5 off the order by the looks.

          Read the OP, it's one per order.

          You would need to do multiple orders.

  • Does the code work for any other aqara products?

    • +1

      No. If there are any other Aqara products you'd like a deal on I can see.

      • +4

        Appreciate it if you could get us a deal on the human sensors. Thanks! :)

  • It's a good device, using it on my garage door and smart light, so it turns(for 3 minutes, adjustable) on every time the garage open plus makes a sound on zigbee to notify.

  • +2

    Here are a couple of alternative uses I've had for these:
    * Key sensor. Chuck a magnet on your keys and attach to the magnet to make sure you don't misplace your keys when you get home.
    * AC on sensor. Place one part on a fin and another on the body. With a dumb AC I know full well if it is on or off.

    • +1 very creative! Keen to hear uses other than the usual door/window alerts

      • Installed one in the shower area and based on humidity levels, it turns ON the exhaust fan.

      • +1

        Put in the fridge and set an alarm if opened in the middle of the night to see who's stealing the beer. :)

  • Hi,

    Do you have deal/code for 5x body sensor?

  • Hi,
    I can see one example for window close but can you please clarify; is this open/close sensor or just open sensor?


    • +1

      It's open and close.
      It will send a signal on open and close.

      You need a gateway to listen to the device as it is Zigbee, not "WiFi".

  • +1

    Will it work if I just have a Philips hue hub ?

    • Not directly as Philips Hue is using a different standard of Zigbee. You'd need to fiddle around with something like ConBee II or zigbee2mqtt.

      • Thanks for the replied Clear.

        Then which Zigbee hub do I need to use this?

        • Conbee 2 or CC2531

  • Sorry new to all this. Do I need this for the other things yo work

  • Can I set these to turn the lights off when I sneak in through my girlfriend's window? ;)

    • +3

      Vibration sensor on the bed

      • +2

        "Vibration detected lasting 3 mins 45 seconds"

  • Xiomai aqara With For Mi Home APP For Android IOS

    With feedback and reviews.

  • Do you have any SmartThings compatible Sirens? I've seen a few with configurable alarm tones and volume levels which could come in handy. I've got some water sensors which I can see could be linked to a low volume alarm at first (i.e. you spilt something in the laundry and know all about it), then if there's no action within X minutes, sound a nice loud one.

    Also got a motion sensor which I could hook up a siren to as well. Via Smartthings.

  • Are these outdoor rated/waterproof - eg garage door ?

    • Would like to know as well if anyone has used these for the garage door

    • +1

      I have installed one inside the garage door guide rail.

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