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NordVPN 95% Cashback (New NordVPN Customers Only) @ ShopBack


Decent deal on a pretty good VPN. Have been a customer with them for yonks.

US125.74 for the new year plan(new customers) with 95% cashback - $6.28 per year for 3 years.

Referral Links

Referral: random (3816)

$40 for referrer, $20 for referee after referee qualifies.

Qualifying requirements for referee: 1. Made a minimum $20 online purchase (below exclusions apply), 2. Received a minimum $10 confirmed cashback online, 3. Added banking details to account.

Users will need to fulfil the referral criteria within 180 days from referee's sign-up date to unlock cashback. See all terms

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  • Nice found, gotta get some years. thanks OP

  • +2

    I've been pretty happy with them and their wireguard option now is defiantly quicker.
    It is a shame though that netflix seem to block their servers pretty quickly.

    • I have the same problem with their servers for BBC iPlayer. They are quick to respond with a bunch of new servers via email if I got kicked out of iPlayer.

      • +1

        Try the chrome extension 'beebz'

  • Good deal but need to keep an eye on US/AU exchange rates as it can surprise you

  • Thanks OP, finally pulled the trigger. Had checked a few hours ago, was at 90% cashback, glad I waited, ha ha.

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    be careful. They didn't pay up for me.

    • Why was that? Did you contact them?

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        Yes, they asked for a receipt and invoice number.

        NordVPN does not email you a receipt.

        When I eventually got a receipt they ignored it since there was no invoice number on it.

        Avoid Shopback, they were very dishonest.

        • +1

          During chats their site says they will email a transcript once your conversation is over. I did not receive one.

          Very, very poor from Shopback. Test it yourself.

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          Agreed. I’ve been burned with ShopBack non paying customer service on amp th er deals and I swore I will never use them again.

          Dodgy as hell. Expect to be ignored by customer service if you raise a missed payment request.

        • +1

          hey i experienced something similar was cashrewards (profanity). you can make an invoice in the nordvpn website but you have to give personal details.

          the receipt # is the filename when downloaded from their website

          I just used a pdf editor to put fake details and change the name to invoice or whatever and they approved it


        • +1

          Sadly it is a bit of a scam. I took advantage of the deal but the cashback never came through. What should have cost me $13 has now cost me $140.
          Word of advice is if the cashback hasn't been processed for 2 weeks, just cancel the subscription. Saves you the hassle.

          I thought I'd go through the proper process and let them investigate the cashback. They will just delay it for over 30 days and in the end you won't be able to cancel your sub.

          Just thought I'll mention it. Otherwise the VPN service is mostly reliable and up.

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      Did you contact them? If any issues, you could otherwise always cancel the subscription within 30 days otherwise.

    • Woah that's a big hit. What happened?

    • +1

      Yep shopback wouldn't honour a cashback with Dell even though order number, invoice, click history all there. A shopback cashback is worthless.

    • Let's see, got the shopback traced email within a few minutes with correct amount, hoping it materialises in due time. Says will be available by 23 Sep 2020. Fingers crossed.

    • Same deal here - a lot of back and forth and missed out on Nord's refund policy as well as no cashback

      Cashrewards might pay less than Shopback but at least you'll actually receive it

  • Thanks OP, got it this time!

  • How would you rate NordVPN? Any issues?

    Never used VPN before now thinking of getting one..

    • Only had issues with NordVPN in China, where the firewall kept blocking their servers. Had to continually manually update their servers every day or two in January. Not quite the same use case as others though, I think only ExpressVPN would be better for this particular use case.

  • Do we need to select Australia and pay 10% vat to get the cashback?

    Can we select US and still get cashback??

    • +1

      I bought it via Cashrewards last time and selected US to avoid tax and got my cash back after a few hours.
      If you don't get your cash back just cancel it within 30 days for a refund and try again using AUS + tax.
      This deal is cheaper then previous cash rewards 90% off for a 3 years subcription.

    • +1

      Nah mate select us or some other country. Doesn't effect cash back albeit I've done it cash rewards.

  • +1

    Shame I already have NordVPN until October this year …

  • Nord vs PIA ? Got 40 days on my PIA.

    • Would like to know this, too

    • I found PIA better for gaming, but Nord seems to be a lot cheaper.

  • Any idea how long until cashback is confirmed?

    • Few hours and then available after 75 days

      • Oof. Available, that's what I meant, thank you.

  • NordVPN seems ok but they have had privacy issues in the past. If you want true anonymity. DIY or go with PIA.

    • Genuinely curious about the privacy issues. I've read that it's recommended to go with a provider that's not based in one of the '14 eyes' countries because they share data as part of the SIGINT Seniors Europe (SSEUR) intelligence alliance.

      NordVPN is based in Panama and ExpressVPN is based in the British Virgin Islands so I would've thought they would be one of the safer options for those that prize privacy above all else.

      • From memory Nord was breached and they failed to disclose it in a timely manner once they learnt.

  • I wonder what Nord's reason is for holding such a large amount then returning most of it after approval

    • Probably because it gives them the chance to make more money if the consumer isn’t aware of the Cashback offer.

      • +1

        Yes, but it's a weird sales model.
        You would think they would get so many more sales if they just offered it as a special for US$19 for three years without having to stake US$125 and risk losing it if cashback fails

        • If it was that price they wouldn't be able to sustain the infrastructure for the amount of users. This way people can get it if they are on the ball with the refunds, and they can balance the number of customers with their hardware.

          That's what I think anyway

    • +1

      Shopback is getting paid a commission for supplying traffic that converted.

  • I question how good/secure a VPN can be at $6 a year.

    • Aprox A$8 for 3 years

  • Ignore

  • +2

    I signed up on the last deal, speeds are good and happy with it so far. Cashback was paid on time with no issues. Make sure to select USA and avoid paying VAT

  • For someone new to Shop Back how do I do this. I’ve downloaded the app and signed up. I searched Nord VPN and it has taken me to their site. Which plan do I now select? I see 1, 2 and 3 year plans. Which will get me the 95% cashback? Do I just select it and purchase it on the website?

    • +1

      You need to first disable any ad-blockers, then sign in to Shopback, search for Nord on the site (or click the link in this thread) you will be taken to Nord's site and buy from there.
      It's best to not open any other windows or tabs until the transaction is complete also try to avoid going back to previous pages during the transaction.
      If you stuff it up, clear your cookies and go again.
      Read the notes in Shopback to confirm you are purchasing the correct deal associated with the cashback

    • +1

      Best to avoid any misses, I prefer to use shopback mobile app instead. No chances of cashbacks getting missed due to ad blockers, new windows etc.

      Mobile app -> Search store -> Get 3 year plan (I chose this) -> continue with next steps to register and make payment, simple as.

      All of the above happens within shopback app browser, less confusion.

      • Thanks. Does it have to be the three year? Is the 95% on any offer? I was looking at one year. I see the three year has 75% off. I’m assuming that has nothing to do with Shop Back

        • +1

          Shopback is giving 95% cashback for NEW customers, regardless of which package you choose. Only thing is if you choose one year, then after a year you won't be a new customer anymore.

          I personally preferred 3 years of peace. Another VPN after that, plenty of options.

  • +2

    Your move cashrewards

  • -1

    No US,UK netflix, no deal

    • +1

      Works with US, UK, JAP Netflix. I've tried.

      • How to do it with Netflix app? Tried US Netflix, connect through US server but the app still recognised me from AU.

        • Connect thru server on nordvpn.
          Close Netflix app (clear cache if you want to go to that extreme)
          Reopen and should be on that countries catalogue.

          I've done this thru desktop and mobile.

  • Okay - so I opened the ShopBack app, when to Nord website, added coupon and payment details, and bang.. they payment failed.

    Checked my account and they payment has been deducted.

    Anyone faced this ? Is it worth trying again or wait for the bank to fix up the amount. My card is good, have used same last week for similar payments.

    Any suggestions?

    • Not sure - but shopback probably wont honour cashback with coupon.

      • Though my payment got declined, but - open shopback app — click on Nord VPN — click on cash back info — second option says type the voucher.

  • Purchased a 3 year plan - came to just over $200 AUD. Got tracked for cashback of $165.66 - doesn't seem to have tracked at 95%..

    Should have been around $187.72..

    • Did you select Australia? That adds $20.
      $187 + $20 + $4-5 = around $200 mark

    • The cashback is the same for me. I got charged $181 and my cashback is $165 which is 91% and not 95%

    • When did you guys place your order? I put mine through about 30mins ago and it has not appeared on my Shopback transactions. New shopback account, haven't used previously. I know it says up to 48hours but was curious if it was instantaneous for others.

    • Did u get charged foreign transaction fee or use paypal conversion fee? $125 USD is 180-ish if using most fee free cc

  • Are we picking Australia or USA?

  • I got charged 186.87 aud .I did select USD in payment page.
    The cashback offered was 165.66
    So definitely not 95 percent as promised by shopback

    • Maybe check with ShopBack to see what’s wrong?

      • Had sent them a mail
        No idea if they will respond.
        Went through few posts about shopback no good credibility when compared to cash rewards

        • +1

          Hi bazeon,

          Unfortunately this is all to do with the exchange rate. As per notes on the page:

          Due to currency fluctuations, discrepancies may apply to the cashback amount you receive. Please note that the purchase amount ShopBack receives is not what your bank charges you, but what NordVPN reports back to us in AUD.

          You can refer to some CR comments here, here, here, here, here, here and here where it's the same case when you do the percentage calculations.

    • +1

      Same here, The cashback tracked was 165.66, which is only 88%

      • They get you both ways with the currency conversion to $US

  • Is it expired? It’s showing 30% cashback now on the app?

  • I think it just changed to 30% as I put it through. Talk about terrible timing

  • +6

    Swapped to 30% with no notice, and it seems people who checked out before this was the case didn't receive the full amount either. I think Shopback are thieves - so many bad reports, slow customer service, and inconsistencies with how they help out people. Even if Cashrewards shows up with a lower % cashback, I use them to save the hassle, and to support better business practice.

    • Hi Vinbie,

      Swapped to 30% with no notice,

      When did you attempt to make your purchase? Offers can end at any time without prior notice, unless specified on say a banner/email etc. We had no banners up for this offer, however I can say that this offer ended at 11.59pm AEST last night.

      seems people who checked out before this was the case didn't receive the full amount either.

      As per notes on the page

      Due to currency fluctuations, discrepancies may apply to the cashback amount you receive. Please note that the purchase amount ShopBack receives is not what your bank charges you, but what NordVPN reports back to us in AUD.

      You can refer to some CR comments here, here, here, here, here, here, here where it's the same case when you do the calculations with cashback received and amount paid.

      many bad reports, slow customer service, and inconsistencies

      We're doing our best to fix any issues, if anything is up, write in to the team and if it's still lingering I can chase it up as long as there's a ticket in our system (basically if you've sent through an email about it). The team typically responds to queries in a matter of hours, and if you need a response sooner we have had a live chat option for some time now.

      • I hope we'll have a similar offer soon :) I missed this time due to CC issues.

      • Appreciate the proactive reply, and for the sake of healthy competition I genuinely do hope your service offering can continue improving, I am just noting that I have had too many unfortunate encounters to justify keeping on using it. The BWS one (although EVENTUALLY fixed) was particularly bad.

  • I’m going to cancel to get refund and change to Cashrewards SurfShark. Got burned by the change of cashback without notice. It literally changed as I was going through the process of buying.

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